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Right-wing Recall Gets into More Trouble as Second Complaint is Filed with Elections

Elections officials have received a second complaint against the right-wing Better Portland Alliance and recallvera.com alleging that the committee filed a fraudulent finance report with its recall petition.

This complaint comes only two weeks after the Elections Division acted on an earlier complaint and discontinued the first group's status as a political committee because it was not properly formed under state election law, which means that contributors to the BPA will not be able to claim the state political-contribution tax credit.
The Better Portland Alliance accuses Mayor Vera Katz of allegedly not being pro-business and of allegedly not encouraging the police to be aggressive enough against peace marchers. The complaint was filed by Marvin Moore, chief petitioner for the rival Recall Vera Katz Committee, which is using its recall effort to focus on escalating police violence and to lobby for changing the paramilitaristic structure of Katz's police bureau to one based on a civilian model. "The police pepper-sprayed a television reporter and hauled peace marchers off to jail for allegedly jaywalking and threatened to hold them in jail until trial at a time when they are releasing real criminals for lack of jail space. In the wake of the Kendra James killing, it's absurd and offensive for this group to claim that the police aren't aggressive enough," said Moore.

In response to the first complaint, the BPA faxed elections officials a statement of organization for another illegal committee; this filing was promptly rejected. Currently, contributions are being solicited by the BPA, which is not a legal political committee.

And although the Elections Division sent treasurer John Belgarde a letter on May 21 which spelled out the requirements that a detailed contribution and expenditure report must be filed at the same time as a recall petition is filed fully accounting for all funds collected and spent on behalf of the recall effort to that point, he filed a report showing all zeroes in spite of evidence of both contributions and expenditures by the BPA. The complaint alleges that this report is fraudulent and asks elections officials to assess penalties for failure to file a sufficient report. The matrix for calculating civil penalties is complex, but it appears that fines could be assessed of $10 for each missing contribution and expenditure. The complaint also requests a fine for failure to receive contributions through a legal PAC.

"Given that this group has been loudly complaining that the pepper-spraying police were not aggressive enough when peace activists allegedly did not obey pedestrian laws while protesting George Bush's blatantly illegal mass murder of Iraqi citizens, I find it quite hypocritical that they themselves do not bother to obey state election law. It's too bad that there's never any police violence against right-wingers who violate campaign-finance law," said Moore.

homepage: homepage: http://www.recallvera.org
phone: phone: 503-972-8177
address: address: P.O. Box 1851, Portland, Oregon 97207

Hey Marvin 09.Jul.2003 14:40

Vera Called

She says you can pick up your check in the usual place.

marvin moore 09.Jul.2003 15:09

quotes marvin moore

in his own "press release". What an egomaniac.

How long must this go on? 09.Jul.2003 16:52


Your web site has been saying ...


... for weeks. When are you finally going to put it up? I can't stand the suspense.

The issue is police violence 09.Jul.2003 23:16


There sure are a lot of smart-asses who have nothing better to do than post obnoxious comments on indymedia criticizing the activists doing the hard work.

People have been quoting themselves in press releases for years. It's standard procedure. Press releases contain facts and opinions. Journalists require opinions to be in quotations. You have a problem with that? Sounds to me like you and all the other self-absorbed commenters on this site are the real egomaniacs!

If you have some constructive ideas for how to stop police violence and reform the police department, let's hear about them.

Ignore the right-wing provocateurs 10.Jul.2003 04:04


Chris's comments are right-on. But in this case I think the other remarks above come from the right-wing infiltrators who infest Indymedia, not from other leftists. These charges against the right-wing group seem solid and damning. No wonder they're angry. When they don't have a leg to stand on, all they can do is make cheap personal attacks. The fact that they don't respond to any of the actual issues is proof of that!

Yeah, the mayor recall is an unconventional approach for dealing with the police violence issue. Nothing wrong with that. We're tired of doing the same old march from P.C. Square to Terry Schrunk Plaza.

And if you have any better, or additional, ideas, let's hear them. Right!

Your Chance to Vote 10.Jul.2003 07:36

to recall Vera

Come mid August, when the "right wing" recall group turns in forty thousand signatures to put a recall on the ballot you'll get a chance to vote. Are you going to boycott the election because of who got it on the ballot, or are you going to put your money where your mouth is and vote to recall Queen Vera? Marvin Moore does not care one bit about recalling Vera Katz. He only cares about stopping those who actually have a chance to get it done. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE "BLOOD AND ROSES". Marvin's agenda is obvious.