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SAVE OUR SANITY! Wednesday, July 16th

We need allies for an advocacy day to bring attention to the Oregon State Legislature's current practice of removing vital services, and thereby allowing people to deteriorate and die as a way to manage their revenue shortfall.

Call to Action Wednesday, July 16th
from Support Oregon Services Alliance, SOSA

WHO: a statewide grassroots alliance of people with disabilities and our allies
WHAT: We need allies for an advocacy day on restoring vital human services.

* Oregon was until recently a leader for the nation in modeling cost-effective, community-based services for vulnerable people. Most working folks arejust an accident, an illness, whatever insurance, and their savings away from needing access to such a safety net themselves. *
WHERE: State Capitol in Salem
WHEN: July 16th, ten AM to 2 or 3 PM
WHY: We must bring attention to the state's current practice of removing vital services, and thereby allowing people to deteriorate and die as a way to manage the revenue shortfall. Though the Oregon Constitution requires that they raise revenue to cover approved expenses, our legislators voted last biennium to dismantle programs rather than
to save lives, or fulfill their constitutional duties and oath of office.

Now that the safety net has been largely dismantled, the people who once worked to provide services, and the people whose lives depended on these services, will have to fend for themselves. This legislative action has already caused unnecessary and unmeasureable devastation, damage and death to many thousands of Oregonians.

We must let our legislators know that Oregonians need our community safety net restored. Chance circumstance can make anyone vulnerable, and a helping hand can make the vital difference between our choossing life with dignity, or death without it.

10:00 Am.......Information briefing on the Capitol steps
10:30 AM.......Press Conference
12:00 noon....Group singing in the Rotunda.
The Galleria will be available for memorial displays
(anyone can bring their own creative and informative displays)

There will also be opportunity to get melodramatic as people are willing. We are planning to lay ourselves down on Capitol floors in strategic places for the purpose of drawing attention to the dramatic consequences of legislative actions.

We encourage you to make posters concerning true impact stories of people you may know about. Please use red, black and white to carry on SOSA's choice of strong colors used throughout our presentations.

We need posters with statements like:

"Cut the Pie and People Die",
"Preserve our right to Life and Choice",
"Provide safety and opportunity for everyone"
and "Prevent budgetary terrorism..."
or any other appropriate statements.

We will be hanging these posters up in the Capitol with masking tape (a major act of civil disobedience), and working with the supportive Capitol troopers to keep up with us as we move throughout the building. Preserving everyone's safety net is crucial to many thousands dealing with the challenges of chance, and remember, a life you save today may be your own tomorrow!

For more information, please call:
Gweneth van Frank Carlson
SOSA spokesperson
(541) 521-9171


phone: phone: (541) 521-9171