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Conservative writer dogs cyclists

This is an unbelievably stupid article written by a woman who thinks that cyclists should be flattened.
See response from cycling community here:
Not stupid 19.Jul.2003 12:42


I didn't find the article "stupid." It reflects the attitude of probably the majority of taxpayers. Just because you disagree with her does not make her--or the article she wrote or the views she expressed--stupid. I was nodding my head in agreement the entire article.

I like the idea of Sustainable Communities, but Portland is not a sustainable community.

poor joyce morrison... 19.Jul.2003 12:50

this thing here

i like how she complains that bikers "are demanding bike trails from the government", yet people driving cars stuck in traffic everyday demand the same kinds of things from the government: "why the hell can't the government build more lanes on this damn road?"

joyce strikes me as an angry, unhappy older woman who needs something to complain about and somebody to lash out at.

misinterpretation 19.Jul.2003 12:50


Nowhere in the article does this woman suggest flattening bicyclists. The closest she comes to such a statement is ...

"To see these two wheelers peddling up the hill with rear ends stuck in the air in tight fitting britches is a humorous sight. But it wouldn't have been funny to have seen one stretched out along the road with tire marks across him. These Sunday road warriors were literally risking their lives to prove they had the right"

This is more along the line of fatuously wringing her hands in concern over the (admittedly real) risks taken by riding on the kind of road with the kind of automobile traffic she describes.

She may be a delusional twit, but she's NOT advocating that car drivers mow down bicyclists.

stupid, ugly amerikan 19.Jul.2003 13:38


After about the third paragraph of that swill...I decided to go for a bike ride. Some amerikans need to be violently and immediatley removed from the gene pool.

Eggzactly 19.Jul.2003 13:50


As an auto driver, the LAST thing I want to do is hurt a cyclist. Sometimes y'all sneak up on us, seemingly out of nowhere. It freaks us out!

If it wasn't for all the social entitlement programs, administrator-heavy trendy education, etc., maybe we'd have money for more highways. Hwy 26 was obsolete years ago. We kept pretending, or fooling ourselves, we were going to prevent urban sprawl in the Portland area, and now look at it.

Highways don't bother me. Rude and inappropriate bicycling does.

The "flattening cyclists" thing wasn't the point of this woman's article.

Rude and inappropriate motoring 19.Jul.2003 15:08


Snaggle--I just have to ask--why are motorists treated as individuals, and why is all the rude and inappropriate motoring they do (including killing 40,000+ of themselves and their fellow citizens each year in this country with their vehicles) considered acceptable behavior; whereas, cyclists are treated as a class, and the rude and inappropriate behavior of a few cyclists (which typically kills no one and only poses a risk to the cyclist his/her self) is then projected onto all cyclists??

I dunno 19.Jul.2003 15:54


Because you can't afford car insurance?

intelligent? not!! 19.Jul.2003 17:05


Now that 's a real intelligent response. Like I figured, Snaggle, you don't have a rational answer, so instead your comeback is simply to pluck a tired old false stereotype out of your dystopian playbook.

As a matter of fact, I do own a car, and I can afford the insurance. Most of the time, I choose not to drive and ride a bicycle instead. When I ride, I obey the rules of the road. Nevertheless, you would not believe the rude and inconsiderate motorists I encounter who do not know the rules of the road and are willing to threaten my life and safety rather than slow down and wait a few seconds until it is safe to pass.

Speaking of the rules of the road, judging by you comments, I seriously doubt that you are familiar with the rules of the road as they apply to bicyclists. See attached primer and ORS section.



Bike hype run amok 19.Jul.2003 17:53


This whole bike power movement or whatever the hell you call is is an over hyped excuse for people who can't afford a decent car to feel good about themselves...

show me one of the critical massers who wouldn't take the keys to a shiny new car if it was offered to them...

Dystopian playbook 19.Jul.2003 17:59


C'mon...i was just sort of being a wiseguy.

But I like that "dystopian playbook." I had to look it up. I'm going to add it to my wisebuy vocabularly. Thanks!

I reiterate: "As an auto driver, the LAST thing I want to do is hurt a cyclist. Sometimes y'all sneak up on us, seemingly out of nowhere. It freaks us out!"

Oz's World Is Crumbling 19.Jul.2003 18:07


So he lashes out. Predictable.

I Would Probably Sell My Ass... 19.Jul.2003 18:08


...if there was a shiny new car in it for me. How about you?

Assless 19.Jul.2003 18:17


I can't help myself....You'd probably look better without an ass. Since you're sitting on it in your car all the time, it's probably about five times as large as normal.

Oh, yeah, Oz, one more thing 19.Jul.2003 21:51


Oz--if you need a 'decent car' to feel good about yourself, it really doesn't say much about your self-esteem.

People defining themselves by their posessions, that's one of the big problems with our culture these days--and cars top the list of false ego-boosters in this regard. Of course, car makers hype this image thing up endlessly in the ads they bombard the populace with. I'm so sorry that you've been hypnotized...help is available if you want it (start by turning off your TV).

Stop being classist 19.Jul.2003 22:00

volatile tranny

It is really awful to hear all of you making really classist remarks.
So someone who rides their bike because they can't afford car insurance is worse of a person?
What the fuck?

And burr, with just as much classism, you have to defend the fact that you aren't one of those bicyclists who can't afford car insurance.
You really are so much of a better person for having a car that you choose not to drive.

I worship you all, rulers of this capitalist system.
I hope to vote for you in the next presidential race.

volatile to be sure 19.Jul.2003 22:20

Not burr

"And burr, with just as much classism"- That is crap. What the hell are you talking about?

mistake 20.Jul.2003 13:31


I'd like to apologize for the error I made on this article. I misread the part which read:

But it wouldn't have been funny to have seen one stretched out along the road with tire marks across him.

I thought it said "would" instead of wouldn't. The things you do when you are under pressure to do things fast.

It's cool 21.Jul.2003 00:07


It's cool, nethereye. Happens to everybody.