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Small Victory at Straw Devil Timber Sale

Unit 2 of the Straw Devil Timber Sale has been reduced to 6 acres thanks to tireless efforts by activists.
After months of working to defend unit 2 (among others) of the Straw Devil Timber Sale and the red tree voles that reside there, the Forest Service finally acted to remove 24 acres from the sale. Unit 2 was originally 30 acres and is now 6 acres due to buffers provided for 14 red tree vole nests located by activists last summer.

In spring of this year, Cascadia Forest Defenders erected two tree-sits in the unit in order to protect the vole nests and to defend the sacred forests of their deceased comrade known as Sparrow. (see www.forestdefenders.org for more info about Sparrow)

The remaining forests of unit 2 include ancient incense cedars, madrones and pacific yews. Straw Devil is comprised of mostly ancient trees 400+ years old (separated into 6 different timber sale units) in an area surrounded by clearcuts. Protecting what remains in this watershed is critical to the entire ecosystem and all life that depends on it for survivial.

Recently another tree-sit was erected at the sale in unit 6 by an all-womyn's group. (see previous indy post at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/07/267412.shtml

Activists associated with Cascadia Forest Defenders will be actively working to defend this sale throughout the logging season and continuing until the entire sale is cancelled!!

Straw Devil was sold to Starfire Lumber (Engel Investors) of Cottage Grove and the contract logger is Basco Logging based in Sutherlin, Oregon (near Roseburg). Logging may be begin there as early as July 15.

Two other sales, East Devil and Pryor, are adjacent to Straw Devil and logging is expected to resume there later this month by Roseburg Forest Products and their pals Columbia Helicopters. CFD is actively working to defend these sales as well.

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org

photo 08.Jul.2003 12:33

friend of sparrow

photo of Sparrow beneath his favorite tree in unit 2 of Straw Devil last summer
Sparrow in unit 2 of Straw Devil last summer during vole surveys
Sparrow in unit 2 of Straw Devil last summer during vole surveys

Destroying the trees, killing the earth, one unit at a time 08.Jul.2003 12:37


Cut date is July 15