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Kucinich - tools to help you make up your own mind

The best way to judge if you want to support Kucinich is to just listen to him speak or watch a video with him. Be your own judge. His words will certainly move you, one way or another. Here are a few links where you can find info:
 http://www.brightpathvideo.com/ left side of page

 http://fluxrostrum.com/MindFlux/DennisKucinich/kucinich.htm (collection of links at top)

 http://members.aol.com/democracyu/kucinich.htm (offline tapes)

also, if you type in his last name here


you will always find stuff, updated on an ongoing basis
Baaaaaaah (like in sheep) 09.Jul.2003 05:13

Truth in Advertising

The Kucinich campaign should not be using this space to promote itself.

not quite 09.Jul.2003 16:04

Independent thinker

The material is easily accessible, and also easily ignored! If you don't like it, ignore it. But don't argue in favor of censorship.

I posted the links. While I support Kucinich, I am not a member of the campaign. The people that created those media files support him too, but that's kind of hard to get around because if you go out on the web, the majority of the video and audio out there is in fact painting him in a good light. There's one critical interview at the Fluxrostrum site people can listen to

I'm not a brainless sheep. I know all the arguments of those that participate in big PDX IMC threads like the whoppers created this week.