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Call to Action, July 16th in Salem

* Oregon was until recently a leader for the nation in modeling cost-effective, community-based services for vulnerable people. Most working folks are just an accident, an illness, whatever insurance, and their savings away from needing access to such a safety net themselves. *

Now that the safety net has been largely dismantled, the people who once worked to provide services, and the people whose lives depended on these services, will have to fend for themselves. This legislative action has already caused unnecessary and unmeasureable devastation, damage and death to many thousands of Oregonians.

We must let our legislators know that Oregonians need our community safety net restored. Chance circumstance can make anyone vulnerable, and a helping hand can make the vital difference between our choossing life with dignity, or death without it.

SAVE OUR SANITY! Call to Action from Support Oregon Services Alliance, SOSA: Wednesday, July 16th, ten AM to 2 or 3 PM at the State Capitol in Salem.

homepage: http://www.indyspeech.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10
phone: (541) 521-9171

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