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God Is Not American

Protestors hold a banner reading 'God Is Not American' to protest the visit to South Africa of US President George W. Bush.
Pretoria, South Africa greets GWB - July 9, 2003
Pretoria, South Africa greets GWB - July 9, 2003
Anti-American protestors hold a banner reading 'God Is Not American' to protest the visit to South Africa of US President George W. Bush where he was welcomed during a ceremony at the the Union Buildings, background, in Pretoria by his South African counterpart Thabo Mbeki, Bush is on the second leg of his five-nation African trip. (AP Photo/Abrie Fourie)

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god is just pretend 10.Jul.2003 17:34


Well, God is really just pretend. Maybe that's why he and W are so close...

Everything... 10.Jul.2003 17:55


is just pretend.

Out of curiosoty 10.Jul.2003 18:00


I wonder what their proof is for their assertion.

What they mean is. . . 10.Jul.2003 18:10


It seems to me that the banner is not meant to be taken so literally. Perhaps what they're trying to convey is that America does not own the concept of God and our government has no right to claim that "God" is on their side in military exploits that kill thousands of innocent people.

'God is not American" can also be read as "God is not Japanese" or "God is not Dutch" or "God is not South African." In other words, the conept of God extends beyond political borders and knows no nationality.

Just another interpretation.

American Are the New Nazis 10.Jul.2003 19:12

God Damn America

Check out this WWII Nazi Military Paraphenalia. The inscription reads "God is With Us"--sounds kinda like the "God Bless America" rhetoric that the USA spews to justify its military aggression around the world.

god? 11.Jul.2003 10:42


For those of you who've watched "Bowling for Columbine", M. Moore was on a quest for what differentiates americans from others. He never answered this. Well, it's religion. When it comes to religion, the americans are more like the Taliban than other "first world" countries. 90(!!!)% believe in "God". What the hell did we have the enlightenment for? Even in countries like Italy where the stereotype is a religious person, nobody really believes in "God" - there religion is a matter of tradition not of faith - just like the Easterbunny and the Toothfairy.

Tired of baseless assertions 11.Jul.2003 18:54


I'm tired of baseless assertions such as "God is not American." Either offer proof or zip it.

I'm tired... 11.Jul.2003 19:20


of baseless assertions that truth needs facts to be an ontological reality. Any truth that needs proof is only a half-truth.

Godless America 03.Nov.2003 17:51

*Gee* bohemian_chica@hotmail.com

I agree with what Erin said about God not being any nationality, but I have a different theory of what their banner means. Maybe it means America is not godly. Although America is mostly Christian, to me it is on of the most un-Christian countries.