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Saddam Fedayeen behind attacks on U.S. soldiers

Saddam Fedayeen behind attacks on U.S. soldiers
Fallujah |By Mohammed Bazzi | 11-07-2003

He is a leader in Saddam's Fedayeen, the militia group that put up some of the strongest resistance to U.S. forces as they swept through Iraq, and he says he has organised recent attacks on American troops occupying Iraq.

The militia fighter is now living on the run and working toward the day when an Iraqi insurgency would dri-ve American soldiers out of his country and return Saddam Hussain to power.

"We have many more people and we're a lot better organised than the Americans realise," said Khaled, 29, who gave an hour-long interview Wedn-esday. "We have been prep-aring for this guerrilla war for a long time, and we're much more patient than the Americans. We have nowhere else to go."

Khaled described the workings of a loosely organised network of former Baath Party members, Iraqi soldiers, intelligence officers and other die-hard Saddam supporters who have been responsible for an unknown number of the attacks that have killed 29 U.S. soldiers and injured dozens since May 1.

He said the network operates in cells of five or six members that answer to a secret leadership structure. It goes by various names - the Fedayeen, the Iraq Liberation Army, Mohammed's Army - and Khaled said only a handful of people know its full reach. He said its members draw inspiration from Saddam and from the belief that the ousted Iraqi leader is alive and will regain power once U.S. troops are forced to leave.

Khaled described himself as a former operative for one of Saddam's intelligence services, although he would not say what he did. His account offers details that may help explain the 6-week-old escalation in anti-U.S. attacks throughout central Iraq. It adds to the evidence that U.S. forces face an organised movement that aims to drag them into a long guerrilla war fed by a combination of nationalist and Islamic sentiments.

Khaled described cells that are studying the tactics of Palestinian militant groups and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, which drove Israeli forces from southern Lebanon after a 22-year occupation. While suicide attacks have not been a significant tactic in Iraq, he said his network is planning to send suicide bombers to attack American military convoys and installations. And he said a network of Iraqis provide food, shelter and other help to militia members trying to evade U.S. forces.

It is an account that contradicts statements by several U.S. officials, including Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who argue that the Iraqi insurgency is a disorganised movement of former Baathists and thousands of criminals who were released from prison by Saddam last year.

Khaled said remnants of the Fedayeen, intelligence services and the elite Special Republican Guards are regrouping throughout Iraq and digging in for a long, underground war.

"We know each other and we have ways of communicating with one another," said Khaled. "The Americans made a big mistake by thinking that we all disappeared after the war."

Currently, Khaled said he is responsible for "three or four" Fedayeen cells. He said they have been involved in carrying out attacks on U.S. troops.

Specialised cells have been created to deal with procuring arms identifying informers and creating systems of communication.
don't believe these planted stories 13.Jul.2003 07:02

don't believe the hype

cmon paid govt shills.

give us some better planted shit than this.

imagine an iraqi feddayin releasing interviews to the us puppet state of dubai emirates online news - copyright la times...

it's like a jewish resistance fighter willing to chat with the gestapo in 1943 europe...

here's some serious analysis:

1.there is no way to independently confirm the news about attacks on us military in iraq

2.even if said alleged attacks were true,there is no way to independently confirm who's behind them

3.cui prodest? who's benefiting from such alleged attacks or the hype about them?

only the bush oil/defense/reconstruction war profiteers and thugs.

indeed without such attacks blamed on the alleged saddam redivivus bush and his henchmen would long since have had to fuck off from iraq,having run out of excuses to stay and occupy on.

but since they are making zillions out of the iraqi war,who wants stabilization peace and handover when you can make a lot more money from infinite war?

but perpetual war needs perpetual enemies.

therefore I tend to deem it more plausible that the alleged attacks on americans in iraq either are false news spread by the propaganda machine or if they are real they are provoked or even directly performed by the same govt terrorist who gave us 911:


consider history:

an authentic popular resistance style ho chi min or the italian or french partisans against the nazis only surfaced when the angloamericans started to seriously kick some german ass and help sponsoring the freedom fighters.

the same goes for vietnam who was backed by russia and china.

but the alleged iraqi resistance is not backed by anyone that I can possibly think of...

so where do they get the money to buy rpgs,guns,ammunition,safe houses,logistics etc?

it is just not plausible that a bunch or iraqi ho chi mins would have survived 200,000 angloamericans for so long.

think it over people:

why does bush never capture osama?

or mullah omar?

or why does sharon never target hamas leader yassin for assassination,full knowing yassin's address?

money money money deals deals deals...

don't believe the hype hey chuck don't.

article = bullshit 13.Jul.2003 10:29

republic of cascadia citizen

my crap detector went off as soon as i read the title of the above article on the newswire. while it is possible/likely that members of the fedayeen are involved in the attacks on u.s. soldiers, the reality is probably much more complex than this article is trying to lead us to believe. my guess is that the pentagon spinsters are grasping for something to show why we are continuing to get our asses kicked over there, so they invent this "highly organized" resistance. but really, it doesn't take that much coordination/organiztion to wage guerrilla war on your own turf. the u.s. soldiers are exhausted and their morale is low. they are occupying a country where the vast majority of the population wants them to get the fuck out a.s.a.p. so, all it takes is a small group of say 2-3 very pissed off iraqis to get together at any given time, grab some guns or make a bomb, and attack a small group of u.s. soldiers when they least expect it. maybe the attacks are coordinated, maybe they are not, but i will place my bet on the attacks continuing, no matter how much guns and money the military complex throughs at it. the iraqis are defending their land from armed invaders, duh! it is really that simple.

july13h1029 is wrong 14.Jul.2003 07:24

jul13h1029 is wrong

>>so, all it takes is a small group of say 2-3 very pissed off iraqis to get together at any given time, grab some guns or make a bomb, and attack a small group of u.s. soldiers >>:

really? never been in the military have you?

to get together and organize you need,even for the most primitive attack:

guns,that is the money to buy them and access to a black market of guns or sponsors;
if you happen to have a gun,you need ammo;
only one or few of the alleged attacks were reported to be gun atacks - most were reported to be rocket propelled grenade attacks - which makes it much more expensive and requires professional training which in turn is expensive;
same for bomb making.

moreover these alleged atacker are reoprted to be atacking convoys mostly,not small groups of us soldiers.

therefore I tend to agree with the first comment above.