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For those with courage

For those with courage to step outside the fog of shock and awe...
For those willing to work hard to rebuild a democracy
Here are more words from Kucinich. I plan to work hard to get his message heard...and possibly get him into the American leadership.

It may not be your way...but remember the diversity of tactics we agreed on...
We have a duty to assert our human needs as a people and not to yield them for the base concerns of an unresponsive government. We have a right to a job. We have a right to decent housing. We have a right to health care. We have a right to food fit to eat, air fit to breathe and water fit to drink. Peace is a civil right which makes other human rights possible. Peace is the precondition for our existence. Peace permits our continued existence."

-- Dennis Kucinich on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, 1/19/03 (while Ashcroft was sending U of Michigan to the Supreme Court in hopes of dismantling its affirmative action program).

Volunteer! Donate! Organize! You CAN make a difference!