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A Call for Support From RedRed

police represtion--we're not gonna take it!! Hola Compeneros:

As most of you know I have been facing Felony charges under the acussation that I broke a window in a state building, I also face a slue of misdominors. If convicted I will be imprisoned for 2-5 years. Currently, the District attorney is dragging out my enditment. Also, my lawyer fears that the Da is working on "urban terrorist" charges.

I am asking you, members of our commmunity, my friends to contact the Da office and demand that my charges be dropped. As time goes by evidence is tampered with and witnesses silenced. There is great political pressure to persue this fraudulant case because of the glutanus spending Sac County used to beef up there police force. I have become the token Anarchist, the one that didn't get away. I am fighting the strong arm of a corupt and devious institution, one that holds a strong hatred for anyone not inclined to be another consumer heard member. I am an anti-statist, and now is the time for our face to face battle. With my community standing beside me these charges will be defeated.
I would like to ask if you could please send an e-mail, letter or even better-both to the Sacto District Attorney asking that my charges be dropped due to lack of evidence and witness tampering. I am trying to keep the pressure on. A passionate plea would be greatly apreciated, you could even pose as a repulican bitching about wasted tax dollars for fun! Either way please spread the word to whoever works in the activist community, this case could happen to us all and if we dont make a stand now who knows how far they will go.

Thank-you so much for helping me. I hope to see you soon in celebration and good times!!

love and revolution

Here is all the contact info::

901 G st
Sacramento, Ca 95814

Phone:: (916) 874-6218
Fax:: (916) 874-5340
Email::  dawebmail@saccounty.net

please spread the word!!!!

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/07/268347.shtml

Already Sent a Letter 19.Jul.2003 19:39


Hey RR,

We're doing what we can for you. You're right, this was utter bullshit. Not just your charges, but also all the other charges against people who were illegally arrested for a preposterous secret ordinance that my dog violates every day. By making the wearing and/or possession of a bandana illegal, the police state has exposed itself to even the staunchest couch potato. (Not that the potatoes will remember this lesson past the next commercial break, but it will all come back to them when the handcuffs come with their names on em.)

Alas, your predicament is nothing new, nor is it unexpected. Many, many people who struggled for a better world have been dragged off on bullshit charges never to be seen or heard from again. Some of the people who brought us the 8 hour day, for example. As you know, several of them were arrested on fabricated charges and hung. Sacco and Venzetti spring immediately to mind as well. Fred Hampton was gunned down in his bed by the police state for speaking out against racial oppression and classism. Of course there was Eugene Debs, who spent years in jail for saying war was wrong. Susan B Anthony was arrested and jailed for the crime of voting without a penis. And these are only a few of the celebrity cases. The list of known and unknown martyrs to the police state is all but endless.

More commonly, people are harassed and nettled with petty charges like the ones facing you. This is a blatant attempt to silence anyone who would effectively express dissent. It's clearly designed to make people think twice before speaking out against the status quo. Anarchists, labor leaders, civil rights leaders, and anyone who challenged the corrupt American system have come up against this tactic.

But this tactic has never worked in the past, and it isn't going to start working now. The more unreasonable and arrogant the police state becomes, the more it is exposed for what it really is. And the more The People resist.
You will get through this ordeal, and the people who watch it happen will learn a little more about what American fascism really is. Keep your wits, and continue to do what your conscience dictates, as I know you will.

Don't be afraid, RR, you're in very good company, and we're watching your back.

Support is not enough... 19.Jul.2003 22:23


Maybe we are watching her back but does that mean that we are doing anything. Does our good company help if it does not lift a finger?
We may be well intentioned but all of our kind words won't do a thing about her up to 4year jail sentance...
Lets at least organize a benifit or something and raise her some f+cking money and public support!

Just curious... 19.Jul.2003 22:51


Before I consider supporting your cause, there is the obvious question...Are you guilty of any of the charges?

run red run 20.Jul.2003 00:05



Become a fugitive! Fuck the justice system!

I'll write a letter and send an email for ya, I've got yer back, but DAMN, WOMAN, they ain't gonna let you get away that easily! Fuck them! RUN!

to countzero 20.Jul.2003 09:01


Of course people are doing things. I get so tired of people screaming at other people going, "What are you DOING though?" before actually finding out if they're doing anything or not. YES, of COURSE we need to be DOING things. And yes, maybe it helps to be reminded to examine that in ourselves from time to time. But your insulting and presumptuous manner of just assuming that people aren't already acting without your prodding is tiresome.

So, countzero, what are YOU doing???

Innocent 20.Jul.2003 13:13


Red Red is innocent of her charges. She is being framed.
There has been aggressive silencing of witnesses and massive tampering with evidence.
I know more details, but I am unsure what Red Red would like disclosed.
You will have to trust the other members of this community.

Even if Red Red had committed the act that she is being accused of (which, again, she did not), she would be not guilty because we are left we so few last resorts at this moment in the struggle for a just world.

Benefits 20.Jul.2003 13:43


Yes benefits are in the works, but there is always room for more so if you would like to organize one go for it!! You may email my public address for info on how to get the aid to her,  victoryhatesthestate@hotmail.com . She needs funds and phone cards for contacting her lawyer, family, and support networks. She needs the funds to help fight her case effectively.

She did not break the window. The window was broken 2 days after her arrest. Witnesses have been intimidated into silence. If we can make this public enough that can be turned around. There is still lots of hope for many other reasons. Their case is shady at best. Let's pour the pressure on and embarrass that DA and get this dropped! LET"S LET THEM KNOW THEY CAN"T FUCK WITH US WITHOUT A FIGHT AND REDRED DOES NOT FACE THEM ALONE!!!!

Editorial note 20.Jul.2003 18:13


Hey could we get this postman guy bumped off please? Normally I don't invoke this, but his response is clearly not meant to be an intelligent response.

Postman, you may be able to spell half decent, but obviously you have little to no ability to formulate intelligent thought and write it out even in a short comment.
By the way, you cannot start a sentence with the word "and". Even I knew that in first grade.

grammar note 20.Jul.2003 21:07


Actually, you can start a sentence with a conjunction like "and" or "but" if you use a comma after the conjunction ... though i don't see too many people doing that anymore, so that rule may be on its way out. That said, Postman needs to go back to freeperville, willingly or not. Their expectations of the human race and its intelligence are much more suited to Coors-swillin' McDummies like Postman.

Spelling.... GEEZ just write a letter for her!! 21.Jul.2003 19:47


This woman is a great lady and does not deserve to go to prison. This could be any of us, the state is trying to silence us all and if we let one of our own go down for things we belive in then that just one step closer we are to being beside her in jail. Id much rather see her standing next to me on the streets!! Write you email, I have already written four and I think everyone could spend a few seconds each day sending one.

sample letter please 23.Jul.2003 07:08


might help if readers simply had to cut and paste.. cat woman, would you mind posting the text of your letter? and the addy and all that shit?

Benefits Locally... 28.Jul.2003 01:42

AINSWORTH & ALBINA anarcho1@ziplip.com

A benefit show is in the works for August 4, 2003. It will be held at 5921 N Albina Ave. We are asking that those who attend bring $5. The majority of the proceeds will be sent to the legal representitives of RedRed. We would also like a small portion to be set aside for those bands who are on tour. Please attend and take advantage of this oppertunity to assist RedRed. If you have any questions or need directions feel free to email a message to me and I'll help you out.
Thank You.
Darcie Jean

5921 N Albina Ave.

If other assertions are lies, certainly we can count on others being lies. 31.Jul.2003 16:49


I have noted with interest some of what has been asserted on this site and the sister site. There are those who seem to think because they say it we will believe it. Just as one example, there was an assertion that a Sacramento cameraman from a local TV station assaulted the protestor. Fortunately the whole thing was on fvideo. The person making the report lied about what went down and she was the one who made the assault...and if the truth be known a criminal battery.

The report was taken off the site. I suspect that assertions about when windows were broken and who broke them may be just such a fabrication. There have been many lies put out on this site and  http://www.biotechimc.org/ that I am forced to conclude that almost all of it is fabricated.

Witness tampering, of course is a crime. I see no offer of proof nor have I heard anything from alternative press covering this issue making such a claim. I have forwarded this piece to the District Attorney's Office for comment.