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Microsoft Plans Largest-ever Lay-off of Full-time Employees

From  http://www.seattle.indymedia.org/ July 2, 2003
As Microsoft prepares a massive relocation of telephone support jobs
to India and Canada, U.S. employees expect the company to eliminate
hundreds of jobs from call centers in Issaquah, Dallas, and Charlotte,
NC, shifting the work to India and other Asian countries with cheaper
labor. Earlier this year, Microsoft officials specifically denied that
they would lay off workers or transfer work offshore, although those
claims are contradicted by recent comments by Microsoft management, as
well as by an internal Microsoft campaign encouraging divisions to cut
costs by exporting jobs to India. Read the whole story.

On a related topic, Bill Gates and free software theorist Richard
Stallman have both crisscrossed India in recent months; soon large-
scale IT infrastructure projects will dramatically expand computing
access throughout India, bringing Internet access millions across
India. Gates would like them to be using Windows--but there's also a
very strong Free Software Movement resisting the Microsoft-ization of
Indian computing.