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animal rights

Action needed for Oregon Greyhounds!

The greyhound industry has done it again. In the waning hours of the Oregon 2003 legislative session, when the budget isn't complete and schools are hurting, a bill that already died in the Senate resurfaced in the House to enrich the pockets of the multi-billionaire that owns the track. HB 3646 would allow the track to run dogs 12 months a year, instead of six. [ Read More ]

Please call your state representative (not senator) If you're not sure who your rep is go to: http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/findset.htm and tell him or her that:

A) you are a constituent (very important).
B) Oregon doesn't need more gambling. The Oregon Racing Commission recently approved something called Instant Racing- similar to video terminals where patrons can bet on past races- this did not go through the legislature as it should have. Now they are doubling the amount of months they can race-when will it end? This is an attempt by the wealthy dog track owners to create "racinos".
C) Why is this bill more important than other bills and why is it being rammed through now, when Oregon needs money for seniors, schools, etc,.
D) Dog racing is cruel and inhumane. The industry still admits to killing 7,000 dogs a year- the figure is probably closer to 20,000. Or any one of the above.

Also if you can please write a letter to the Oregonian at: letters@oregonian.com

PLEASE HELP US STOP THE TRACK. Thousands more dogs will be bred and die for the greed of the track owners. If you don't know who your state rep is call me and I will find out for you.


Connie Theil
Oregon Defenders of Greyhounds

greyhound 16.Jul.2003 00:37