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Since the 1970's, my crew and I have been shutting down pirate whalers and sealers, illegal fishing operations, and rescuing wildlife from oil spills. In fact, we have been doing do much on so little for so long, that we are confident we can do a lot more with additional support.
P.O. Box 2670, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
Tel: USA 360-370-5650 Fax: 360-370-5651
Website: www.seashepherd.org


Dear Friends,

This is Captain Paul Watson, founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I am sending you this urgent e-letter because you share my concern for the plight of our oceans.

As many of you may know, our oceans are facing the most serious threat in years. Just this month, the Pew Foundation and independent studies by Dalhousie University in Canada and the University of Kiel in Germany, have demonstrated what Sea Shepherd has been saying for years: The fish are disappearing. The studies state that 90% of all large fish have been removed from the seas. It is unthinkable that we are responsible for the loss of 90% of all large fish!

For over a decade I had predicted a loss of 75%, and I was told by fishing industry and government representatives that I did not know what I was talking about. I was called an ecological prophet of doom and gloom. I was indeed wrong, it turns out my prediction was optimistic by 15%.

But I am not a doom and gloom soothsayer. I am simply a realist. I am an ocean conservation ecologist and activist, and I am 100% committed to protecting the remaining 10% of large fish with the hope that we can rebuild these dwindling numbers.

Since the 1970's, my crew and I have been shutting down pirate whalers and sealers, illegal fishing operations, and rescuing wildlife from oil spills. In fact, we have been doing do much on so little for so long, that we are confident we can do a lot more with additional support.

But the war in Iraq and the present economic situation has taken its toll, and donations to all environmental and conservation organizations are significantly down. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is no exception.

Our flagship, R/V Farley Mowat, has returned to the USA after 8 months at sea, including our first anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica. She is currently in dry-dock awaiting much needed annual maintenance, which will cost an estimated $50,000. The ship cannot return to sea until these repairs are complete.

Our high speed ship, Sirenian, is on patrol in the marine reserves of the Galapagos National Park in search of illegal poaching activity. Over the past several years, her crew has hunted down and stopped many poachers from decimating this precious world heritage site. She is due for dry-docking, repairs and maintenance in September. This will cost an estimated $30,000.

We need your help to protect the remaining large fish, and the marine mammals, birds, and reptiles so severely affected by this strip-mining of the oceans. We are in need now, and the oceans need us now, more than ever.

I would like to ask you to help us pull through. Help us to get our ships back out on the water. We have the ships. We have the volunteers. We need funds to repair our ships and for fuel. Any contribution you can send will help and is much appreciated.

Our Current Campaigns:

TICO (Treasured Islands Conservation Operation) - This program is aimed at protecting National Park Marine Sanctuaries from poachers and oil spills. We have a full-time patrol vessel in the Galapagos. We have a ranger support program in Costa Rica's Cocos Island Marine Sanctuary. We are protecting Leatherback sea turtles on Caribbean islands. This program monitors marine sanctuaries worldwide to deploy assistance with anti-poaching enforcement and conservation programs.

Island Exotics Control Program - One of the most significant threats to the survival of indigenous species in island eco-systems is the introduction of exotics species. Sea Shepherd has developed a flying squad of veterinarians to go to uninhabited islands to capture dogs and cats for spay and neutering. This is a system that will prevent the poisoning and shooting of these animals by local authorities. On uninhabited islands the Society live captures and removes the exotics for transportation to new homes on the mainland.

Illegal Long Line Enforcement and Interception Program - Sea Shepherd has already confiscated hundreds of miles of illegal drift net and long lines from the world's oceans. This is an ongoing program. Our ship Farley Mowat is equipped to retrieve long lines, some of which are in excess of sixty miles. In the process we release thousands of sharks, sea-turtles, seabirds (especially albatross), and fish. Illegal long lines are the single greatest threat to the world's marine wildlife species. Sea Shepherd is doing something about this horrific problem.

Project Ahab (Saving the whales) - Sea Shepherd has been on the front lines for nearly three decades protecting whales from illegal whalers. In 1979, we rammed and disabled the notorious pirate whaler Sierra. In 1980, we shut down half the Spanish whaling fleet. In 1986, we shut down Icelandic whaling. Sea Shepherd is still considered the primary threat to profits by the Norwegian whaling industry. We recently mounted out first campaign to Antarctica to pursue Japanese whalers and we will be returning to intercept them as soon as we can afford to do so. This is one of the most urgent reasons we need your help.

Operation Fertile Ground - Over the last thirty years, bottom draggers have scoured the ocean floor in their insatiable appetite for fish. In doing so their heavy gear has destroyed sea bottoms world-wide. Sea Shepherd seeks to address this by building and deploying large steel and concrete "net-rippers". These devices can then be taken on board our ship and dropped on trawling grounds to allow for habitat regrowth. Any attempt to bottom trawl will be met with a hard economic penalty in the form of massive gear damage. Fish cannot recover under this relentless system of over-fishing.

Shepherds of the Seals - Sea Shepherd has been fighting sealers since 1975 and over the course of a quarter of a century we have saved hundreds of thousands of seals from slaughter. We shut down the Gray seal hunt in the Scottish Orkney Islands and we are considered to be the most aggressive threat to Canadian sealers by the Canadian government and the Canadian Sealing Association. This is a fight we don't intend to quit until we eradicate the senseless slaughter of seals.

Marine Legal Defense Team - Sea Shepherd is organizing a legal defense team of pro bono legal experts to lay suits against corporations and governments in violation of international and national conservation and environmental laws.

Sea Shepherd International - We have Sea Shepherd groups organized worldwide. Sea Shepherd Brazil is involved with rescuing marine wildlife from oil spills and with shutting down illegal fishing operations off the Brazilian coast. Sea Shepherd Singapore is leading the fight to oppose the sale of shark fins in Asian markets. Sea Shepherd Europe is opposing the Faeroes whale slaughter and illegal fishing operations in the North Sea. Sea Shepherd representatives in South Africa are helping seals in Namibia.

With your help, Sea Shepherd can turn the tide against over-exploitation of our oceans.


Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


Sea Shepherd is an international marine conservation organization dedicated to the enforcement of international conservation law and to campaigns designed to actively protect marine wildlife and eco-systems.

Sea Shepherd welcomes your support. If you would like to donate confidentially on-line with a credit card, please visit:  http://www.seashpherd.org/donateonline. Or call our office: USA 360-370-5650.

We also accept checks in most currencies by mail (make payable to Sea Shepherd):

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
PO Box 2670
Malibu, CA 92065 USA.

Annual membership within USA is US$25,outside USA is US$35. Members are eligible to join our volunteer ship crews. Please visit our volunteer page at our website if you are interested in applying for crew:  http://www.seashepherd.org/volunteer.shtml

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international 501(C)(3) non-profit organization in the United States. All donations within the U.S. are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

environemtal racist 10.Jul.2003 06:13


Paul Watson has to be the most racist and arrogant activist I have yet met in 30 years of struggle. claims to have been in AIM are lies! He claims to know what's best for the indigenous people as well, such arrogance, and his poofy white sculpted hair, OMG! Anyone who witnessed the keynote speeches by Watson and Ward Churchill at ELAW a few years ago, you know what I mean!

Watson Is A Racist - Ask the Makah! 10.Jul.2003 09:37

Mother of Sam

Watson's decptive initial approaches to the Makah Nation during their struggle to exercise their sovereign right to hunt a few whales tells us a lot about where he stands on indigenous issues. I would never support him - in fact, as much as I care about environmental issues, I would protest Watson if he came around! We must address the colonization by force of Turtle Island, first and always, and move out from there.

You are entitled to your opinion but- 10.Jul.2003 20:20


Paul Watson=action Ward churchill=theory

Leave Ward Out of It 10.Jul.2003 20:24

Mother of Sam

First of all, you don't know what you're talking about. Second, Ward is indigenous and stands up for sovereignty at every opportunity. Paul Watson's "actions" are arrogant and racist. There is no comparison.

eco-imperialists!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11.Jul.2003 14:58


paul watson is a nazi fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! save the makah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sink the sea shepard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how DARE indymedia allow these manifest destiny squats a forum here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the Whales??? 11.Jul.2003 20:55



I belive the Whales are more deserving of sovereignty than ANY humans native or not.

Whales eat plankton! 11.Jul.2003 23:19

Sick of "manifest environmentalism"

Hey plankton, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but if I understand you correectly, restorative justice and upholding treaties with indigenous people is less important to you than imposing a self-righteous save the (4) whales manifest environmentalism on everyone else. If you really want to put it all into balance, consider who has always loved and protected and stewarded the land approprieately, and who has decimated it. The rights of the Makah are not optional. Treaties are agreements between sovereign entities. If you care more about the whales, then that's your perogative, but it smacks of the "environmental racism" Watson exemplifies.

Treaties 12.Jul.2003 15:59


I'm not saying upholding treaties is not important. I just feel the whales have a right to live,as much a right as the natives.

What would Geronimo do? 14.Jul.2003 12:29

Luke from DC

That's the real question-what would those who lived when the WHOLE ECOSYSTEM the tribe in question grew up in do given the current level of damage. Who among the Makeh(assimilationist or traditional) is pushing the hunt, and why? What is the status of the whales in question, and from an Earth-Centric viewpoint, would the energy be more effectively used on corporate , Japanese, or Pirate whalers?

Althoujgh I am part Ojibwa, I am of mostly European ancestry so I would not act against the Makeh myself on grounds of lacking "jurisdiction" due to still being regarded as a "citizen" of the invaders. A possible exception in cases like this would be if traditionalist memberws of teh tribe were facing violence from assimilationists, the assimilationsists were getting white help, and the traditionalists asked for activist help to level the "playing field." That said, I still have great respect for Paul Watson, who has confronted pirate whalers and other dangerous criminals on the open sea, where strength decides and the losers tell few tales. It takes real courage to go after deadly corporate criminals with what has at times been a one-ship navy!