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Animal Rights benefit for In Defense of Animals
This is all ages and will be at the Paris theatre 6 sw 3rd Ave. Doors open at 7:30. Tickets will be available for only 7.00 at Another State of Mind, 80's punk/goth store on Burnside at 3rd.
3 industrial/goth bands...O.M, Synchronicity,ZonoWire and 1 indy rock band At Dusk. There will be 2 tables of FREE information on various animal issues and goodies.

This will be a fun night not to miss for those of you in the area! www.vivisectioninfo.org www.idausa.org

In Defense of Animals (IDA), other rescue groups, volunteers and locals rushed in June 2002 to rescue more than 400 sick and malnourished animals from squalor conditions at the Ark Animal "Sanctuary". Now, more than a year later, the animals have recovered and remain in foster care, awaiting a budget-delayed court decision that is re-scheduled for a five-day trial September 22nd-26th. The District Attorney, Kayla Korish, stated she would be willing to settle out of court if Eddie White, charged with 25 counts of 2nd degree animal neglect, would agree to one year of jail time. White is the sole defendant in the case.

IDA continues to monitor the case, has taken on the task of fundraising for the staggering veterinary bills, and is overseeing the foster care of
more than 60 cats.
please call or email Connie at  connie@idausa.org or 503.249.9996.

homepage: homepage: http://www.anotherstateofmind.net , www.idausa.org

Need More Heads Up Time 12.Jul.2003 16:52


Why was this posted so late?Would loved to have gone but have made other plans.Damnit.How did the OHSU session go last Thursday?

Doh! 12.Jul.2003 19:52