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Police need to treat people with the respect that they deserve!

Police officers need to be trained on how to conduct themselves in a way , not to offend people..LIKE YELLING IN PEOPLE'S FACES...This Police officer looked younger than my youngest child....If I knew where to turn him in I certainly would!!
I was coming out of Royal Villa Mobile Home Park where I live...I saw ambulances, fire trucks. I saw that one lane was opened for traffic to get through....as i got closer to getting through a Fire engine pulled across the lane so I couldn't get through...at that point I was stuck in my car... with fire trucks...ambulances, and police cars blocking me in front and behind. I was sitting there for about 20 minutes in the 90 degree heat. Then a young police officer walked up to my car...he started yelling at me to leave the seen immediately. I told him you don't need to yell at me....and he just kept on yelling. I did get very upset. I proceeded to leave ....as he demanded. That young police officer needs to know how to treat people . That is why we hear of police officers being shot because they don't act as peace officers. They offend people 90 % of the time and they get away with it. Sooner or later the officer will meet up with the wrong person....and people wonder why they end up wounded or worse... dead. You would think the police academy would teach them how to conduct themselves. I know I am not the only one who gets upset when police officers or anyone starts...Yelling in your face!! If police officers have to yell... save it for the telemarketer that calls at dinner time!!
Sad fact 11.Jul.2003 06:56


It's a sad fact, and typical of most interactions with the Popo (for people not in $50k cars, that is). This cop...already jaded though probably only in his mid-20s...thinks it's his JOB to clear the scene and keep a perimeter around the fire...things they taught him at the laughable Po-Lice 'Kaddmy. We, as citizens, think his job is to do what we've always been TOLD they do: "Protect & serve." The sad fact is you find a wide disparity between what we're taught they do and what they actually do. On the one hand is Officer Bob, who keeps things safe and gets kittens out of trees (make no mistake, this still happens some places and with some cops, but when was the last time you saw it?). On the other hand if Sergeant Joe, who'll "kick your ni**er ass if you don't get the fu*k back up against that wall, boy."

Power is the problem.

Whiners 11.Jul.2003 13:22

a guy

Oh, boo hoo. You got yelled at. Guess what police officers have to deal with? A hell of a lot more than yelling. They deal with the scum and the trash. Count yourself lucky that there are even people out there willing to protect your too-sensitive self.

to a guy (original) 11.Jul.2003 13:33


Actually, YOU should have shot him (BE that wrong person I say!) and as for 'a guy'...Why don't YOU stop whining about people whining? The last I heard the police were a strictly volunteer force. If they can't get through the day without screaming in an old woman's face then shame on them. Why the fuck would you feel the need to stand up for someone like that? Something tells me you would have a different reaction if YOU were treated this way...But then again, being the sheep you obviously are, you'd probably just bend over like an inmate on his first night in prison-eh?

Protect and Serve not PPB 14.Jul.2003 07:39


I'm tired of reading people yammer about "protect and serve" all the time. That is not the motto of the PPB. Never has been. Probably never will be. They have some other mantra that they follow that deals with Excellence, Respect, Integrity, blah blah blah.