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Providence Nurses Strike & Rally tonight 4:30 in Milwaukee Oregon

KBOO news piece this morning covered a symbolic 24 hour strike by nurses who have been negotiating for safer working conditions at Providence Hospital, in Milwaukee, Oregon. Their lawsuit alleging unfair labor practices was won in February, but so far no action has been taken to remedy the understaffing and other safety issues. I believe this starts at 4:30 this evening, at the Hospital, and I think the address was SE 142nd or SE 142 Milwaukee Ave... does anyone else have any more info?
Ugh!!! 11.Jul.2003 11:09

Native Settler

Sorry, but thats "Milwaukie" not "Milwaukee". This isn't Wisconsin.

32nd Avenue 11.Jul.2003 13:15

another native

If you go south on 99E to Milwaukie, the first light and left turn signal in Milwaukie is Harrison Street..
Go left and continue to follow that road as it winds east and then across the 225 interchange; at the next left turn signal go left and you will be on 32nd Avenue. Signs for the hospital, Providence Milwaukie, will appear on your right.
Alternately, if you go south on 11th Avenue it becomes Milwaukie Ave after crossing Powell.
Milwaukie Ave goes south until it finally ends at Harrison street --- go straight across 99e (Mcloughlin BLVD out here) and follow above directions.

great show of solidarity 11.Jul.2003 20:52

JWJ member

I joined the strike protest late afternoon, and there were many dozens of folks (over 100 but don't ask me how much over) supporting the nurses' contract struggle! Lots of honks & waves from drivers on 32nd, and when hospital security and local police realized this was a civil and peaceful demonstration, they pretty much retreated to keep an eye on the marchers.

"Great job" to all the organizers!!