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Oregon Death with Dignity plans Ashcroft protest

action alert!!
please join oregon death with dignity ~ tell john ashcroft to stop
terrorizing dying oregonians!
friday, july 18th
gather at 11am
mark o. hatfield courthouse: 1000 sw 3rd ave.
Look for the blue & green Oregon Death with Dignity banner.
Call 503.228.4415 or email  info@dwd.org <mailto: info@dwd.org> for more

Ashcroft's itinerary includes Portland



Ashcroft, who caused a stir in Oregon in 2001 when he tried to thwart
Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law, is scheduled to meet with federal
prosecutors and law enforcement officials.

"It's part of an ongoing process to meet with every U.S. attorney's office,"
said Josie Duckett, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Ashcroft also plans to meet with the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force and
hold a press conference at 11:30 a.m. in the Mark O. Hatfield U.S.
Courthouse, Duckett said.

A Portland Police Bureau spokesman said officials learned about the visit
Tuesday, so he was not certain whether activists would have time to plan a
large protest.

"This is a very short notice event," said Sgt. Brian Schmautz. "To my
knowledge, the public is just now learning of it. We are monitoring the
situation, and we will be working with the federal government to provide the
appropriate security and crowd control."

Ashcroft, a former Republican senator from Missouri who became attorney
general in 2001, drew the ire of many Oregonians when he moved without
warning to block the state's one-of-a-kind physician-assisted suicide law.

In November, 2001, he announced that the Drug Enforcement Administration
would discipline Oregon physicians who prescribed lethal doses of drugs to
terminally ill patients under the state's assisted suicide law.

The move effectively would have blocked the 1996 voter-approved law, but
state officials and attorneys representing terminally ill patients,
physicians and pharmacists filed suit in federal court.

In 2002, U.S. District Judge Robert Jones ruled against Ashcroft, saying he
had acted beyond the scope of his authority. Jones also scolded Ashcroft for
failing to give Oregon officials advance notice that he was considering
taking steps to block the law.

"The attorney general of the United States completely ignored his earlier
promise to the Oregon Attorney General to ascertain Oregon's views," Jones

Ashcroft appealed to the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, which heard oral
arguments in May but has not yet ruled.

In December 2001, Portland police officials refused Ashcroft's request to
interview Middle Eastern immigrants for their knowledge about terrorism,
saying to do so would violate a state law on collecting information not
related to a criminal investigation.

Ashcroft's itinerary could change, but he also is scheduled to visit federal
prosecutors in Seattle and Anchorage during a five-day Western swing,
Duckett said.

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Loren Drummond
Outreach Coordinator
Oregon Death With Dignity
Flash Animation With John Ashcroft 17.Jul.2003 11:54


A humorous little piece, featuring our buddies John Ashcroft, Gordon Smith, and Kevin Mannix.


Emergency meeting!!! 17.Jul.2003 13:07

activist freaking out because we have only one day to plan!

Emergency Planning meeting tonight to plan protests of John Ashcroft's visit to Portland
Well, everyone, Must of us have heard by now that John Ashcroft is coming to portland. What an idiot, right, coming to one of the most radical cities in the country and expecting nothing to happen? Let's show him he's wrong!
An emergency planning meeting to organize protests for tomorrow is being held tonight, July 17, at 7:00 pm in the North Park Blocks. Look for everyone by the elephant statue. If you are free tonight, please attend! Otherwise, keep checking indymedia for announcements of action.
No justice, No peace


General Defense Committee of the IWW

Jail support for Ashcroft visit 3/18/03
The General Defense Committee of the IWW will staff the phone on Friday 7/18/03 beginning @ 11:am. (503) 231-5488
Please note that this is on very short notice and our level of support will be limited to what volunteer commitment we can get ASAP. We are not expecting major trouble with the authorities but one never knows what antisocial behavior they may indulge in. If you witness an arrest (i.e. someone actually taken away in cuffs etc.) please try to get some of the pertinent details such as: Time, Location (w/crossstreets), Description (of officers involved) with names and badge numbers if possible, especially if there is brutality or other misconduct involved, Description of arrestee(s) including NAMES OF ARRESTEES. Bearing in mind that some political arrestees may not want to reveal thier ID to the cops, but if it is possible please get thier full name so we can keep track of them while they are in custody. We will do our best to arrange rides from jail etc, but we could use some help with that, so if your buddies are in the clink, give us a call and volunteer.

If you are arrested, or witness an arrest, get to a phone, borrow a cell phone, or call collect (503) 231-5488 and we will do what we can. If the line is busy, call back.

Additionally, you may call the Belmont Law Center at (503) 234-2694. Thier phone number is listed near the phones in the (Multnomah Co.) jail under thier names Stewart Sugarman and Paul Loney. Since they are criminal defense attorneys IT IS NOT A COLLECT CALL. You may have to leave a message.

In solidarity, the General Defense Committee (Portland Local)

(503) 231-5488

Information from the Meeting 17.Jul.2003 22:23


BY THE WAY! Something to put on this message that should have been put on the rest.
We plan on joining up with that call to action at 11:00 to show solidarity in a mass rally against Ashcroft. We were merely worried about how the police will react to us using are first amendment rights, so we decided that calling it a little bit farther away and than walking to the courthouse would be better. That's all. Slightly different events that will hopefully become one at 11:00 that are both opposing Ashcroft.

The emergency meeting about the Ashcroft protest tomorrow 7-18-03 INFO
Individuals and representatives from around Portland's progressive community met for an emergency meeting tonight 7-17-03 about what to do about Ashcroft protests tomorrow.


Salmon & Park -S. park blocks

10:45 get ready for March. Towards Courthouse,

Ashcroft is a nazi and is destroying civil liberties.


NOISE MAKERS< SPEAKERS< MUSIC< LOVE< SIGNS- BANNERS- FRIENDS< KISSES -FISTS- Paper -pens-water-masks-no masks-saxophone. Drums. Loud voices. and willingness to live.


TELL FRIENDS - tell people who aren't your friends- and maybe make a new one.