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US Viral Attack ON OREGON

Apparently Oregon, according to OPB radio 91.5FM, Will Get a super virus program.
All the worst Viruses to come to town, Hillsboro OR.
If your going to give Orgon PORK it gots to be useless. And a threat to the public health at best.

All we need is honest government agents(LOL) to keep us safe by having an unsafe situation.

Stupid is as stupid does and the Northwestern States get the Cake, when you through in Hanford.

But what are you going to do, when you keeping the world safe by being unsafe.
Huh?? 09.Jul.2003 07:41


There seem to be a few sentences missing. This doesn't really present a coherent picture of anything.

Nothing new... 09.Jul.2003 19:16


Read the rest of the website...this gibberish is downright coherent compared with some of the other nonsense posted.

to 'Oz' the DISINFORMATIONALIST-- 10.Jul.2003 01:07

you deliberately posted this,

*didn't you*, 'Oz'?