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Anarchist People of Color Conference Coming

event info
If you've submitted a query or proposal before, please resubmit with our new forms and site for the conference.


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NOW ONLINE @  http://www.illegalvoices.org

WHAT: An organizers' conference of people in various communities of color who are sympathetic to the Anarchist movement.

WHEN: October 3-5, 2003 [please note change from previously announced August date!]

WHERE: Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA

WHY: to lay the foundations for an anti-authoritarian, grassroots movement of peoples of color that will organize in their communities against racism and repression.

WHO: This conference is for community activists, oppressed and Indigenous peoples, Anarchists and anti-authoritarians of color.

THIS IS A PEOPLE OF COLOR-ONLY EVENT. Local organizing committees are coming together to organize caravans from regions. Check the website for further information.

Please forward widely!
I'm a person of color 14.Jul.2003 14:16

White guy

My color is white. I have always, and will always, support and love my friends and neighbors of other colors. Can i come too...? Or am i the wrong color...?

how do you define... 14.Jul.2003 14:41


person of colour? My dad is native american, but my mom is polish, and i came out looking like the poster child for the aryian race. Does that mean that i'm not native american?

come again??? 14.Jul.2003 18:03


How can a "People-of-color-only" event bill itself as "against racism"? What am I missing?

Let them organize freely DAMIT! 14.Jul.2003 18:53

michael b mbthink@hotmail.com

Anarchists historicly have faced brutal repression at the hands of the state. It is fundamental to the anarchist ideals that we question the government and it's mechanisms of control- namely war- the prison industrual complex- the divisions of sex and race- and the dominance of all life. This puts us in direct confrontation with the government it's supporters, and thier hatefull policies. It is dangerious to organize for anarchy. It is more dangerious to be identifyably a person of color- that works for anarchy. I will do anything I can to help or support your worthy endeviour.



Yep, more lame-o racism 14.Jul.2003 19:37

Aaron John Shaver

The Multicultural Center at PSU is for "people of color" only too.

look at it this way.. 14.Jul.2003 23:35


wouldn't it be kinda embarrassing if they had an "Anarchist People of Color" conference where most of the people who showed up were a bunch of white guys making the usual moaning sounds about "how do we attract more people of color to our movement?" So I say it's rather sensible to restrict the conference to actual people of color. If you want to have another conference, say, Anarchist People of Color and Allies, no one is stopping you. Kinda like some women's support groups restrict their meetings to women-only, although that doesn't stop men from having meetings that support women's rights.

uh, make up your mind 15.Jul.2003 08:40


Make up your mind my Teutonic friend. In your first message it seems you favorably (in your eyes) compared this
conference to a "white Nationalist" conference, which you implied should not be viewed as racist. In your second
one, you took "anarchists" to task for "coward[ice] and hypocri[sy]" for failing to label it as racist. So which is it?

what's wrong with this picture? 15.Jul.2003 09:02


Uh, this is exceeding strange. Herr Volksfront seems to think that a "white Nationalist" conference would not be racist, but an "Anarchist People of Color" one would be. Herr Volksfront is muddled, in the typical neonazi mode, and believes that somehow "White" people are victims, projecting onto minority groups the historical aggressions that the latter have actually been subjected to by those of European descent, no doubt making all manner of demented leaps of logic concluding that these evil minorities and their leftist allies are out to get "white people." It's a sad case of the "angry white man" inferiority complex carried to an extreme. Wake up Herr Volksfront, and please notice someday the percentage of CEOs of major corporations that are Euro-Americans. The percentage of looters of S&Ls who are Euro-Americans. The percentage of US Senators who are Euro-American. Etc. Etc. Perhaps this will help you to get over your inferiority complex, or at least see how your frustrations are misdirected. The reason you are living as trailer trash, getting layed off your decent paying union job, having to work your shitty minimum wage job, watching your girlfriend leave you, etc, and whatever other travails you're suffering, actually has nothing to do with those nasty minorities moving into your neighborhood. Start taking a look at the salaries your fellow Euro-American brethren are earning who looted the pension funds of your fellow workers at companies like Enron. Maybe then you could revise your analysis of who your real adversary is.

In any case, be aware that your neonazi propaganda is not really welcome here. In the interest of innoculating others against it, folks here might be willing to tolerate a certain amount of dialogue with you. But if you expect this to become a sounding board for your ideas, be aware that people here are not going to stand for that, any more than you would stand for one of your neonazi forums becoming a sounding board for leftist ideas.

deconstructing propaganda 15.Jul.2003 12:01

open mind

This is how the left sets itself up, albeit unintentionally, as tools helping to advance facist agendas. I cringe whenever I hear someone from the left making broad sweeping statements about people of various phenotypes as if they came right out of Eugenics texts.

The whole idea of segregated meetings comes out of the stereotype that ALL whites are socially inept and try to control everything. The solution for stopping the tendancy of SOME of the members of a particular phenotype, males, or middle class people to dominate meetings and control agendas is to just ask the asshole(s) to leave.

The other argument is that "people of color" have different issues than "whites". But with very few exceptions, this is also a myth constantly thrown about for the purpose of dividing and conquering. It is convincing to people because we're all kept far enough apart from each other (inner cities vs. trailer parks vs suburbs) that it's difficult to notice what others are experiencing from day to day. That works perfectly for the divide and conquer specialists. For nearly every official "left" spiel about the oppression of "people of color" there are facts, historical or otherwise, that are being left out showing that the same oppression is happening to people of all phenotypes. [I use "phenotypes" because refuse to give power to the supremicist term "race"] The sell-out progressive media and left organizations are just as guilty of half-truthing for the sake of their agendas as their extremist right facist counterparts.

When you buy into the language and semantics of the oppressor (i.e. race labels, ascribing behaviors, and justifying separatism), you end up giving your opponents on the other end of the race argument plenty of amunition to use against you. Multiracialism is nothing more than a ruse.

People of Color mongrels & allies- Unite 15.Jul.2003 21:52

okay, let's get started then angel@spiritone.vom

Okay, so we know there will be a PoC only conf. in Oct. in Detroit.

Maybe what is needed is a multi- coalition feeder conference
before then. I think there is energy for this....
And I think the NW needs to Step up to the plate on this one.

I like open space technology alot myself....

I'm in for a penny....

open mind my ass 17.Jul.2003 08:26

white guy

I think this argument about people of color issues versus white issues is a total bait and switch. No one claimed that. It's just a straw man/woman.

I find it weird that progressive people have such short memories and no concept of history. The idea of closed spaces did NOT emerge from assumptions that whites are inept. In the 1960s and 1970s, the feminist movement fought many battles to win some clarity and understanding of the importance of women's-only spaces. These spaces were argued for because women found that they felt they were able to speak more freely, support each other and cultivate the self-confidence and organizing skills women felt were often undercut by men. The feminist movement, virtually all students of feminist history acknowledge, gained a great deal from these spaces.

The arrogance of trying to avoid acknowledging race exists ('phenotype'? there's an example of personal denial and too much college meeting into a pileup of granola-ism) is pretty sick. If you want to real about it, why the heck CAN'T people of color be allowed to define their own space away from the people (from the mean ones to all of you 'good ones') whose privileges and attitudes have been the big problem for 500 years? If you've been handed down the benefits of white supremacy over generations, it might make no sense. You're the biggest group, the dominant, and the dealmaker. We're "all in this together," it's "one struggle" blah blah. Right. Tell that to Amadou Diallo's family.

It's privilege.to pretend language and semantics mean nothing. You mean, they mean nothing to you. Why should they? It's not you being denied basic rights.

I'm a white dude, but I am appreciative of people of color who are willing to put themselves out there and bring a radical perspective to minority politics. Voter registration drives and standing around street corners with picket signs hasn't changed anything FOR ANYONE, especially people of color, in the last 20 years. I assume they expected dumb comments from the keyboard warriors out there. They've got more patience than me, for sure.

What the fuck are you gonna do about it, fascist? 02.May.2004 00:36


People are going to organize as they see fit, what are YOU gonna do about it? If you don't like it, DO something! Or shut the fuck up and be happy!