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Dog Owners Read This! Poisonings at Laurelhurst

Dogs have been poisoned by spiked dog treats at laurelhurst. 4 have died and 12 have gotten sick so far. The hospital believes someone is using the herbicide Paraquat to poison the dogs, perhaps by spraying it on dog treats. Paraquat is an industrial herbicide that is illegal in city parks and requires a federal permit to obtain.

The common factor amoung these dogs is that they have all been to laurelhurst park within the last week. According to a city parks worker only very low grade toxic herbacides are used. There's speculation among some owners that the recent controversy over unofficial off-leash areas - instigated this apparent attack. The animal hospital has sent several samples to labs for testing - and necropsies are being performed on two of the dogs. So far there are only reports of dogs getting sick at Laurelhurst.

Dog owners should watch their pets for the following symptoms.
# Vomiting and or diarrhea.
# A loss of energy or loss of appetite.
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