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Bush, you are SO impeached!

The time is right--let's do this thing!
Anybody else remember that wretched Starr report that we were all exposed to IN THE MAINSTREAM NEWSPAPERS FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD. Remember how, before that, a lot of us were kind of embarrassed by Clinton's behavior but thought too big a deal was being made of the whole thing?

So the Republicans got their shorts all in a bunch and said that this absolutely WAS a big deal, and William Bennett even wrote a book called The Death of Outrage.

Anybody else think that lying about WMD might be just a teensy bit worse than that?
Why hasn't Bush been impeached yet? Wait--don't answer that! Let's just do it now.
I took a look at the Impeach Bush web site for the first time in a while. ( http://www.votetoimpeach.org)

They have updated their "Articles of Impeachment", and they are in printable pdf format so that we can make sure people who aren't online see them as well. Also, we have a collection of printable Impeach Bush posters at The Peace Pretzel ( http://protest.bmgbiz.net)

homepage: homepage: http://www.votetoimpeach.org

Ramsey Clark 11.Jul.2003 22:37


Hey, I checked out the website and found out that it was started by Ramsey Clark. What do y'all know about this guy? Everything on the web is very binary: either he's an apologist for war criminals or one of the best civil rights lawyers in town. I dunno....


He's both... 13.Jul.2003 22:18


Just depends on whose funneling money to him on a given day...