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Justice - 6 Die in Shooting at Miss. Lockheed Plant

It is about time these war mongers got a taste of their own medicine.
6 Die in Shooting at Miss. Lockheed Plant
AP National

MERIDIAN, Miss. - A gunman opened fire at a Lockheed Martin plant Tuesday, killing five people before killing himself, authorities said. Eight other people were taken to hospitals.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie confirmed the deaths and injuries in an interview with CNN.

"He went through the entire plant, shooting individuals through the facility. There was no one small area," Sollie said.

Sollie didn't release the name of the gunman but said he was a Lockheed Martin employee. He had no information on whether the man had been in trouble with his bosses.

Officials at the plant declined to comment and a Lockheed Martin national spokeswoman was unavailable to immediately provide details.

"We're just trying to gather information and are working with state and local authorities to determine the details of the incident," said spokeswoman Meaghan Mariman from the company's Bethesda, Md., headquarters.

The Meridian plant builds parts for the C-130J Hercules and vertical stabilizers for F-22 Raptor jets, which are assembled at the plant in Marietta, Ga., along with military transport planes.

Lockheed Martin is the largest defense contractor in the United States. The corporation had sales of $24 billion in 2001. It employs about 125,000 people.

Subsidiary Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. is based in Fort Worth, Texas.
Yup, cycles of violence certainly are just... 08.Jul.2003 12:19


So, what you're saying is that workers who are dependent upon the military industrial complex to survive should pay the price for working at a job that may be their only opportunity to feed themselves or their families? And the architects of that system, who did not die in the attacks, should not? You're already suggesting that you believe "an eye for an eye" to be justice, but what's more astounding is that in this case it would be more like an eye for a finger or some equally tenuous comparison.

bowling for columbine 08.Jul.2003 12:27

M. Moore

The connection made in the movie between lockheed martin and the school shootings doesn't seem like such a stretch now, does it?

capitalismkills 08.Jul.2003 14:14

end the violence

this is a tragedy ... like those who died on 911 , the 3000+ in afghanistan , the 6000+ in iraq ... all innocent victims .... . it wasn't just for any of these people to die .... they were just living there lives.. the difference with the lockheed shooting is that the people were building machines made to kill.... but that doesn't make it right. They were just pawns trying to eat... they don't decide where the bombs drop.... . you And I are just as guilty as tax payers, for supporting a 400 billion dollar military budget while 1 in 5 children in our country are living in powerty... do we deserve to be killed???? claiming this accident as a victory is discusting .... . this will do nothing to end violence in the world or stop the production of weapons... For some reason I really doubt that this article was posted by anyone from the left because that would make it complete hypocrisy.

... . nice try

further info + links 08.Jul.2003 15:02


link to above AP story:

further related:

In NC over the weekend, somebody destroyed a Martin Marietta quarry to the tune of $500,000 (at least). From what I saw on fox8 news,they tore down a building and destroyed heavy machinery.

There is also a woman in CO investigating Lockheed/Marietta's poisoning of H2O in Columbine, apparently with materials proven to bring out psychotic levels of aggression in people. This was on Alternative Radio, this Professor's investigations have been blocked by national security concerns under Patriot Act.

Just Goes to Show 08.Jul.2003 15:59


...that you have to be careful not to rush to judgement about preconceived ideas. Wishing the death of anyone is insane,
and in this case, it appears to be a crime of hatred. Come on Rebecca, I'm sure you know better!