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After the humiliating defeat of the Iraq war the anti war and other progressive groups are having second thoughts about how to go about their activism a debate is taken place that I havn't seen for a long time. Who to vote for, direct action vs. civil disobedience, nonviolence and revolution are all being discussed with a fervor which is necissary and refreshing. Coming to an informed understanding of what an individual can and should do is a very difficult one to reach....
The conversations have really changed after the latest Iraq war and I am tremendously exited about the possibilities. The anti-war, pro peace, "left" has taken a beating and our president gloats and walks with that strut even more pronounced than he did after 911. Yep after all those millions marched in the streets, waved their signs, held up traffic, cried ,begged and yelled, in the end, as far as affecting the outcome of the war, nothing. What now the people are asking, Kucinich, Deen, Nader, Leiberman? Revolution, more accountability in government, political finance reform? Non violence, the ballet, the bullet? Well my compatriots consider this, Donald Rumsfeld refuses to sit down all day except as a courtesy to others in meetings, he doesn't have a chair at his desk and he says that sitting makes him soft. He works anywhere from twelve to sixteen hour days and is more motivated to put forward what ever it is he believes than anyone I've ever met. For that matter the whole Bush team is putting in overtime brainstorming working unimaginably hard under tremendous difficulty and obstacles trying to put forward their world view. Many criticize the Bush, Cheney team and bemoan their policies, call them names, protest their policies and pay way more attention to them than I think they deserve.

Fox news is the number one news channel on cable with CNN coming in second. Presidential elections are won by becoming attractive to the middle of the political spectrum. The left and right are already allotted to a given party. Who is this "middle" that every politician who has any chance of winning the presidency or any elected office for that matter, basis their campaign on attracting. It is the cable news watchers, those who watch the "fair and balanced" channels, the Bill O'Reily fans, the MTV kids, the sex and the city fans, prime time live, and of course those people who get up early put in a hard days work, pick up there children buy a six pack of beer and then of course fall asleep in front of the television after watching an average of four hours. Also known as Joe six pack, and soccer mom although soccer mom drinks a cup of wine.

We live in a representative democracy this means that Joe six pack and soccer mom, elect people to take care of the things that they have neither the desire or knowledge to take care of themselves. So those who do vote want some one to act on their behalf and make sure things like their roads, bridges, the environment, peace and stability their economic welfare, and things like that are done so they themselves don't have to worry about them. Because people have given the authority and stewardship of the country as well as the world to elected officials they don't have to worry about much besides, their job, what Micheal Jackson did yesterday, is O.J. guilty, did Bill really use a cigar on Monica, are bell bottoms in this season, does my shirt match my eyes, you get the idea.

The so called left and right are aberrations to human existence. The left yelling for social responsibility and the right for less and smaller government. I heard a speech from Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas the other day on C-span he was talking to the Congress about the betrayal of the Republican party by Republican leadership. He spoke about the ever increasing size of the government, foreign intervention and a betrayal of conservative ideas. This movement is growing among the right and they are just as pissed as the left. He spoke about the Neo-conservative movement and how it has hijacked the party and brought it to the so called center, which is really corporate greed combined with public consumerism and the dream of an American empire so vast it allows all Americans can get fatter , lazier and never have to worry about food clothing and shelter for themselves and their families. The left has the same thing ever hear of the New-democrats, Bill Clinton was one so is Joe Lieberman, they want the same thing and they know the center is where to find the support. They love big government because it empowers them sure they throw in jobs, welfare and minority appointees but whats really the difference. George Bush has signed into law the biggest spending increase for medicare since its inception. If your worried about food clothing, shelter and health care you'll get it no matter who's in office but if you care about the rights of those who didn't happen to be born in this country, the environment which really is in a crises believe it or not and think a human being is more than a Duracell battery there's a problem. America really does want peace and prosperity throughout the world but for that to occur they know that everyone has to join the "middle." This batlle they keep talking about for hearts and minds is about the middle versus other perspectives. Culture, religion, customs have to make way for Hollywood values of comercialism, Kaki pants, and a consistent labor force to run the engine that makes it all possible. Why won't they let the Iraqis vote "yet" ? They're not in the middle "yet", and they might vote for the wrong people. Why don't they encourage Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia to hold elections? its simple, because if the people did vote they'd get a Islamic government and of course the US can't have that! In this country there wouldn't be a vote if people decided they wanted some one completely against the middles values to be president do you think for a minute the establishment (middle) would ever let that happen. Why do you think the only sanctioned candidates were Al Gore and George Bush because they were the most qualified?
What if you don't trust any body to represent you in the world? What if your ideas are unique to you and you'd be damned if you'd let a politician misrepresent them? Would you protest people that disagree with you call them names? Don't people have a right to represent themselves? would you want a politician who wasn't true to his or her beliefs and was swayed by polls and focus groups and lobbiest ? I don't think so.

Maybe the problem isn't the politicians maybe its you and me. Maybe we should take back our authority and represent ourselves in the world and not worry how others represent themselves. So what their beliefs directly oppose yours, does that mean you can't act, or they can't. When you see something wrong you should stop it, when you see something right you should help it. Vigilantism? maybe, but as a human beings we have the right. The environment is on the brink of serious life altering catastrophic changes and we lobby others to do our bidding in saving it. War and poverty are becoming the norm and we lobby others. protest others actions when we refuse to act. Non violence is a tactic not a universal truth, when the fish are being harvested at a rate that there will be no more fish should you protest or should you protect the fish. When millions will die because of decisions by individuals do you lobby them to change, or do you change and stop the death of those people.

Support the troops yeah right they have responsibility, Bush never killed anyone, but those troops you support so much did. They are individuals who decided to kill not Bush. Those troops dropping bombs did it not Bush. Bush only has the courage to state what he believes and take actions he deems are necessary more than I can say for most of us. So the next time your lobbying, yelling, sign waving doesn't convince someone to change what they believe, whether you elected them to represent you or not, look at yourself and what your doing.

Is revolution the key no its not. Evolution my friends, when we evolve and take full ownership and responsibility for our world every one will have the freedom and must of necessity, put forward what ever it is they want, creating perfect Balance. But when only a minority feel empowered to act and influence and stand up, we get an imbalances in the system and end up with this world that we've created by volition. Until we evolve we will have to elect evolved people to do things for us.

Those who see merit in what was said and would like to discuss it further we are in the process of starting a center for the evolution of humankind, and through ingenious advertising, marketing, radio, television and silk screened shirts we will make it COOL to stop the wrong that effects us all and help the good that affects us all. We are in need of people belonging to organizations or by themselves, who have evolved pass the reliance of a selected few and instead rely on neighbors, friends, family and the many around the world to make this world livable. Those who are willing to reach out to people outside of their socio-economic background. Those who want to make it fashionable to care about our world. People who know what "Cool" is and promote the idea that its cool to stop people from destroying our common future. Experience in advertising, marketing, public relations, psychology, sociology, business administration and propoganda are all needed so please contact us and discuss the possibilities. It'll be a fun ride trust me.



Food, clothing, shelter and health care 13.Jul.2003 21:15


"...your worried about food clothing, shelter and health care you'll get it no matter who's in office..."

You've got it backwards: we don't get these things no matter who is in office. Do you think everyone is middle-class and comfortably supported? A lot of us are hurting.

You writing would be a lot more readable if you would be briefer and use more paragraphs.

never heard of any starvation in the u.s 14.Jul.2003 14:33


emergency room, shelters for any one who wants it, and come on every body eats in this country even if its not the most convenient. Travel and you will see what real poverty is, a lot of people would envy the poorest in this society. Sorry about the writing style I kind of rushed it.