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Thursday 2 pm city hall public hearing on waterfront development plans for OHSU and PDA.

*N. Macadam being "turned into another Pearl District" -- The Low income housingaspect of the proposal that was previoiusly agreed to has been changed to being far less than was agreed to... This will be paid for, not by the owners of the property, who will reap the benefits of the sale of these places, but by we the taxpayer.

*74 million for a tram to OHSU, a tax-exempt "non-profit" corporation with questionable policies on who gets treated there...heavily funded by taxpayers and private foundations.

Far as I can tell, there is a move being made by the Portland Developers Association that has a chance of being opposed by the CIty Council and even possibly Vera. This is one of the biggest issues in the city right now, and even if we can't attend, letters and calls to council members and Katz are essential if it is to be killed rather than passed through. Testimony on Thursday is important, but also it can't be ill-informed ranting. Maybe that's why there has been no effort to post this here... [ Read More ] [ South Waterfront Plan | Portland is imperfect match for biotech | Advisory panel split in backing S. Waterfront | Tram architect: moving from concepts to realities | Waterfront vision unveiled ]