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After a whirlwind of appearances and meetings in the Seattle area this weekend, Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich, who seeks the Democratic nomination to unseat Bush, will windup his first western visit in Oregon by meeting with supporters and volunteers on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene.
Because this visit by Kucinich only had a week's planning, it has been difficult to nail down and report in advance all the places and people Dennis has been hoping and arranging to meet. He probably is flying into Portland airport from SEA-TAC in the morning, so email his national staff to find out details and confirm his stops in Oregon, or email Oregon's Democratic party leaders. Email  amy@kucinich.us,  will@kucinich.us or call the toll-free national staff number at 1-866-413-3664. The Last I heard, Dennis plans to march with the anti-war protesters in the Peace March in Portland Sunday and speak to the crowd at some point there.

<P>For information on our most progressive declared candidate, click on his website "Kucinich for 2004" and read his policy statements. This man stood up to big business and saved the low-cost municipal power company in the city of Cleveland from privatization, for which he paid a high price: his position as the city's youngest-ever mayor when he did not win re=election. But some years later, when the voters realized that he had saved their power company from the Corporate Clutches, they elected him a US Congressman for Ohio.
Thanks Gramma 19.Jul.2003 22:15

Kucinich for Real

This should be a feature.

What peace march??? 19.Jul.2003 23:06

Pink Panther

Where's info about a peace march on Sunday? Nothing on the calendar....

Good Point Pink 20.Jul.2003 01:26


I don't know about any march planned, but earlier today I called the Kucinich HQ to confirm this event:

11:00 a.m. - noon PST
Oregon Pioneer Building
320 SW Stark, Room 202
Portland, Oregon

So, I think this is still happening. Then on to Eugene.



Thanks, guys, for the corrected update. My info came from 4 days back. The University of Oregon appearance is at 6:00 pm today and free to the public, all are invited. Recommend people find their way to Eugene any way you can, his message is important and the corporate media i.e. Bushco do not want him to even appear to have a following. Dennis came in second in the MoveOn.org Primary last month from several hundred thousand votes cast online. He needs a huge cadre of energetic young volunteers (half my age) to GET ON BOARD and fan out all over the country and tell people face to face about him, to tell people that he is all-inclusive, knows your pain if you are unemployed or have no health insurance or feel disenfranchised from power by your situation. We need to get those people registered to vote.

<P>For Dennis to win, a broad base of voters must be pulled together from the most vulnerable but largest, segment of our population: the working poor, the laboring class and union folks, the unemployed, the homeless, the so-called minorities of all types, the marginalized, which is the fastest growing group of our country's citizens thanks to corporate marauders who have infiltrated our government at all levels. Dennis is the only candidate who even wants to bring us marginalized people back into the fold by challenging Congress, as our next President, to pass domestic laws and programs that will put our tax money where it belongs - here at home, in affordable education, decent health care for all, affordable housing for modest income families, veterans care, fair trade, programs for the elderly and disabled to keep them from destitution, forest protection and environmental laws protecting our rivers, streams, and wildlife, strengthen unions for workers, laws which will begin to curb the greedy reach of big business. Dennis will have to struggle to get this done, but he's the only candidate who WANTS to get this done!!! That's what's important! You have to first have the attitude, the vision, the concern, and the personal integrity and strength to not cave in to special interests when they come knocking. As he showed in Cleveland Ohio when he was their mayor, and as he has shown in Congress with the Progressive Caucus by visibly, actively standing up against war on Iraq FROM THE DAY ONE. See you all in Eugene!

Fuck the Democrats 20.Jul.2003 13:08

voting won't do anything

I hate how liberals think that all the problems in this country will be solved by getting an anti-war candidate into office. I don't even have the energy to argue with you idiots.

Kucinich Portland Visit 20.Jul.2003 14:57


Dennis Kucinich arrived to a packed conference room and a packed hallway at 11 am this morning. He spoke to the crowd from the perch of a chair about his platform for about half an hour and then answered questions. After about 45 minutes, he suggested that the crowd relocate outside, and he stood on a newspaper box and answered questions for another 25 minutes or so. The crowd was estimated at about 350 people, and Kucinich energized the crowd and challenged each person to be active in his campaign and to make the grass roots difference to put him into the Presidency. There was a lot of optimism and enthusiasm and energy in his address and he gave that same energy to the crowd. The good news is that a Kucinich campaign office will be opening here soon. The web site is www.kucinich.us

Kucinich is a good man 20.Jul.2003 17:14


I went to meet Mr Kucinich this morning and was NOT dissapointed in the least.
It was wonderful to hear a politician talking about the things that are important to me.
Kucinich making a stand
Kucinich making a stand

Very good picture 21.Jul.2003 02:26


Some sort of photo-stitching though? Kucinich appears to have a ghost hand. I swear, he was 30 feet tall if he was a foot. Also, let no one say Kucinich is not a real man. From the looks of the bulge of his manhood in that photograph, Kucinich is hung like a horse!

Hand of God 21.Jul.2003 04:39


Hehehe, looks more like the hand of William S Burroughs hanging there... Who took & doctored that photo? What's the story there, Man?