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Protests Follow Bush As He Tours Africa

In Nigeria, 26 people were arrested protesting the global terrorist George Bush. They opposed Bush's endorsement of fellow Nigerian election thief Obsanjo. These protesters joined the millions worldwide who yearn for freedom from the tyranny of global capitalism. Nigeria is infamous for being controlled and exploited by international oil cartels, while its people live in poverty, and suffer at the hands of a brutal oil-backed military.
Kano - Police in the northern Nigerian city of Kano on Friday arrested 26 people who were protesting against the imminent arrival in the country of US President George W Bush.

Those arrested were among a 100-strong crowd of opposition activists who gathered outside the Kano state government's offices to demand the visit be cancelled, an AFP reporter saw.

Bush was due to arrive in the capital Abuja, 400km south of Kano, later Friday on the fifth and final leg of a whistlestop tour of Africa.

The Nigerian opposition has attacked the trip as an unwelcome endorsement of Obsanjo's April 19 re-election, which his opponents claim was the result of ballot-rigging.

Independent international poll monitors, including two respected US teams, have said the poll was marred by widespread fraud, but did not call Obasanjo's victory into question, and the international community has recognised his rule.

A truck-load of riot police descended on the protesters as they gathered in front of the government building waving placards. Most marchers escaped, but police seized 26 of them.

There was no violence from either side, but a press photographer was briefly arrested and a BBC reporter's recording gear was confiscated.

"The protest was illegal because they did not seek prior permission from us," said Police Commissioner Kieran Dudari.

"If they really oppose the visit of Bush they should have gone to Abuja, not Kano," he told reporters.

Some 2 000 extra police were on duty on Abuja on Friday to ensure the security during Bush's visit.

The US leader was expected to arrive later on Friday. He will meet Obsanjo on Saturday before returing to Washington later in the day.

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