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Justice Files: Washington State Citizen Compiles Data on Law Enforcement

See link to related NYTimes article for history of the site and related controversy.

From justicefiles.org:

"Now that Washington's censorship law is sacked, we're now compiling 23 million records on the entire criminal justice system in Washington state. It's going to take a while but this searchable web database will be on line by December 31st 2003. Any person visiting this site after that point will be able to search for any employee by any type of information they have available for all of Washington state from Governor down to the newest court clerk in Yelm that is available in the public record. The reasons for this are simple. First, the entire justice system in this state has worked very hard to DENY access to the system and second, they are paid with tax dollars and should be completely accessible in spite of their budget cuts. Now we're going to guarantee the right of due process by providing meaningful and absolute access to all employees that work in the justice system "wherever they can be found".

also see:


and the new MIT website for building 'dossiers' on government and corporate officials:

privacy! 12.Jul.2003 13:28


What happened to our privacy is that it went away with the Patriot Act. What a violation of our rights, and what a waste of time doing the compilation. Most of us our regular workers doing a job. Why don't you get a decent one too?

disregard! 12.Jul.2003 13:38


Please disregard above! I see this is a compilation of those in the "justice" system. Public law records ought to be available for the public, wherever they work. gk.

Why? 10.Sep.2003 11:55


Why are you making it so easy for people to find this information when the average person's personal information isn't that readily available? It sounds like this person has too much time on their hands and can't seem to let past issues go.