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Portland Peace Encampment Update - I'm out!!!

Todd Kurylowicz  kurlyy@hotmail.com

Well, I just got back into Portland today from a couple weeks off from the encampment, that I've been at since March 21 and got a welcome home from the portland police. Officer Westbrook and Lt. Humsperger arrested me tonight and took everything from the vigil, seems as thought the police are still up to no good. I was released shortly after being arrested, which is a complete suprise considering that if you get arrested on a Friday at 6:00 pm they usually hold you for the weekend. I did have a chance to do some good yoga and meditation while in the holding cell and now I'm back at the encampment. Officer Westbrook did tell me that all the property that was taken is not going to be release, because it was abandonded and would not give a reciept. If anybody would like to make a donation or help out in any way stop by or give me a call at the camp at 971-570-7018, anything would help because the took it all food, signs, blankets, flowers, clothes, etc... It's great to be back in Portland, much peace and love to all.
Blessings, Todd

1220 SW 4th Portland Or