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Sleepless In The 'Couve

Fourth of July weekend was active for Vancouver WA activists.
On Thursday, a few of us Vancouver activists appeared during evening rush on Evergreen Bl overpass, showing Peace & Justice banner & flags to I-5 traffic, continuing a now-six-month weekly effort.

On Friday, members of Vancouver for Peace & the local ACLU chapter wandered the Fort for seven hours before the fireworks, handing out copies of the Bill of Rights & offering petitions at a table, for City & County to not cooperate with "Patriot" Act.

Later, a few of us went to Portland to join the P-Square march.

On Saturday, both Vancouver for Peace & Green Party Clark County set up tables at Vancouver Farmers' Market. Again, we had petitions for signing, & we distributed info about progressive topics, & had raffle tickets in support of NW RAGE action expenses in Sac'to, where several of us had also joined the protests.

When our congressman, Brian Baird, appeared for an informal "town hall", we met him with signs & notes urging congressional investigation of White House manipulation of facts prior to the Iraq invasion.

I'm posting, to let all know that we're doing our best in the 'Couve, doing our best to contribute to what people are doing everywhere, standing up for Justice, Peace, & Earth. Onward.

Den Mark (Green Flag Guy)
Thanks! 07.Jul.2003 22:59

Pink Panther info@codepinkportland.org

Thanks for the report from the Couve. Keep up the good work!

Good for you! (and us) 08.Jul.2003 09:11


Did Brian Baird have anything of interest to say? He seems to be a pretty good man.

See you at the next protest! 09.Jul.2003 22:41


Yes, and we've done protest signs at the Dean and Kerry events. Mother says she wants to go to the Dean one (first Wednesday of the month), so I said I'd drive her there. She'd be inside and I'll be outside with a protest or Green sign. We laughed!

Not That I Know Of 09.Jul.2003 22:42

Den Mark

I stayed at the Greens table & did not approach Baird. Others did that action. I have no use for democrats or republicans. Baird isn't too bad. He's been improving, with "education" by certain constituents. Ha!

Den Mark