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Jesus Christ Promotes Lon Mabon from God's Only Messenger to First Presiding Patriarch

Extra! Extra! Lon Thurston Mabon is international "First Presiding Patriarch (Overseer)."

And he was appointed to this prestigious position in "33 Anno Domini ... by Jesus Christ, the anointed one, Crucified, Risen, and Coming again...."

I am not making this up.
This claim is signed and sealed in the Articles of
Incorporation of "New Covenant Ministries International for the Office of the
Presiding Patriarch (Overseer) and His Successors, a Corporation Sole" on file
with the state Corporation Division. Furthermore, this organization existed
"before the foundations of the earth."

Mabon told supporters in 1995 that he was God's only messenger: "God doesn't
send two messages. I get the message" (Sunday Oregonian, March 10, 1996). At
the time, the media failed to ask the obvious questions: Is Lon Mabon God's
only messenger for the entire universe or just the Western Hemisphere? Does he
cover all of the United States, or is California out of his jurisdiction? For
Catholics, is he superior to the Pope? Now we know the answers: He's the
international First Presiding Patriarch, and the claim of 33 A.D. seems to
predate the apostolic succession that Catholics ascribe to the Pope.

The documents present "notice to all mankind" of Mabon's "ordination to this
Office" and refuse to recognize the authority of the "alleged State of
Oregon," stating that the filing is merely a notification of the prior
existence of "this Lawful sovereign-entity," which claims to be "not subject
to the Jurisdiction of laws made by man." Furthermore, "all Secular courts
must accept the decisions of the Ecclesiastical Judicatories." And on top of
that, entity claims to be "paramount"--that is, supreme above all others.

Mabon has been going off the deep end for some time since becoming God's only
messenger. In response to Catherine Stauffer's lawsuit, he engaged in
"bizarre" and "crackpot" behaviors and "weird courtroom antics" (Oregonian
editorial, February 23, 2002) by claiming that many Oregon judges were
"impostors" because a clerical error had inadvertently omitted one word and a
comma from the required oath, that Stauffer was a "fictitious juristic entity"
who didn't actually exist since her first and last names weren't registered
with the Corporation Division, and that legal documents were invalid because
they referred to him as "Lon T. Mabon" rather than by his "full Christian
name" (Lon means "noble"; Thurston means "stone of Thor, the Norse god of
thunder"; and Mabon is an ancient autumn pagan holiday).

New Covenant Ministries seems to claim to be a church, but it may "Deal in
every way in Prime Notes, Noble metals, Planchets, Commercial Liens, Stamps,
Rare Earths, Mortgages, all manner of Edge Banking"--which appears to
reference a recent court case where Mabon came to the defense of John Nolan, a
militia-type Freeman who was accused of printing and passing fraudulent notes,
some of which bore a picture of himself alongside a picture of the Queen of
England: "John Nolan's instrument is sounder than the Federal Reserve note is.
This case will bring all that out," claimed Mabon; the judge was not convinced
and convicted Nolan anyway (The Oregonian, October 3 and December 12, 2002).
The documents state that unless Mabon appoints another "Peculiar Member" to
succeed him in case of his abdication or demise, the line of succession will
pass through his wife, two sons, and one daughter; it appears to be a radical
feminist statement that even women can become "Patriarch."

The documents are witnessed, signed, and sealed with thumbprints "on the Soil
of Oregon Country" by Richard Orrin Jones (formerly an OCA chief petitioner),
Byron M. Mabon (Lon's father and NCMI corporate agent), and Jeremy Bowen
(founder of the OCA-front Committee for Constitutional Courts, which was
slapped by the Elections Division last year for illegally using campaign funds
to pay for Mabon's personal legal expenses). Bonnie Jean Mabon is "duly
appointed Scribe of/for an unincorporated religious society, by virtue of
Spiritually and Divinely inspired appointment...."

Mabon formed New Covenant Ministries on April 25, 2002, shortly after he got
out of jail for contempt of court; the documents weren't filed until July 22.
Longtime OCA opponent M. Dennis Moore discovered the existence of the group in
early May of this year while updating his research on the OCA's unpaid back
taxes and other debts, learning from the Marion County Tax Collector that
ownership of the OCA office equipment had been transferred to the new group.
He obtained a copy of the Articles from the Corporation Division, and in late
May, Mabon announced that New Covenant would sponsor and finally begin to
collect signatures on the three initiatives he filed last October.

Moore wrote satirical "arguments in favor" of OCA anti-gay initiatives for the
Voters' Pamphlet in 1992, 1994, and 2000. But no more, he says: "I surrender.
Lon Mabon has totally outdone me. My parodies ridiculing the OCA can no longer
compete against Lon Mabon's superior lunacy. Truth is stranger than fiction,
and Lon's claim that he was appointed as First Presiding Patriarch in 33 A.D.
is weirder than any satire I could ever write. I give up."

Meanwhile, back at the OCA, the group's seven PACs have a $60,000 debt in
unpaid loans and accounts payable, about $3,500 in more than thirty-five
unpaid fines for election-law violations dating back to 1992, and seven liens
for unpaid state income tax and one for federal tax. The Mabons have ten liens
for unpaid state income tax, an apparent foreclosure on their house, and three
business failures resulting in losses to investors of more than $280,000. (A
full report is available on request.) And then there's more than $20,000 in
principal and interest owed on Stauffer's 1992 judgment, plus attorneys' fees
and $42,000 in court-ordered fines. It appears that New Covenant Ministries
International is just another fraudulent attempt to avoid paying this debt.
Jesus Christ Promotes Lon Mabon from God's Only Messenger
to First International Presiding Patriarch

New Covenant Ministries International Articles of Incorporation, 10 pages, $1 postpaid;
Active OCA PACs and Their $60,000 Debts, one page; The Deadbeat OCA and Its
Debts, three pages; Quotations from Chairman Mabon, 40-page booklet, $5 postpaid.

Copyright 2003 by M. Dennis Moore, P.O. Box 1851, Portland, Oregon 97207
All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without the
written permission of the author. In particular, Just Out is prohibited from
again committing plagiarism and refusing to grant credit to the source.

address: address: P.O. Box 1851, Portland, Oregon 97207

Oh, jeez! 10.Jul.2003 04:21


I suppose next he'll have a revelation that he's the Second Coming. it's the logical progression.

Does anyone remember back in the '90s when the Catholic Archbishop spoke out against the OCA hate measures and Lon had the audacity to criticize the archbishop and to claim that he (Lon), a fundamentalist, was a better authority on Catholic doctrine than was the archbishop? Give me a break!

Lonnie 10.Jul.2003 09:11

Pink Panther

You gotta love the guy, if nothing else for his creativity. And for the fact that he's done more for gay rights than anyone else in Oregon! Sure did bring us together on the issues, huh? Bless his little stone heart.