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Anarchist Carpentry Collective- come build a yurt, and a platform for it.

Yurts are buildings that can be dissasembled and moved. The revolution will need that. Herders in the himalayas use yurts to move thier village to the best grazing area.

Meet us at the IWW cafe at 7th and burnside on saturday at 9am bring a hammer, bags if you got em. Were building the yurt at an osalt organic farming reaserch center also operated by the natrual harvest CSA. [ Read More ] [ Sustainable Farming Connection | The Yurt Construction ]
see this sites for inspiration and information

Yurt Materials 10.Jul.2003 13:39


Nice picture of the yurt. Looks like it has a wood door & steps...how many trees had to die for this yurt? Hmmmm.... I also like plastic lawn chairs sitting around - no toxic chemical by-products there! Where did you get them, Home Depot? Is that where all the other Anarchists shop?! If you really want an eco-friendly building structure try a mudhut like they make in africa.

what? 10.Jul.2003 17:28


Well... you might run into a portability problem with your mud hut. Lighten up!

Carpentry Collective 10.Jul.2003 21:12


Dont let the whining foodeaters impede your efforts to create livable structures. The person who posted above, "how many trees had to die..." should look at the building they live in, and ask themselves if they could build it if given the tools and the materials. Probably not. Have they even built a mud hut? Do they find pride from living in a squatted structure? (not all its cracked up to be!) I doubt they do much of anything, except eat food and breath air.

I applaud the efforts of the Carpentry Collective. Building livable structures is a positive, satisfying effort. It is truly a working class occupation. The skills you learn will help you throughout your lives. Skills that will help others.

Good luck and have fun.


IWW Cafe?? 11.Jul.2003 23:01


IWW cafe? huh who'e ver heard of such a place.