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Here's something interesting

blocked access
I was trying to read some of Dennis Miller's rants on his official website. I kept getting a blocked access Icon. Apperantly people can prevent others from logging onto thier web site just to brouse.
don't believe the hype 12.Jul.2003 13:52


what is interesting about this?
You led me on you bastard!

You don't think it's interesting? 12.Jul.2003 14:32

the same

It's possible I have been specifically blocked from access to commerical news sites becuase of perhaps statements I've made on IndyMedia PDX. Maybe I'm just paranoid. such things are possible. Doesn't it concern you that a supposedly open source of information can be denied to anyone?

YES 12.Jul.2003 14:44


Yes, you are paranoid. Not everyone is out to get you. Especially that no-talent Dennis Miller.

Dude... 14.Jul.2003 08:59


Dude, it's likely a question of cookies, Flash, Java, or some other pain-in-the-ass web browsing add-on. Unless you're working on up-to-date equipment with up-to-date software, you're liable to come across several sites which will either kindly tell you what you need to do in order to view them, or just not fucking work because the coder was lazy or stupid or the site owner just didn't care...

...the latter of which sounds a lot like Dennis Miller: a man who has been given a taste of the good life by the plutocrats and is all of a sudden shilling for the very same fascists he used to decry. Dennis Miller is a whore. Your computer is better off having never seen his content anyway.