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Voter Registration

In case you haven't got around to it, register to vote.
Voter registration cards can be printed from the Oregon Secretary of State website, filled out, and mailed into county elections offices (listed on the website below). If you haven't, do so. If you have, vote green.



What have you got to lose? 09.Jul.2003 15:04


Reigstration forms can also be found at the back of the blue-tipped Government pages in the Qwestdex, as well as at the Post Office. You also must be registered by at least 21 days before an election.

I encourage everyone who's eligible to at least register to vote. When the time comes, you can make your own decision about whether or not to fill out the ballot. Why intentionally deprive yourself of a choice?

Sheesh 09.Jul.2003 15:11


No! Vote Libertarian.

sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc 09.Jul.2003 15:48


Does anyone have plans for making non-partisan flyers on candidates' political stances? I remember that my county sent me a booklet in January detailing measure 28, the pros/cons of it, and voices of support or opposition. I thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, a version that might include some policies that escape the scrutiny of the mass media (HA) would be helpful. If anyone has several hundred reams of recycled paper, a xerox with bottomless toner, and wouldn't mind renting it out for $5 a day should post a reply. I'll kick in hours of careful preparation but I'm NOT doing it myself (hand collating 1500 copies of a fanzine was enough for me, thanks). It's just an idea.


Non-partisan flyers 09.Jul.2003 16:53


The League of Women Voters usually puts out a fairly detailed, non-partisan listing of major candidates views on important topics. Can't say off the top of my head what they judged to be "important" but I remember that it was comprehensive. You might get in touch with them and save yourself a lot of effort!

Check out www.lwvpdx.org.