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City Council Meeting report - South Waterfront Project

Vera Katz wants suggestions about how to cut the South Waterfront Project budget and provide more, truly affordable housing. Call or email and tell her to cut out the animal research portion of the plans, to provide more clinical research and concentrate on research that gets the goods, epidemiology, in vitro, computer modeling. There are plenty of great alternatives to the space that will house more wasteful, cruel experiments on living, sentient beings. Phone: (503) 823-4120, Fax: (503) 823-3588, E-mail: mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us
city council\vera.jpg
city council\vera.jpg
MACG (Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good) pastor.jpg
MACG (Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good) pastor.jpg
Not that much to tell; same old same old. I arrived at the city council meeting a little late, at 2:15p, yesterday, Thursday, July 10th. This is a summary. City Council did not vote on the South Waterfront Project today. They plan to vote by the end of July, August 13th at the latest. The main issues they will try to resolve are affordable housing and labor issues. From the developers' standpoint, it appears they're trying to nail down risk management issues, ie. if and when the project falls short, runs over, runs long, who pays? It sounds complicated. At this point it looks like they're expecting private investors to make much of that commitment, and it sounds like it will be some from the city. Not being privy to the private meetings where things like this are finally hammered out, my naiive wish is that our representatives make sure we're not the ones responsible if the project goes awry. We already have that $316 million we're paying on for this project, that we didn't commit to, but were committed to (2001 SB 832).

Labor representatives were concerned mostly about a commitment to prevailing wage protection and using local workers. Affordable housing advocates are concerned about the lower commitment to affordable housing. In Phase I, to be completed by 2005, 230 of the 1,000 housing units are to be affordable housing. 250 will be for OHSU students, 500+ will be for market rate condos and apartments. Although, the definition of affordable housing being used for Phase I, according to some advocates, is 120% of the Median Family Income (MFI), not the 0-30% and 30-60% categories in which the truly needy fall. One housing advocate drew comparisons between the "not all the criterial will be fulfilled in Phase I" to Reagan/Republicans' "trickle down" theory, which as we can see trickles down something besides the riches they say it does. Another advocate made a similar point, talking about priorities and that, in this time of crisis, truly affordable housing for low-income citizens should be the focus of Phase I construction.

A lot was said about the tragedy of not developing a piece of land for 20 years, "wisdom" no one seemed to challenge. No one, while I was there, addressed the concentration camp that will be included in OHSU's 1.5 milion square feet in the new facilities. Peter Kohler, president of OHSU, spoke about expansion into biotech. Vera Katz nearly gave him a blow job congratulating on being Portland's biggest employer (can anyone say "company town?") and saying, before Kohler, presidents of OHSU didn't seem to realize what a friend and partner they had in government. Then, massive amounts of sewer slime poured from the ceiling of council chambers.

[ Portland City Council archived meetings - Video | City Net 30: Live | City Gov't Organization - Mayor's Office ]
And further more 11.Jul.2003 15:12


_ _____________________________I will

There is nothing to do.
The hours pass
nothing happens
It is hot, and I am sweltering.
I am sitting trying to think of something to write.
I remember sky. Her name was Remember Sky. The name of the young boy next door is
Silence. I will just call him sy. His mom gave him a spanking today. I hope she is not
abusing him.
I have signed up for some classes at PCC. they are p basic community classes.
How to meet people, how to establish relationships. I would like to learn how to do that
Some time in my life.
I long to perform. It is an ego trip. What fun is there in life if you are ignored? I
Think there is none.


Here is an evaluation of what just happened. A staff meeting in which 5 staff members
Participated. 3 of them were women and two of them were men.
The Alfa male problem.
I don't really want to write about this. I have to go on a graveyard shift in a few
hours, and I know I am not going to get enough sleep.


Jeremie lies is his bed, wrapped in Grandma's love.
He is going. He has been talking about going to Vegas for several months. Three years in
Portland and he is going. It hasn't been an uneventful three years.
I'm going to miss him.
It doesn't seem like a very special day out. It is a special day here. I hope things
go well for him. I offer him any good fortune I have to offer. I wish I could have done
better by him, but things just sorted themselves out the way they did. Where does life
go? Where can we make it go? There is so little control over things.
Stumbling and fumbling through the years. Jeremy grew up, mostly without me. I
don't know if things would have gone better if I had been around all those years. I
could have protected him from a lot of the nastiness.
Jeremy as a boy, Jeremy as a young man. Change happens, we can't stop it. We
look for something to do with our time, we hope it works out OK. God help us,. god help
and protect us. Let him wander then, and find his own way. Let him be protected. Let
him find wisdom. I here him snoring now. I will not hear that for awhile after this.


It has been quiet around

here since Jeremy is gone. It's hard to believe I could be a grandfather in a few years. Or
even less. Well, so it goes. Generations pass, the world keeps spinning. I don't know
what to explore now. I am at an impasse. Youth beauty love. Where is this in my life? I
wanted better for my son and I. I guess it just wasn't there.
-This is where I sit. In my room sweltering. The fan is oscillating. My cat meows. A very
homey life, but not an exciting one.
-Time for someone else to do what I could not do.
-It's too late to find out what it was that should have happened.
-I sit, and move nowhere.
-The world is to concrete, and empty.
-I could reach out. I could join a church group. It would be hypocritical, because I don't
-Everybody wants a piece of Carl. Everybody wants me to stand his or her shift. Oh well,
more money for me.


Why don't you fuckoff queer? Go fuck o yourself. how do incorporate it in with truth
values. They are trying to intimidate me. They. want a free ride from me. The are not
going to get it. I will learn how to maim and injure and destroy. I will not care whom gets
hurt. I will become a r Republican.
Who knows? It's probably a complex series of factors that have nothing to
do with surface Phenomenon. I don't the think the feminist agenda works because..

I forgot what I was going to say. This little boat of the immediate world. This little bubble
of awareness that I sit in. Bad things happen and there3 is nothing we can do. WE can't
pay attention to the world around us 100% of the time because we don't have the ..
attention span. If you can't understand it, it just means you can't understand it, .
You just don't have the brainpower. Rise beyond your fears. But don
't hurt someone else in the process.
I need to be more practical. Focus more on the real world and the needs of those
immediately around me. We need a set of rules that breaks the rules. A set of rules that
allows us to break the rules. We need permission to not have to wait for permission. It's
true what the comic said , men become conditioned to waiting for permission to act.
People walk around
Go fuck yourselves you fascist swine. You are a bunch of idiots.
Allyn is a self-righteous bitch and Tigard house is just a self-righteous bitch mail male
bashing facility. They don't deserve the time of day from me, let alone respect. I don't
care., and I never will care. Stop wasting my time.
Feminism, just some male bashing coffee klatch. If you're not going to talk sense,
you are not worth listening to. Just a lot of castrating female gibberish. She isn't a real
Nothing much I guess. You just work at your job, and try to form relationships.
Nothing ever really happens. You reside more in the imaginations of other people
than you do in your own mind. Most of the decisions that management makes are e
irrational. They are based on inadequate information and poor decision making. Yet they
will fluff themselves up because they have been good ass kissers.
Oh who am I kidding.? Well I am not perfect either. I see things one way
All of you lifer ass kissers can go fuck yourselves. It smacks of life hatred and indecency.
You can't deal with the world of living things so you find some way to destroy ides
destroy it. You are the evil ones. Live as one of the killers, or be someone who helps
clean up the mess afterwards.
Your feedback is not welcome. You. You may not have my tax money, because
you are not doing an effective job. It's a slippery thing, just when you think you have got
it pinned down.
There just seem to be a lot of individuals struggling. Each in his own way. The
fancy world, where we don't say wrong things , and we ignore the truth.
Just keep certain things in mind, the way you do with Bob. S Just a bunch of
micro managing small minds. I'm not here to please you. Live with it. If the job is done
right, you have not cause for complaint. Everybody wants to be the boss, and it doesn't
work. You tell dweeb face to shut up and stay away from me. Or youre going to have to
find somebody else to fill the slot.
It's like some great Kurt Vonnegut Junior novel. All of this insane stuff keeps
happening, and nobody really knows what to do about it.

These self-righteous nobodies. These thight assed nothings. I am doing my job. Allyn is is
just a bitchy backstabber. Fuck all the bitches.
They're bitching doesn't b help. They are part of the problem. Not the solution. If that
bitch gets me fired. I will hurt her big time. If I can't be provided with adiquate equipment
to do the job, no one should complain. Bithcy women shoyuld get out of the way.
As soon as women can learn to keep their bitchy mouthes shut. They don't
deserve any better. Dewey was wrong teachers need to get off their control freak thrones,
and treat people with decency. I'll pray when the horse shit stops. It just isn't worth it.
You can have your small mentality. Life in the city isn't any better. The whole world
sucks. Fuck them all. Sex with women is toomuch trouble.
My thoughts are perfectly right just the way they are.

I suppose it doesn't really matter. I suppose it doesn't really matter at all. It's s just a buc
buncy of small minded medeocre back stabbers who think they are God's f gift to
something. They are God's gift to nothing.
How does it benefit a place to have as many people as possible crammed into as small an
area as possible. ?
Your' quips and quotes. Your barbs and blabs. There really is noplace else for me. This
is it.
Maybe you should just stop being assholes, and the problem will disappear.
Allyn doesn't matter
Allyn is insignificant.
It's undor unfortuante I have to even waste my time thinking about her.

I see no reason whyt I have to
Rachel Dziedzic
Rachel I have worked hard at Tigard house.
I feel that I am being unfir unfairly treated by a certain staff memeber there.
I feel that this particular staff member is on a vendetta to get me fired.
I feel that I can prove this.
I feel tha joan has been unjust in her handling oth of the situation,
I think she takes sides with female staff members that she has worked with in the past and
don't feel I would get a fair hearing if issues arose in the future.
I have tried to communicate my concerns with Allyn directly in the past, and have
encountered rude behaviors and gestures from Allyn.
Therefore, I request that I no longer be required to work with Allyn directly in any
capacity, and further request a transfer to work at another facility.

Sink or swim
Free Will

I'm not rying hard enough for them? Who the hell do they think they are. I should just let
them go and bitch at each other. I don't know what to to do. I go out in the world. I see
people. I see women. I don't know what to say to them..I say hi sometimes. I try to be
friendly. some of the women seem interested sometimes. I don't know what to to do
next though.
You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes,
You can be happy if you've a mind to.
A stepping stone:
It's a dreary day outside. There has been no sun all day. It's a grey and dim light that
comes through my window. I feel no hope lieing in bed. My life is empty. I think about
going and getting spray paint cans, and using rup rubber bands to make spray paint
grenades. I think the bitches and bastards that fired me before deserve the ap pain fro m
me. Fuck the cowardly p bastards. They think they can handle it better? It's a bunch of
backstabbing bullshit.
Stepping stone:
I call Rachel tomorrow, and ask her for a transfer out of Tigard house. I can call
her . I can give her my reasons. I can practice for an hour tonight. I can call her at 8AM
in the morning, I wait for a call back from her. I give4 h give her my ssh schpeile, and I
go from there. Come what may. It's better than living like this. I can't sleep at t night
thinking about the stupidity. I will not allow Allyn to victimize me or waste any more of
my time. i am fast enough on that job. The bitches just have to adjust.
I'm tired of bitch, femenist politics. They can kiss my ass.
A shodowless dim twilight light shows through my window.

Class Search:
I can't I can't get it together to find the right class for myself.

I was going to bre be a teacher once. Maybe I couldactually do it?
I don't know, it's been a long time. A lot of water under the bridge.
i can't go on.
It is too hard.
I can't figure out what degree I want to go for. Even if i get through the program, I won't
be able to get a job. I should just give up and plan on having a lower level job for the rest
of y life.
I just can't make the decision.
Why woyd would anyone hire me in the field of psychology after my background?
J I don't know anyone who could. I never will.

Feed up to the lion of social propriety. I have not been perfect. I am fullo of errors. You
have a big ego little man. Self loathing, self hatred.
i sahll shall go and have a coffee out. It's OK. I can have a coffe out. before I meditate.
Then I must clean house.

At the behest of the criterion of authenticity, much that was once thought to make up the
very fabric of culture has come to seem of little account, mere fantasy or ritual, or
downright falsification. Conversely, much that culture traditionally condemned and sought
to exclude is accorded a considerable moral authority by reason of the authenticity claimed
for it, for example, disorder, violence, unreason. Lionel Trilling --Sincerity and

Big Deal, self-righteous tight asses. I have no concentration. That's what the problem is.
You're jsut just an idiot. listening to whatever hearsay is spouted by the back stabbers.
You're not helping. You are jsut just a nag.
I'm going to give up. Your way of don doing things just dow doesn't nel help.
Small minded little "specialists".
No I'm not wrong. Get over yourself.
YOU are the problem. There is no solution in what you do.
In what way have I promoted violence, disorder, unreason over established, traditional,
common courtosy ways of behaving.?
Well, I did spray paint that building last week. On the other hand, laim brains should be
punished. Should we just go along with the President just because he has authority?
What if he got authority illigally. ?
More specifically,. In my life right now.I am having problems at work. I don't feel these
"issues' are my fault. I don't feel they have a right to pass the jus judgements they are
passing. But they do have the tradition of time in service on their side.
If they hga have.
It's allways someone elses fault.
as long as it's a man.

It di doesn't matter. You go a out in the world an dlook, and there is nothing there. You
are supposed t smile and say ehllo hello to people while they are frowning and ignoring
yoy you. I don't think so. If I don't get something back from the world in prportion
proportion to the amount I put into it, I am not going yto to bother.
Maybe if I were pressured to solve the problem,
Fuck them, fuck them all.
I don't care. screw them all. Fuck em.
Just a bunch of blood suckers.
They don't deserve any better.
Whatever's convenient.
They are just a bunch of small minded babies. They are too stupid to comprehend. They
and their petty politics. GROW UP

Worship at the alter of their own
and hope that
will do the

100 things I could do with my free time
change the oil in my car
learn how to take care of my car
Take smimming lessons
Take an exercise class
get signed up with PSU for computer science.
take up Yoga
Work for habitat for humanity
Find a protest to go to
Write something on indymedia
Write a poem
Draw a picture
Take saxophone lessons
look up the asd address to the that swimming place.
Go for a walk
go for a bike ride
visit what's her name
take a chance with a woman.
Go to a blues club
look for a job
figure out what my career should be.
Study up on my job
Go to sangha
Find something I could l do m for my church.
Write writing practice
go to The Red and black Cafe
Get November 13th off.
Write an E-mail wo to Lisa
Write an E-mail to Ray
Write an E-mail to parents
Call Jeremy
Call parents
Write an E-mail to Brady
Write an E-mail to Ana
Go visit aut mary J Gene et al.
Get a transfer to a dir different house.
Figure out what you want to do with your life.
feel depressed
Call Linda Gillans
Visit Nancy
Teak Take my medications regularly.
Find a different church
Go back to the Methodist Church
Buy Long johns

Blue skies
She sat by me
at the coffee table
at the Unitarian Church
in downtown Portland
between sermons

I remembered her
from years ago
I sat by her
at a different church
that was trying to help her find a
a very methodical church
in downtown Portland

She told of a movie
she had seen
that reminded her of her father
in New Jersey
or something like
she talked about her father
for awhile
until I had to go

I left her there
at the table
remembering bluer skies

I just came in from the sunrise . I hope you're offended by it bitch. I;' I'm offended by
your self-righteious attitude. You afe no are not entitled.
I enjoyed watching the clouds move accross the rapidly changing light. It glowed. birds
th flew by sometimes in huge flocks.
It doesn't matter about the other persons point of view. Only my point of view
matters. Fuck them all. Michail is a total jerk. He's a self-righteous bacstabber. They are
all backsga backstabbers.
This isn't going anywhere. I am just typing for the sake of typing. I wonder what Willim
Willam jam James would say about all this. ?
I declare myself to be the unp unofficial inspector of sunrises. They are much more
frequent ant and accessable.
I have a lot of energy, but no direction. What direction shuld should I go in?
I am going to write an E-mail to whats his name. Gordon Smith. I don't want Bush
starting a war in Iraq. I don't care how well he has sold it. We sure don't need the deficit
to go any hu higher. Why don't you grow up. I guess there's not much else for it. you
have to find your own way for better or worse. I don't know what I'm going to t do if I
lose this job. I should just go off the the country or something. Where is there to go?

He seemed to think he was on to something
But I don't know what that was

I notice the Organonian on it's "Election Flash" newsite is bragging about how it
supported Gordon Smith in an earlier article. I also notice how they didn't say anything
about who they supported in the Oregon gubernatorial race. I bet it wasn't Kulongowski.
Oh well, I don't buy the Oregonian anyway.
I just looked further on their web site, and found that I was wrong, the Oganonian
did support Kulongowski. Oh well.
Greg LeBlanc might have been smarter than me, but that doesn't make hime him
my friend.


O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst.

What you imagine the future could be, is more important than how it turns out.

The questions you ask about how the future could be,
are more important than the way things actually turn out.

You think there's something else but there's not
you think there's somewhere else, but there's not
This is it

Overheard at the Red and Black Cafe:
People hate their jobs
so they want to make more money,
hoping that will make them happy

What I need to say to Joan when I talk to her

Pam suffered an injury last night

She had a bruise on her shin

A bunch of nagging women

I asked her if she wanted to write an incident report.

She seemed to be pretty on edge about something all night.

She was upset and blaming everyone because she hadn't been told about the braces on the
back of the wheel chair

I remember you telling me that we should only have the braces down when we were tilting
his chair back.

She said someone should have told her before

She was wired up on adreniline

Rick appeared to be OK

Rick's chair was tilted over backward on the floor.

She said she was hurt

She showed me a bruise on her right shin

She said she didn't want to have blood work done.

She was afraid because she was taking aids medication, and she had originally had a
problem getting hired at Albertina Kerr.

I don't want there to be any hard feelings.

Pam doesn't want to lose time on the job due to injury.

Pam was injured yesterday.

Pam did not want to write out an Incident Report.

She told me the blood work kept comming back positive for Marajuana because of the
prescription medication she was taking.

She doesn't want a repeat of the experience.

She is also afraid she will be blamed for the accident.
She doesn't want to get in trouble.

It was an honest mistake.

She was upset because, she said, no one had told her about the braces being turned up.


100 positive things about Pam. I don't think I can think of any. She works hard.
She is very organized.
She talks a lot.
She has a lot of f sad memories.
I don't reallyw want to writ et that mum much aobut her.
I guess I am bad if I can't write better than that.
She is going to the Doctor on monday.
She is nervous about that.
That's fine. I c will be alone forever.I'll just sit here then. There is no place for me to go.
I will be a home for my cat. I w havce have walked many places. Battling with my days.
What do I gain? Put down artists. Loud mouths. Carnies. I don't know how to resolve
the situation. Pam is a bitch. I know I am k not supposed to say that, but I am angry.
She doesn't like this. She doesn't like that. At some point it doesn't matter wheather she
is right or wrong. She just needs to shut her bitch mouth.. I didn't stay frosty. That's the
problem. I didn't stay cool. It's hard to concentrate when you are angry. How do I stay
calm when I am being nagged at all the time.
Positive things I did at work yesterday
I put away blankets
I cooked a meal that three people ma ate.
I clean up somewhat.
Why don't you just shut up bitch.
Why do things have to be this rotter?
I am rotten?
Everyone else thinks I'm rotten.? Too bad for them. Some idiot stands on the sidelines
and thinks he knows what's going on. Lets all go out and casue cause trouble for other
people. What does that solve? Things get out of hand real fast. People get angry and it's
too late to fix it. I don't have the solution. I have a solution. I will meditate.

I hear where, over the past several years, trucking companies have been reducing the pay
they give their drivers.
This leads to experienced drivers refusing to work for the big companies.
This leads to less experienced drivers hiring on with the big trucking companies.
This leads to inexperienced drivers hurtling down the highways at high speed.
This leads to me developing a headache.

There are other people on the highways.
We are coming up on the "Holidays" and families are going to be traveling down those
same highways.
I don't offer any solution.
You have to identify what the problem is before you can work on one.
Here's the question:
How much do the trucking companies care about the people they sell their products to?

The poster formerly known as Kateshvara
Authority, there's a problem for you. You don't know what is going on in peoples
lives until you ask them.
I will lose my job
I have a responsibility to my mother.
I just can't get it together.

Islam CAN be a religion of peace. Christians have used parts of the bible o justify
mistreating and hanging people here in the U. S.
It's insanity that leads to violence, not religion.
Excess on any level, for any reason, is evil. Let us promise together to limit our excesses.

plays politics with the
why shouldn't I
Play politics
with you?

I work for a .org not a .com. (a .org is a non-profit corporation in case you didn't
know. Maybe you should start a .or re, of course you will then have to do
something that is actually constructive for the community. I m sure that never
occured to you.

Who shall defend the innocent
on either side of the line
We are the results of our mothers desires
We are the results of our fathers actions

WJ newsgroup

And somebody said irony was dead.
Yes, I should spell check before posting (Although it probably wouldn't have done any
good in this case. The funny thing is, President Bush has expensive speech writers at his
disposal. Maybe it's one of those "Well there you go again..." kind of thing, trying to
make George Bush II look like "Just plain folks".
It probably looks scary to the educated people of the world outside the United States.
Here's someone who's in charge of the largest arsenal around, and he doesn't seem to
know what he's saying a lot of the time.

Angry> How dare they suspend me? Me c Carl J Shoemaker
. i don't know what I am going to do. I hate people. I hate all people.
I really need some coffee. I am not being safe. Anywhere. I don't know what to
do. I don't want to be institutionalized. Yeis I do. I don't know what it means. It
seems like a game to me. I don't know what I am contributing. Just my presence
is enough. Button pushing game players.

Kathy Elliot.


release without the drama



Here you see me standing here
caught between the past and the future
I am here, you see me now
I am not there.
Here I stand, a finite man
Some Six foot-one inches tall
Some Twohundred odd pounds
able to reach only so far
able to run only so fast
able to leap only so many buildings
at a single bound
I am here, I seem to be alone
I am not alone
I am connected to all beings who ever lived
and to all who ever will live
I am connected to that great purpose
beyond my little purpose
for which I can only play
my little part

The media owns us
it is now safe to turn off
your mind

I'm not getting what you mean Joseph. I did not mean to say that Jesus or anyone else
was perverse. I meant that the view of the mainstream/powers-that-be at a particular time
and place reject new ideas, and hold them to be perverse. I may have misspoke in some
way, but I don't know what that way is.

rapid exciting
planning, running, hitting,
fun without the pain

It doesn't matter. It god damn doesn't matter. Nothing means anything. What a
waste. Live your life out in noghin noghinhg nothingness. Ciegarettes, tabacco.
Nothing Sorrow. I'm sorry there is no meaning.

Sunday, February 2nd, At the Red and Black; open mike

Thump, Thump, and jam jam
The bass guitar over against the drum and symbol

"It would be cool if we hand another lead instrument".

Man in a black shirt,
hair in a bun
playing the bass guitar

The MC woman paces nervously

Bass riythms
Flute tooting
Catching on
Jamming together

Thumping the bongos
tooting the toot

A hippy walks in with a guitar
he wants to play

There are no more hippies
they all left
to smoke pot
provided free
of charge
by the state of Oregon

Haight Ashbury is a haven for lesbians now.
South East Portland is a haven for lesbians now.
How could a hippy exist here?

Where have all the hippies gone, long time passing?

I remember a house on Galviston Street
in Bend
They were having an anti-war meeting
during the Vietnam War

The house is full of musicians
it has been a musical weekend

The singing circle at Artichoke Music
The Punk Rock at Berbati's
The choir singing "Let it be"
at the UU church
on Twelfth Street
the jamming musicians
at the Red and Black


I swim in frequency
the waves wash over

I think of beatniks
of the City of light bookstore
of the flash of electricity
from the bus wires
the city is electricity

thump and grind
whirr and jam
rock the peace motion
harmonize with the wave

Toot toot
rattle rattle

huddled in an island of light
the musicians tune up
they are Portland symphony

The City Lights
and the China Beach
where Lenny Bruce
washed up on shore
Howling with Ginsberg

A violin joins in
electric violin
on the island
Jammin mahn

Thump thump
Whump Whump
Wang Chung

The music moves on
the band plays on

The flute tumbles down
and floats there

I tap my foot nervously
to no rythm

The musicians start up again
it is a country sound
the rythm of the railroad
of Woody Guthrie
of Leadbetter

Roll on musicians
roll on

The drummer is blurred
in glasses
and green shirt

The artist exists to support the gallery

Deep rythms
Deep harmonies

I saw a soul rise up
in the middle
and transcend

Spirit entered in
and joined them
as one
a tribe of musicians
seeking truth
in the waves

Music from the root of the soul

Canon Fodder
Why the Republicans really wanted to defeat Measure 28

Keep em ignorant
Keep em poor
Keep em subserviant
Start a war


raindrops fall
on the
Max tracks
after the rally
on March 15

war prayer by Mark Twain.
O Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth
to battle-be Thou near them! With them, in spirit, we also go forth
from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe. O
Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with
our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms
of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with
the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste
their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the
hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to
turn them out roofless with their little children to wander
unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and
thirst, sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of
winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the
refuge of the grave and denied it-for our sakes who adore Thee, Lord,
blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter
pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears,
stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet! We ask it,
in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is
ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek
His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen.

-- Mark Twain

I will burn it all
all of it will be gone
don't push your luck with me
If you can't figure it out
You are not smart enough to
Just do what I want
and shut up.

Express personel services crossed me and they will suffer. They told me they can't
hire me because I have a bad credit record.
Just keep it up tight asses. Just keep it up.

Oregon is an at "will state" and it shouldn't be. This needs to change. It's unfair to
working class citizens. It gives too much power to the employer.

If the legislature of Oregon can't provide for checks and balances against the
arrogance of the business elite. They need to be voted out.

This is not surprising. If Bush-Admin-Oligarchs can't find a legitimate reason for going to
war, make one up and hawk it on the street corner. Good old medicine wagon politics.

CatWoman: "In the corporate media, authors always have personal biases as well, but they
tend to hide them behind a veil of faux objectivity."

Carl: Too obviously true to those who pay attention my feline friend.

Thank you for the complements by the way...

CatWoman: "Trust me on this, the cops are not above fabricating a little evidence here
and there. Or even a lot of it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is dangerously naive. "

Carl: I went into the forum meeting with my own prejudices about the situation. I had
strong feelings against chief Kroeker and his handling of things. Most of the information I
had was based on what I read at Portland Indymedia by the way. There is a definite slant
to the postings on Indymedia, as should be expected.
I was forced to abandon some of those presumptions because of the evidence presented.
What I saw was a lot of angry citizen venting their frustrations over what they felt were
personal wrongs against themselves personally. It's hard to think straight when you are
personally involved and angry.

CatWoman: The statement that, "It would help in the long run if citizens kept a cool head
during routine traffic stops" is particularly frightening, as it assumes that the victim of
police violence was to blame for her own murder."

Carl: My purpose in making that statement was in hopes of preventing escalating violence,
since I believe the general population would suffer more than the police in the long run.
Secondly, calling it a murder assumes guilt without examining all of the evidence. Would
you expect less justice for a police officer than for a civilian?

There are other points I want to make, but it would take too much time right now. I've
gone too many rounds with you in the past to think I could change your mind on any
subject. I would point out to you that the preponderance of officer involved shooting
fatalities involve white males shooting other white males who had weapons themselves.
Unless other evidence comes in to contradict it, I have to believe that this was not a
racially motivated killing. I have to believe that a series of unfortunate circumstances and
decisions on the part of many parties involved, led up the officer McAllister pulling the
I think the police department needs to seriously consider changing its' training
posted on Portland Indymedia. July 3, 2003

And dad wasn't there anymore
wasn't there anymore
I went home
and he wasn't there


Based on what little I know, and have read about it, it doesn't look like the best plan for
the future of Portland. Density is Dense. The people who move into the these fancy
buildings are not going to have any connection to the history of Portland. They are not
going to vote for increased taxes for schools. They are going displace the poor, the
working class citizens, and they are going to displace small businesses. They are going to
displace those who have lived in Portland all of their lives.
They are going to do it for the sake of more mega entertainment centers and more
corporate shopping malls. Once in place it will not be removable. The city needs to give
careful consideration to how such projects have effected the nature of the quality of life
for all of the citizens of the community.

7/10/03 IMC
By compariing the ratios (combined minority:white) 15:85 (3:17)percentage and actual
shootings 16:34 (8:17), shows a rate of 2.5 minority persons being shot for every one
white. Yes, that is definitely unbalanced. The city of Portland does not compare favorably
with the rest of the country in amount of shootings and in amount of training required.
This has been a long term problem. A major factor has been the long term assault on
funding that has been carried on by political interest groups. It is necessary to pay far a
safer society. A better educated society, is a less violent society. A better educated police
force, is a less violent police force.

7/11/03 Portland IMC

A speaker was giving a presentation when I showed up at the council chamber. The speaker explained that the project includes 430 Minimum Affordable housing units, and that it meets the 55% of the South Waterfront Districts (SWF) Affordable housing requirements. It will include a Multi-modale transportation hub, which will interconnect Streetcar, bus, tram, as well as pedestrian, bike, and auto traffic. It will connect 60,000 people to employment housing and open spaces. There will be a 125 foot Average Greenway along the waterfront.
The project would be completed in phases, with the final phase being completed in 2008.
Phase I would include 1,000 housing units, facility space for OHSU, a large hotel/conference facility.
The overall project would cost 440 Million dollars. 103 Million would come from public project funding, with 71 million coming from public sources, and 32 million coming from private sources. 55 million of the costs would be dedicated to transportation.
Provisions will be made to cover 18 basic contingencies for potential tax revenue lost due to project delays. The North Macadam Investors Group (NMI) would make gap payments to cover these losses. The speaker finished one a positive note by saying that this project is an opportunity for a new cultural center for the city.

Disclaimer: I had difficulty hearing some of what was said because the sound from the speakers didn't come through very well where I was sitting, please forgive the errors.

Dr. Kohl, speaking on behalf of OHSU, stated that the university needed to grow as part of an ongoing journey that started in 1887 and was continuing in it's destination as a world class University. He urged a yes vote on the project.

Mr. Weens spoke of the project as being the culmination of two and a half years of work. He emphasized that the project was going to be for the benefit of all of the population.

Mayor Katz interjected that not any developers are willing to work for the betterment of the city "for the love of the city" She said many developers seek projects in the suburbs rather than work with the city on projects.
Councilman Francesconi addressed the need for new research facilities to conduct research in microbiology to help in the field of Biodefence (Rapid identification of potiential pathogens.)

John Kaufkowitz Spoke on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance. He said that this project would be an economic catalyst for development and growth in the Portland area. He emphasized that the increase in facilities for OHSU would lead to an increase in jobs and business income in the Portland area. The transportation capacity design would maximize private investment in the South Waterfront area. By sharing costs between the private and public sector, this project would lead to long-term, sustained growth.

Reverand Mohan, of the Metropolitan alliance for the Common Good, addressed the need for increased commitment to affordable housing. The two main goals were to create afforadable housing, and sustainable career jobs for the people of Portland. Reverand Mohan made a joke about the 3 minute timer display in front of him saying, "I didn't want my parishoners to get any ideas."

Wally Meron expressed the concern that the project not lead to a decrease in prevailing wages in the construction industry. He did not want any out-of-area contractrors, or imported workers being brought in on the project. He said "We in the building trades support the plan only if it benefits the whole community."

Ron Williams, of First United Methodist Church outreach, insisted that a level playing field be create for local businesses. He also suggested that 1% of funding go for affordable housing.
At this point Mayor Katz agreed that he a proposed an interesting idea, but the process could not go on forever. She set a date for the end of July, or August 13th at the latest for some kind of agreement to be reached.

Other speaker followed in a similar vein. Mayor Katz overall resoponce was to suggest that the various parties e-mail her with suggestions of what part of the project should be reduced in order to accommodate specific issues. Councilman Francesconi suggested that the other side of the coin is, other, less expensive lands could potentially be purchased for affordable housing, with the revenues from this project.
Councilman Sten pointed out that the policy is to meet the income needs of the city, and that the first phase will provide for this by placing a burden on later, more expensive phases.

I left the meeting at this time as the meeting proceeded.

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That was both kinda stream of conciousness and informative.