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Guv's new SUV

Governor receives new SUV amidst budget conflict, crisis. Time for RECALL?
SALEM - As the State of Oregon deals with a multi-million dollar budget crisis, its governor is given a new set of wheels. The question some are asking regarding the purchase is: How do the new vehicles fit in with Kulongoski's promise to help the state live within its means?
The answer Salem has provided is: The governor needed the vehicles for security and safety, especially the big SUV his protection staff is buying.
The purchases come when the state is so far in the red the treasurer remarks that he is worried about the budget.
They come in a state where the disabled are refused state funds for the repair of their wheelchairs.
Officials of Governor Kulongoski's office explained the lease was ending on the existing auto the former governor used. That auto had around 20,000 miles.
So instead of purchasing that car they traded it in on a new Lincoln Towncar, which is being leased through Ford.
But the spending doesn't end there; the governor's office and the state officers who protect him said they were without a big SUV to help protect the governor.
To fix that problem, they purchased an additional vehicle.
The state police protection unit, the bodyguards for the governor, requested the SUV backup vehicle for traveling with the governor and they picked out a Chevrolet Tahoe.
At present the SUV the governor will ride in has not arrived yet, it's being outfitted with radios and a safety packages.
"This is about as nice as it gets," said one salesman about the Tahoe.
KATU took a test drive at a local dealership and found that among America's SUV's, the Tahoe is one of the more luxurious.
The governor's Tahoe will cost about $31,000 for the vehicle alone.
"It doesn't make sense," said Jason Williams. "We're taxpayers not ATM machines."
Government watchdog Jason Williams said the purchases prove the governor is going about business as usual in Salem.
State troopers who tipped KATU to the story said they were upset when they couldn't get replacements for their patrol cars that are showing 120,000 and 130,000 miles.
KATU attempted to ask the governor about the discrepancy Wednesday, but staffers whisked him aside when asked about the new Tahoe, saying it was a purchase by the state police.
"If the person at the very top of our government, our CEO is out there buying new cars at a time when we're having our worst recession means he's not looking at the bottom line," said Williams.
At least with the new SUV, the governor will ride softly over Oregon's potholes.
Kulongoski's spokespeople said that the SUV is not his vehicle but the one his protection staff picked out for him and that he didn't have a choice in the matter.
Not a bad deal 11.Jul.2003 09:06

That's Cheap for a Tahoe

The Tahoes I saw (but couldn't afford) at a local Chevy dealer were all $40K or more for the luxury models. $31K must be stripped down or they negotiated a great price. I'd certainly trade my Cavalier for their Tahoe, if they'd be willing to buy the gasoline.

Where do i sign? 11.Jul.2003 11:35

Tax and Gouge Me

This guy hasn't done a damn thing to improve the State of Oregon, nothing. It's time for a recall to wake this asshole up and all the other complacent politicians who are trying to run this State into dust in exchange for a pocket full of change for their own little pet projects and groups. His greatest accomplishment? 8.5% unemployment as released today...

Recall? Where do i sign...?

Recall? 11.Jul.2003 12:24

Gov. Ted

Good lord man, he hasn't even been in office six months. You must have a enormous, as well as misguided, faith in government if you're going to lay decades worth of accumulating problems -- both at the state and federal level -- on Kulongoski's doorstep.

Invisible Governor Ted 11.Jul.2003 18:50

Now he's got a big SUV with tinted windows to hide in

Well, ya gotta admit, Ted's been keeping a pretty darn low profile since he's been elected. You have to start wondering whether he's more concerned about not rocking the boat than he is leading the state out of its various crises: fiscal, education, employment, etc. Why the hell isn't he sticking his neck out and making some useful policy recommendations, and leading the state like like he's 'sposed to be? Instead, we the people have heard nary a peep from him so far...

Recall, YES! 09.Dec.2003 11:40


Kulongoski led the voters of Oregon to believe that he was against raising taxes and under his leadership he would focus on getting the government to live within their means. He used these words during his campaign and it worked, he got elected. Now I say, if he doesn't follow though with his promises he made during a his campaign for governor, he has mislead the voters in the election and automatically he should be recalled. There also needs to be a law to hold politicians accountable for what they promise in elections, these promises get them elected and then they have a bunch of excuses why they cannot do what they promised.

We are dreamers..???? 09.Dec.2003 15:49



I am looking for information about the new slogan of Oregon "We are dreamers". I'd like to know what it cost taxpayers for someone to think that up and how much the Gov. intends to spend on promoting such a thing.


Recall 10.Jan.2004 07:44

eastoregon martin97813@excite.com

I would vote to recall this Cull in an instant! why wait any longer and let him do more damage to our state. we cannot afford to let people like him remain in power.