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Kucinich audio and video collection

The best way to judge if you want to support Kucinich is to just listen to him speak or watch a video that features him. Be your own judge. His words will certainly move you, one way or another. Here are a few links where you can find info:
 http://www.brightpathvideo.com left side of page

 http://fluxrostrum.com/MindFlux/DennisKucinich/kucinich.htm (collection of links at top; from a page that supports Kucinich, but there's a variety of audio and video)

also, if you type in his last name here


you will always find stuff, updated on an ongoing basis


NOTE: I posted this before but it was removed. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was that link to the DemocracyU guy that makes tapes and the fact that he charges $2 to cover the cost? I donno. I took that link out. The above seems rather inncous and likely helpful to many.