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A John Kusumi appeal for the China Support Network

The China Support Network can build upon the 'people power' victory in Hong Kong -- with your help.

John P. Kusumi
The 18-year-old in 1984's race for U.S. President.
Right at home in cyberspace--


July 11, 2003

Dear Friend,

You may have heard of the miracle victory for people power in Hong Kong. This week, leaders of Hong Kong withdrew their noxious bill, called Article 23, or in my pithy-but-accurate phrase "Maoism for Hong Kong." Passage of that bill had been slated to occur on Wednesday of this week. It would have removed civil liberties, and installed tyranny and persecution in its place. The hand of Beijing was behind this bill, and yet people of Hong Kong bravely stood up against it.

They stood up -- a half-million people marched in the streets -- and in the result, we have a victory for the forces of freedom and Chinese democracy. The butchers of Beijing are now in a bind; their man in Hong Kong could not deliver the tyranny they wanted, and now he (Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa of Hong Kong) has also lost face and credibility with the people of Hong Kong, who are very angry about Article 23 and other aspects of his leadership.

Did I have something to do with this scene? Yes, in fact, my China Support Network was an early and vocal opponent of Article 23. We can find that I interviewed, gave speeches, and did other things to roust and marshal opposition to Article 23. Further, my counterparts at the Free China Movement were also early, active, and vigorous opponents of this legislation. These two organizations specialize in lobbying and pressuring for Chinese democracy, including the issues of freedom for Hong Kong, Tibet, and Taiwan.

At this time I am making this urgent appeal for your financial support. The scene in Hong Kong is a special occasion, that may turn the tide of history. Right now, my cause should be building upon that victory, to make it clear that "people power" includes an agenda to make China completely free and democratic. Last week, we worried about Maoism coming into Hong Kong. This week, Beijing can worry about freedom coming the other way!

I have issued a joint statement, along with the Free China Movement, where together we expressed this new agenda. It says specifically that we want to reverse the persecution or endangerment of Falun Gong, Tibet, Taiwan, and the students of 1989 -- the victims of Tiananmen Square's massacre. (To read that statement in full, see our web site at www.chinasupport.net.)

The statement is there, and a road to freedom exists. Now, I ask that you join us on that road to freedom by backing this cause with a generous financial gift. Did you know, that every time it collects $400, the China Support Network can produce one miracle? That amount might cover the costs of a rally, or a press conference, or travel for appearances. People who give us $40 fund 10% of a miracle, and people who give us $100 fund 25% of a miracle.

Trust me, we are very happy each time we get $40, and happy to have .1 (10%) of a miracle. Even better is if you get nine friends to do likewise -- then, you are truly a miracle worker!

This cause is turning into a hot issue right now. For a selection of what is said in the press, read any of the following articles--

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BBC: China's concern at HK protests
NY Times: Hong Kong Bombshell for Beijing
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Christian Science Monitor: Hong Kong's rallies test China's 'two systems' policy
Economist: People power

Because of the timeliness of this issue, it is increasingly appropriate that I bring you my concerns and ask for your help. The China Support Network has made it easier than ever to give by allowing donations online. You can click around, with your credit card, and feel miraculously involved immediately. See our options to donate at this link--


Without your help, this might be just a flash in the pan. With your help, the Chinese democracy movement will guide this cause to further victories. Add your own power to widen the 'people power' phenomenon! I thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes,

/s./ John P. Kusumi
Founder / Executive Director,
The China Support Network
organization: www.chinasupport.net
personal site: www.kusumi.com

Criticize Communism? Here on Indymedia??? 11.Jul.2003 09:24

Lao Tzu

Are we supposed to criticisize communism? What is this post supposed to mean? We all support Communism here right? Long live Mao!

Pro-American apologists 11.Jul.2003 10:33

George Washington

Nah....we have the Pro-American apologists and trolls like yourself to bash anything and everything that is to the Left of Adolph Hitler and Jesse Helms. Love live Bu$h.

I'm with Lao Tzu 11.Jul.2003 17:57

Prek Pal

I'm with Lao Tzu. Criticizing Communism is not what we're about.