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151 and counting....No Blood for Lies.... Don't Bring 'em on....Bring 'em home... now

151 and counting....

Editorial cartoon is by Danzinger and published in the July 11, 2003 Oregonian.
BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 20 Two soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division were killed and one was injured in an ambush Sunday when their convoy came under rocket-propelled grenade and small arms fire in northern Iraq, the U.S. military said. Also Sunday, a U.N. convoy was attacked on a road near the southern city of Hilla, killing an Iraqi driver and injuring a U.N. staffer.

A U.S. SOLDIER was also killed and two others injured when their vehicle crashed and flipped over near Baghdad International Airport, according to a statement from U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Fla.
No other information on the accident at the airport was immediately available.
In the attack in the north, three U.S. soldiers were taken to a nearby military hospital, where two of them died, said Cpl. Todd Pruden, a spokesman for the military in Baghdad.
The attack occurred near Tal Afar, just west of the northern city of Mosul and about 240 miles northwest of Baghdad, Pruden said. There were no reports of enemy casualties or arrests.
Most of the recent violence has occurred in an area north and west of Baghdad called the Sunni triangle, where some support for Saddam Hussein remains. Mosul is north of the Sunni triangle and has not been the site of much previous violence.


The deaths of the servicemen who died in the attack west of Mosul brought to 151 the number of American soldiers killed in action since the March 20 start of the war, four more than the total killed in the 1991 Gulf war.
In the capital on Sunday, a bomb detonated prematurely, missing another U.S. Army convoy in the north of the city. The U.S. military quickly sealed off the area as Army experts searched for more explosive devices. Two more were eventually found and defused.
The commander of coalition troops in Iraq said Saturday his forces were studying each attack carefully.
"We learn from every engagement in order to learn to beat the enemy. Clearly, we are fighting and we expect that this will continue for a while," Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez told reporters.
They asked for it 20.Jul.2003 22:37


I say leave them there. After 20 years they are finally earning their pay. After all they signed up voluntarily. Believe it or not most probably want to stay and feel useful rather than turned out to pasture like a horse. Better that theyre there stabilizing this basket case country rather than watching football on TV while we are paying them with our hard earned taxes. The worst possible thing is that the power falls into the wrong hands again. If the zealot Shiites get in power kiss the Israelis goodbye.

bring em home and let the iraqis kill each other 20.Jul.2003 23:16


We should bring them home and let the Iraqis kill each other if they want.

voluntarily, but to do what job? 21.Jul.2003 11:38


These brave American service personel signed up voluntarily to protect America and might not have signed up to risk thier lives invading people who clearly did not threaten us in the slightest, posably so that rich American oil barrons can controle the oil fields.

Make them stay in oil-rich Iraq 21.Jul.2003 12:14

Paredy Paredy@aol.com

It is necessary for American soldiers to stay in oil-rich Iraq. If the soldiers leave, U.S. oil companies will also be forced to leave, which would send their stocks down to who knows where.

the troops in Iraq are not the enemy unless you want to make them enemies 21.Jul.2003 21:22

andrea pdx

I would like to remind folks that people join military service for a variety of reasons. There are white working class folks and people of color who join because this the military appears to be one way that they can get access to education and away from their personal situations and there are folks that are gung ho mercenary types.

During the Vietnam era, I would up serving in the Army because it was the only way I could figure out how to get away from an abusive father and to make it clear to my mother that she didnt have to stay in an abusive marriage because of me.

Fortunately, I would up in Indiana working in a data processing unit.

This is the same time that our fearless leader was having strings pulled for him so that he could go to the head of the Texas national guard waiting list rather have his ass shot in southeast asia. Even then it supposedly took him a year to show up for duty.

So I cant agree with the sentiment that the folks in Iraq should stay there because that was what they volunteered for. That seems like blaming the victim to me. And in particular it seems just wrong that they are dying because of a spineless appointed president.

slaughter of innocents 22.Jul.2003 13:41


These guys and gals are youngsters who were looking for economic opportunities, college educations, things that may be taken for granted by the social elites in this bloody country, but don't come easy for many others in the working classes. They got conned by the military. No one told them that the fratboy son of a New England Brahmin ueber-WASP pretending to be from Texas would start a war to enrich his and his daddy's buddies in big business, principally Big Oil. And still no one's telling them about this in the corrupt corporate media in this country. They're now finding out the hard way that this was no war of "liberation," except to "liberate" some of that oozing black gold deep beneath the sands over there. It's pitiful. They don't really have it coming, to get knocked off like pawns in this rich prick's game. They certainly deserve our sympathy, and progressives will need the help of people like them if anything's ever gonna change in this sorry ass country.