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Photo Radar: A Clear and Present Danger.

The City of Portland is stealing your money....and you're letting them as long as you don't fight their technology-based evidence called Photo Radar. The program is a scam and the City of Portland has lied about it. 23 Other states have outlawed Photo Radar...but Portland is trying to cling on to their "shooting fish in a barrel" game that so many lazy officers enjoy.
Photo radar is a clear and present danger to the citizens and motorists of Portland. The City of Portland has been scamming you and taking your money, all in the name of safety. Well, here are some facts to consider. First, the City of Portland LIED to the Sentate Transportation Committee when it was seeking approval for the program in the first place. How did they lie....you'll love this one. When the Senate brought up questions about privacy issues, the City of Portland responded by telling them that the malied tickets would NOT INCLUDE a photograph....well, guess what....when you get a photo radar ticket mailed to you.....there IS A PHOTOGRAPH inside with it! Lie number one, Portland.

Second, the City of Portland makes the claim that the reason photo radar is needed "because speeding cars threaten the safety of our children and compromise the livability our neighborhoods." Well, that's probably why the program was set up to be used ONLY in residential areas and school zones for these very reasons. However, leave it to the City of Portland to see slant to a new game...shooting fish in a barrel. So, what did they do? You guessed it! Now the City of Portland went to the Senate and asked for the law to be ammended to allow the photo radar program to be used where ever the City saw fit to use it, such as on busy main streets and freeway on-ramps! Wow....the City must have just been salivating when they came up with that one!

Even when you go into court armed with FACTS to set out before a trier-of-fact (Judge), you have to remember that the Judge, especially PRO-TEM judges, are always going to be looking at the best of interests of the State. They are supposed to be impartial and try cases according to what the law states, not their own personal opinion about what the law shoud be according to them. The judge in my case (start of this thread), is by all means not FIT TO BE A JUDGE. She rules in favor of the State 99% of the time, even when you bring hard evidence into court! The City's program is rigged, period. The City COUNTS on people just sending in their FINES and not going to court. However, should you go to court (oh no!, how dare you!), they will still send their officer who can NOT TESTIFY that they saw you speeding! They have to go soley on the information obtained from a piece of technology, which even has its own INTERNAL calibration! We are to take the word of a machine that can fail, to be judged on!

Oregonians need to wake up and start putting pressure, hard pressure, on our elected officials. Start holding people accountable for their actions they have taken against the citizens and motorists of this great state. 23 OTHER states have OUTLAWED photo radar enforcement. It is a violation of your constitutional rights and just plain old illegal and inaccurate.

In an effort to draw much needed attention to this issue, we have come up with a high profile program called Operation Zero, which should be quite effective in targeting the City's illegal photo radar units in a perfectly legal manner. The primary goal is to SHUT DOWN the photo radar program for good. Our efforts will be broadcast to the media via an official press release which should generate some good publicty for Operation Zero, and at the same time put bad publicity where it belongs with the City of Portland and our elected officials. More details will be released here and elsewhere soon. Thanks.

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A question ... 12.Jul.2003 10:44


I've a question, which may sound flippant, but is isn't intended to be.

Perhaps I'm dense, but I honestly don't understand the privacy concerns about photo radar, red light cameras and the various other technologies designed to enforce traffic laws. Can you please explain why you view such things as a violation of privacy?

Photo Radar = Photo Tax 12.Jul.2003 12:19


Photo radar is just a way to tax us without us having any vote in the matter. It is not a safety measure, it is a revenue measure. You are guilty and you are expected to pay up and shut up.

RADAR 12.Jul.2003 14:11


I personally can't think of a super rational reason of why photo radar is invasion of privacy. I just got a $100+ ticket taken by photo radar, however, and despite any logic, it feels so very wrong and invasive while pointing out the lack of humanity in the system. The ticket I got was entirely printed out by a machine, that I suspect is so 'officer friendly' that all that they need to do is switch it on and wait for the money to roll in. Suprisingly though, in the frequently asked questions leaflet that came with the ticket, the responce to the question "Isn't this just a method for the city to make money?" the response was "No. All money made from these tickets is used solely to support the photo radar enforcement program" . Logically, that means that photo radar use would increase exponentially until every street and intersection in town would have one, which (I wouldn't be suprised) has the Po salivating already.

red lights 12.Jul.2003 15:52


Well, maybe you shouldn't run red lights. The one minute wait usually isn't worth $100 and you'll probably get stopped at the next light anyway, unless you really step on it and endanger us pedestrians and bicyclists by speeding. Now, if you receive the ticket and the picture isn't you (you just own the car)... you should fight it, but if you're bitching about getting ticketed for endangering me as a person-not-in-a-car, get over it.

City Doesn't get the Money 12.Jul.2003 17:14

Slow Down, Drive Safe, No Ticket

Actually, the City doesn't get the money, the County does. If motorists obeyed the traffic regs, including the speed limit and the traffic signals, this wouldn't even be an issue. Dave's barking up the wrong tree. Slow Down, drive safe, no ticket, end of story.

Q and A 13.Jul.2003 14:21


So what is next after cameras, we already know a voice recorder turns on when you or a person you are talking to seas words like bomb over the phone. Is this just the tip of the ice burg? How far will we let this go?

LIE, CHEAT AND STEAL 13.Jul.2003 16:19

Dave editor@portlandpolice.net

First, to those cops on here who like to throw the 'ol "slow down, no ticket" routine at me....I can agree with the concept of slowing down in neighborhoods and school zones, as well as not running red light. The red light issue is pretty simple...don't run a red light, as I don't. The other issue though about the getting caught thing....if a police officer catches me "speeding", then I would not fight the issue. However, when a machine tells me I'm speeding, I have a large problem (as do 23 other states), with being convicted on evidence based soley on technology. The photo radar units are more than capable of error...I've watched them personally for hours and have seen inaccurate readings on the reader board. One good example...a car turned the corner just before the photo radar unit...then the elderly lady approached it doing MAYBE 10 MPH! However, the reader board said she was doing 65! THAT is a MAJOR flaw and error. The doppler-based radar units can create false readings with a variety of factors. Metal signs (such as street signs) can interfere with the unit and record a FALSE reading of a vehicle that passes by it at the same time. Also, if a couple cars go through the "field" of detection, the radar unit may capture the speed of the WRONG car and send the ticket to that poor law-abiding citizen who has was never doing anything wrong! However, it's up to the citizen to either send in the money, (like most do), or to fight the illegal ticket in court....and lose there too as the judges favor the state and the officer who didn't even see a violation occur! It's funny....judges have ruled that a police officer MUST be able to ACTUALLY see a person run a RED LIGHT. The officer can not be on the opposite side of the intersection and just ASSUME that because their light is red that the other light was red on the opposite side as technology CAN and HAS failed before, especially with traffic signals. BUT....the judges are ruling that a police officer need NOT SEE a violation occur personally to issue a photo radar ticket! They are taking the "word" of the technology as their ONLY evidence! 23 CORRECT states have ruled against photo radar....it is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

ONLY IF the people of this state and City of Portland ALLOW this to go blindly by...they will continue to STEAL YOUR MONEY whether or not you have broken any law!

Now, the invasion of privacy issue I brought up was an example of how the City of Portland LIED TO THE SENATE to get this program implemented. That's all. When a glorified boy scout in a uniform helps you across the street that's one thing.....when that same glorified boyscout takes your money and wears a gun, then that's plain robbery!

Photo Radar in Portland WILL BE ELIMINATED eventually. The people just have to say enough is enough! Operation Zero will be start of this elimination program.

As to the issue about YOUR MONEY and how it is divided up.....sure, the city gets barely any money, except to pay for the program.....and the private contractor, ACS State & Local Solutions (Lockheed), gets a portion of YOUR MONEY each time a ticket is issued. AND....private individuals, non-police officers, make the decision whether or not to issue the ticket to someone based on what registered owner information comes back. ...and yes, private people have access to your DMV records, including your home address, etc. But don't worry....you should just trust them. Wake up Portland!

Man vs. Machine 14.Jul.2003 19:29

SlowDown DriveSafe NoTicket

Just because we disagree with you, Dave, it doesn't mean we're all cops. As far as man vs. machine is concerned, every 'live' cop watching the streets for speeders is generally using a radar gun to do it--that's a machine, too. Should we ban the use of radar by the police, also?

And, in case you're not familiar with the content posted to other threads on this web site, there are plenty of examples of 'live' cops misbehavin' posted here all the time--cops that are more than willing to bend the law when they feel like it, to fabricate a jaywalking ticket for a peaceful protester; to fabricate a traffic violation as an excuse to abuse or arrest a bicyclist; to murder a black woman at a routine traffic stop. Taking a chance with the photo radar 'machine' seems like a better bet these days than taking a chance with a 'live' cop.

No everyone is a cop 15.Jul.2003 12:21

Dave editor@portlandpolice.net

Yes, not everyone on here is a cop, that is for sure. However, the majority of "slow down, drive safe, no ticket" people are indeed cops. It's their verbal mentality that shows.

Now, as far as the radar guns with "live" cops are concerned....the main difference here is that the cop ALSO observed the speeding vehicle with their own eyes. The radar gun just gives them additional evidence and reasonable cause that the vehicle they just saw drive past at a high rate of speed is indeed speeding. With photo radar, the cop NEVER observes a vehicle speeding, if it is indeed speeding. A live cop with a radar gun can see if the radar gun gave a false reading on the vehicle by way of observation. IE: car driving by at normal slow speed, radar gun says MUCH higher than the officer can visually see...the problem is addressed there. The cop KNOWS that the car is not speeding and that the machine is in error.....time to re-calibrate the unit. However, the photo radar unit is a "cop" all by itself....it does not differentiate between a normal moving vehicle and a speedig one. If it SAYS you were speeding.....guess what.....even if you were NOT SPEEDING, that machine tells ACS that you ARE. Unless you have a protected plate, you're going to get a citation in the mail. Good luck proving you were not speeding. Even the officer can't TESTIFY that they saw you driving at a higher rate of speed. All they can do say the recorded your vehicle information when you passed by them....even if you were not speeding. That is ALL they can testify in a court about. In addition, they will come with "evidence" that they calibrated the machine as required in their training.....big deal...the calibration of the photo radar unit is an INTERNAL one done by the push of a button! There is TOO much area for abuse here, and 23 other states have found correctly that photo radar is illegal and unconstitutional for use. It's the lazy cops way of enforcement, which is lazy and just wrong. Me trust a machine as a whole....NOT!

Photo radar's days are limited....we're seeing to it!

Photo Radar Question.. 04.Sep.2003 00:42

devinehatred@yahoo.com devinehatred@yahoo.com

does anyone know where I would find a list as to where some of the photo radars in portland/beaverton area are? help! i dont need any more tickets! =P
if the government really put these up to *save children* and such... why not just throw a gov in every car that kills the engine at 55? bastards.

www.speedtrap.org 18.Sep.2003 23:30

Dave editor@portlandpolice.net

There is such a site. Follow the link or go to www.speedtrap.org

It's listed by State and city. Very informative and educational about where are lovely Portland Police are scamming you.

I just got one in the mail 14.Jan.2004 22:09

Deb debbiedebdoo@yahoo.com

I searched google to see how to fight this ticket. I received mine by a car coming up on my right passing me. I knew the camera was there as it is the way I take to work and it's there a lot. I wasn't even going one mile over the speed limit and when the light flashed I thought for sure it took the speeding car next to me, however I got a ticket yesterday in the mail saying that I was going 41 MPH and like I said I wasn't. It sounds like it's not going to do me any good to fight this, do you have any suggestions??? I have to try as I just got one of these a few months ago on a freeway ramp that I was going over the speed limit and even though I thought the 25 MPH posting was for the residential neighborhood to the right (not for the ramp) I paid it. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

fatal flaw 15.Jan.2004 00:22


I received a photo radar ticket in the mail and the Officers name and id# is on the ticket but it is not signed, does anyone know it that matters?

Why me? 07.Mar.2004 12:00


I was cited for running a red light when it was actually the guy next to me. I thought to myself when the light flashed that the photo radar was a "good thing" because I watched as the car next to me ran the red light. To my surprise I ended up with his ticket. Now, I am mad and want to fight this citation. Can anyone suggest a website with suggestions on how to fight this phot radar citation for running a red light.

Fight photo radar ticket with OREGON PHOTO RADAR STATUES 26.Sep.2013 21:45

Law abiding citizen tnyima@gmail.com

I went to court today to fight photo radar ticket I received at NE Killingsworth/NE 75th area. Using the provisions in Oregon Photo Radar Statutes, section 810,the judge tossed out the ticket. There are many provisions to protect drivers who are responsible. But you do need to read the law. Here is the link:  http://WWW.leg.state.or.us/ors/810.HTML.
Read provisions under section 810.438 and section 810.439. If even one of the provisions are, the ticket has to be dismissed on technical grounds. Luckily the judge was knowledgeable and fair. He earned my respect. You cannot say this about all judges. I understand the need for photo red light cameras at certain locations, provided there is an advance notice posted clearly. It does discourage dangerous and rude drivers, endangering other people's life.
Those police should earn their pay by going after dangerous, rude, drunk, and especially texting drivers, instead of wasting public resources and tax dollars the lazy way.
I'm researching what to do about violating my privacy in taking picture of me without my permission or knowledge in sending me a picture of myself driving. I may have to sue. Maybe if enough of us get together, serve a class action suit.