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Teen killed by Denver police

DENVER (AP) - A 15-year-old shot by police after he allegedly threatened his mother with a knife died Saturday.

Paul Childs was hospitalized after the shooting and died about four hours later. The boy's mother told Denver television stations that the boy was mentally disabled and that he probably didn't understand what was happening when police arrived at the house.

Police spokesman Detective John White said officers weren't told about any mental disability and that dispatchers told them that a teen was threatening his mother.

White said the teen had a knife when police arrived. He refused to drop it and police fired several rounds at him, White said.

Helen Childs said her son was walking around the house with a knife and was agitated when her daughter called police hoping they could calm him down.

"Maybe if I had tackled him then he'd still be here. If we had never called police, maybe he would still be here," Childs told KDVR-TV.

The shooting was under investigation.