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Where Bush goes, destruction is sure to follow

So i'm reading this thinking "why does this seem so wrong", "there is something 'evil' that surrounds him" like the Midas touch, everything he is a part of turns to shit. Does this routinely happen when he goes visiting and we never hear about it because the story is just about "those" little people, the homeless, the dispossed.?

Nigerian police clear up for Bush
11/07/2003 11:22 - (SA)

Abuja - Armed police backed by bulldozers tore down illegally built homes and shops in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, on Friday ahead of a visit by US President George W Bush.

The operation began on Thursday after an order from President Olusegun Obasanjo to clean up the city ahead of his American counterpart's arrival, officials said.

In one residential section of the city a reporter saw about 60 buildings - ranging from brick-built structures to makeshift wooden shanties - ploughed down as hundreds of residents looked on in despair.

"They didn't give us any warning," wailed tailor John Emeka, who saved his sewing machine, but lost much of his stock when a joint taskforce of police and environmental protection agents pulled down his business.

President ordered the destruction

Nearby, a stock of computers lay mangled in the wreckage of an electronic goods store, and the ownwer of a grilled meat stand argued with officers trying to condemn his braai.

The police came armed with assault rifles and teargas, but there was no violence as the bulldozers rolled in.

A senior local official, Babangida Aliyu, told reporters that Obasanjo had personally ordered the destruction on a visit last week to the federal capital territory's lawmakers.

"Obasanjo gave specific instructions when he visited, and we have no qualms in carrying them out," he said.

More than 2 000 Nigerian police and intelligence officers have been deployed around Abuja to provide security for Bush's visit, the last stage in a whirlwind five-nation tour of Africa.

The US leader is due in Abuja late on Friday after a stopover in Uganda and is to return to Washington on Saturday.

His trip has so far taken him to Senegal, South Africa and Botswana