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Open Democratic Party primaries?

Do the dems let just anyone vote in their primaries in Oregon? If not, should we register as Democratic for the primaries, vote for Kuninich, and the re-register as Independent, Green, etc.?

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must be registered 08.Jul.2003 00:12

i think.

I'm pretty sure you have to be registered as a democrat to vote in their primaries. That is a good idea 'bout reregistering after voting for Kucinich. ;)

Vote Kuchinch! 08.Jul.2003 09:48


Finally...a Democratic candidate who actually feels like a real Democrat! From what I've heard not only is he a hard critic of Bush's foreign policy but a supporter of universal health care and he may have enough guts to take on the corporate fraud crisis. I'm reregistering next spring for this, if Kuchinch gets nominated, we have a chance to do at least something. But then again we'll have to watch his campaign platform to make sure he doesn't sell out like Gore did. I'm hoping Bush does something ultra-stupid that fucks up his popularity so that we can oust him. But if Bush looks like he's gonna win the 2004 election when the time comes close, then I'll just break off and vote third party.

Yes, you must register dem, then reregister Green 08.Jul.2003 12:21


Some Greens down here in the Bay Area were very upset when I suggested this idea, saying that no one should ever vote Democrat, regardless, because it sends the wrong message. But I think the best strategy is to vote for Dennis in the primary, then he'll lose, so re-register Green and vote Green in the presidential election, if Ralph, Cynthia, or any lesser known Green runs.

If no Green runs, I won't be voting in the final election. If Dennis is nominated, I'll vote for him.

The fact is, Dean, Kerry, Edwards, etc., are all essentially the same deal as Bushmoron, only low-fat versions. They aren't worth wasting a vote on to get Bush out. Sure they'll treat other countries nicer, while underneath they're forcing global economic policies down their throats because in the end, they're OWNED by the corporations.