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Sunday CD training cancelled

The Sunday civil disobedience training for women scheduled for Sunday at Full Circle Temple has been postponed.
We will reschedule at a later date.
Any word... 11.Jul.2003 19:59


On why it was canceled?

CIA 11.Jul.2003 20:07


The CIA got wind of it. Next time.

yes 12.Jul.2003 19:06

Pink Panther

There weren't enough people registered; trainers didn't think it would be effective without a minimum of 15 participants.

red/pink angel 13.Jul.2003 12:32

maybe next time fullcircletemple@yahoo.com

I tried to promote this event but was told by the anarchist networking group

or individuals thereof,

that they didn't think this was valid because we support the electoral process

which was a crappy bullshit assumption on

on micheal's part

this town & movement needs a communication skills workshop to heal the movement

i'm currently at

and they don't know sign language, so this is a pretty wide spread phenomeon.

We need some compassion quick!

Code Pink Alert!!!!!