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Michael Savage fired from MSNBC

Another "pig" "bites the dust"...
NEW YORK - MSNBC on Monday fired Michael Savage for anti-gay comments.

The popular radio talk show host who did a weekend TV show for the cable channel referred to an unidentified caller to his show Saturday as a "sodomite" and said he should "get AIDS and die."

"His comments were extremely inappropriate and the decision was an easy one," MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines said.

There was no immediate comment from Savage, according to a spokesman at his office in California.

The brash, tough-talking Savage is one of radio's hottest jocks. His Paul Revere Society advocates closing borders, deporting illegal immigrants, mandating health tests for immigrants and eliminating entitlement programs.

The televised version of "The Savage Nation" began March 8 despite the protests of such advocacy groups as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Aired at 5 p.m. EDT Saturday, Savage didn't translate into a television hit. He increased the ratings for the time slot marginally, according to MSNBC.

The incident that resulted in his firing began innocently enough. Savage was taking viewer phone calls about airline horror stories, and a male caller began talking about smoking in the bathroom.

"Half an hour into the flight, I need to suggest that Don and Mike take your ..." the caller said, before he was cut off and his words became unintelligible.

"So you're one of those sodomists. Are you a sodomite?" Savage asked.

The caller replied: "Yes, I am."

"Oh, you're one of the sodomites," Savage said. "You should only get AIDS and die, you pig. How's that? Why don't you see if you can sue me, you pig. You got nothing better than to put me down, you piece of garbage. You have got nothing to do today, go eat a sausage and choke on it."

He asked for another phone caller who "didn't have a nice night in the bathhouse who's angry at me today."

These bums "mean nothing to me," he said.

GLAAD spokeswoman Cathy Renna said of Savage's firing: "It's about time.

"This latest attack made the clearest case for why Savage has no place on any reputable news network. MSNBC witnessed firsthand exactly the kind of verbal assaults GLAAD's been warning them about for the past five months, and to their credit, they backed up their promises to hold Savage accountable."

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come out, little piggies...come out, come out wherever you are... 07.Jul.2003 15:38

republic of cascadia citizen

with the #1 gangsta occupying the white house and his gang of thugs running roughshod over the planet, all the little piggies are feeling like it is safe to come out into the light. or, at least they are getting more careless with revealing their true colors. so, i say: "come on out, the waters fine!". let them expose their true nature. the reign of the dinosaurs is nearing its end, and we will dance on their graves.

Savage is amusing 07.Jul.2003 16:12


He, like Coulter, has become a complete parody of himself. I've long since stopped getting angry when listening to him. It's best just to sit back, smoke a bowl and chuckle.

Salon.com wrote an extremely enlightening expose on Savage:  http://archive.salon.com/news/feature/2003/03/05/savage/index.html (Probably need a day-pass to read it).

Here's a snippet:

Michael Savage's long, strange trip
How a Jewish kid from the Bronx went from swimming naked with Allen Ginsberg to spewing the ugliest bile on talk radio.

"At first glance, Michael Alan Weiner seems like an improbable candidate to be America's angriest, most vicious conservative radio host. Born 60 years ago in the Bronx, Weiner has lived in Northern California for most of his adult life, making a living as an herbalist and nutritionist. He communed with Fijian traditional healers, got married in a rain forest and studied ethno-medicine at the University of California at Berkeley. He swam naked with Allen Ginsberg, dreamed of being the next Lenny Bruce and wrote a rambling novel about a half-mad alter ego. His son's middle name is Goldencloud. For years, he made a name cranking out a pile of books on alternative medicine, recommending bizarre remedies such as using vitamin C to stop AIDS and kicking cocaine with coffee enemas."

Finally 07.Jul.2003 16:29


Took 'em long enough. I only got to watch one delightful episode of the Savage Nation TV show and it gave me the creeps. He was yelling at me for half an hour with a long leather coat and a riding crop which he whipped around for emphasis. One down a couple dozen to go.

A shameful day for free speech 07.Jul.2003 17:26

1st ammendment incarnate

Regardless of your opinion of his speech, first ammendment speech must be protected. This is a sad day.

to '1st ammendment [sic] incarnate'-- 07.Jul.2003 17:37

not so fast

"His comments were extremely inappropriate and the decision was an easy one," MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines said.

Let's see how "easy" the same "appropriate" decision will be for KSFO Hate Talk, San Francisco, Savage's home base, where he's spewing out his hatred five days a week. It's a Disney station. Don't hold your breath.

Bush Circus is the Greatest Threat to the Constitution 07.Jul.2003 17:40

Get a Grip

The First Ammendment does not guarantee a person the right to his/her own show.

Freedoms 07.Jul.2003 19:48


Will we ever understand in this country that, with freedom comes responsibility? to each other, to the earth. Yes, you are free to say whatever you will, but you have the responsibility to speak well and without inciting hatred and violence. Yes, you have the freedom to own an SUV, but you also have the responsibility to be a steward of the environment. We Americans want all the freedom without any of the responsibility. It's time we take a good hard look at the balance sheet.

Well Stated 07.Jul.2003 20:15


good comment tg. with rights come responsibility. the right to drive comes with the responsibility to drive safely
(re: recent bike accidents), the right to free speech involves the responsibility to not result in violent harm to others.
In Michael Savage's case, it may be more a case of an employer's decision to fire him, no different from any
other employer who would fire for much less reasons. This would be a free speech issue only if the government prohibited
certains forms of speech, banned books from a library, etc.

amusing 07.Jul.2003 22:11


Good that guy is gone.

I was wondering if he put down any minorities prior to his termination. Did he put down women prior to his termination. Just what was not put down prior to that mouths termination.

Does MSNBC support dehumanization, racism and Masogony , but gay bashing out?

Did MSNBC have enough? Or placting one group at the expense of others?

Mike Savage = Grassroots Fascism 07.Jul.2003 22:29

step one

Mike's show was a perfect example of the major Corporate media powers' attempt to "balkanize" the airwaves with hate- and demonization-speech. [NOT just gays . . . Islam, "liberals", etc.]

He gives those on the "bottom of the pyramid"--e.g. typical ignorant gay-bashing redneck--the opportunity to openly, publicly hate someone "lower" on the rungs than himself.

(God forbid that the rabble should ever direct their hatred towards their **Oppressor**--someone higher up on the social echelon . . . then they might begin to THINK about the causes of their woes . . . someone might take a small axe to Bu$h & Co.'s Fascism tree)

of course, he remains on the radio in San Francisco and in syndication,

but Mike Savage would never have been given the MSNBC spot in the first place, unless MAJOR media powers-that-be wanted to give him a trial run at Nazional "legitimate" exposure . . . thus enriching the background soil of the American media grid with homegrown Fascist fertilizer.

good to speak your mind 08.Jul.2003 19:51

john jenson

many people feel that Savage has no right to speak his mind. what makes him so bad to people is that he tells the truth about some people. he is the type of person that we need more of. look at that horrible sex show don and mike.......or friends......how about that new york guy who all he talks about is sex and deraged attitudes. ..where are the people to critize the people who all they talk about is sex and anti american sentiment

Liberal American Communist 08.Jul.2003 21:59


Michael Savage watch out we have the liberal American democrat anti-constitution communist SPEECH POLICE out to get you ! They hate it when you are right and tell it like it is.

Good=Great 08.Jul.2003 22:02


Good, about time, great. Nothing more needs to be said. This wasn't about "free" speech. This was about a resume. His wasn't up to par. He is not up to par. He was hired as a token of a corporation, he didn't follow through with said corporate ideals. Too bad said corporation didn't see it sooner. Too bad said corporation did not see a problem when he spoke hatred against protesters and challenged his listeners to hit them with their cars, and his listeners did. Too bad said corporations did not see a problem with him coining a third world nation as a "turd world nation". Too bad....too bad it took an entire year on radio and a few months on tv for said corporation to pull him off the air.

Thank goodness he is gone 08.Jul.2003 23:27

I'm right

Michael Savage is just a stupid redneck that has to speak louder than everyone to show that he is right. Not ONCE have I seen him debate over a topic without hanging up on that person. That shows how stupid the man is and the world would be better off if he died. He appeals to rednecks that are good for nothing. The reason he is popular is the same reason why country music is popular too, a country full of idiots that need to get a reality check, hopefully a physical one.

People sit here and say that he tells it like it is, no he doesn't. If anyone thinks that then they are close-minded dimwits that still salute the confederate flag. People like Michael Savage who try to make a point attract audiences with their mere rhetoric and their "tough guy" attitude which shows the lack of intelligence. That "tough guy" persona is what wins over the morons of this country that can't understand anything that involves thinking.

And as for people who bash gay people because they say it is a sin, who are you to play God? Most of everyone I know who bash gay people sin by doing much worse things. To hell with people and their discriminatory ways. I'm not a gay person, but it angers me to hear mental defectives bash other people.

To hell with him, Rush Limbaugh, and any fool who likes them.

Rush 09.Jul.2003 01:00


No fair comparing Savage to Rush. Savage is the anti-Rush.

Rush Limbaugh does listen to his callers, does engage in true debate most of the time, and doesn't hang-up on them. That's why he's hugely successful. Like most conservatives these days, Rush (and his Dittoheads) embody the anti-intellectualism of America. They frequently see everything as black and white, moral and immoral, etc. So I think Rush is often wrong, but he's almost always respectful to his guests.

That's a far cry different than Savage, who says truly horrible things to his callers, hangs-up on them, yells, is hypocritical, racist, sexist, homophobic, ignorant, etc.

Too bad he's gone. 09.Jul.2003 01:58

Dave www.michaelsavage.com

One of the last people that speak the truth and say what others are afraid to say got fired. Too bad. The "thought police" must be so happy. Read the real story at www.michaelsavage.com . I'll be tuning in to KNEW 910 now instead of 560 KSFO. You can't keep a good man down. People still want to hear him so shove off you liberals!

You people amaze me 09.Jul.2003 08:00

VG svguerin3@hotmail.com

What a surprise. Not one remotely intelligent comment on this entire page from anyone that knows, even remotely, what they're talking about. I especially love the moron up there that claims that Savage is a "redneck" and he only hates gays because it's a sin. Wow, you've done your research, buddy! Even the conservative people on my side are showing no brains.
The truth is that Savage probably should have been fired for his comments, unfortunately to say. However, I love the man; I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but MOST of what he says is absolutely true (I sway towards the republican side, but there are MANY issues I do not agree with). I have listened diligently to both sides on most issues, and for the most part, his speeches on how liberal america can easily destroy us is the absolute truth although I don't agree with a lot of his views about immigration and other minor topics. It is unfortunate that there are those out there who whine and mope about the 2000 election, they spit out insults about the economy because they overhear their democrat mommies and daddies talking about it, and they claim that Bush is an "alcoholic drug user" who "drops bombs on babies." Wow, liberal america never ceases to surprise me.
Do me a favor, read Michael Moore's book(s), then read Savage's latest book ("The Savage Nation"). Then go back and take a long look at Michael Moore, Tom Daschle, the Clintons, Al Gore, etc... If you have an IQ above 30 you'll probably realize that the future of America needs to be free from some of these people or we will all be finished in a communist, utopian, liberal world that only exists in the minds of bleeding-heart democrats.

<scratching head> 09.Jul.2003 08:21

Snaggle snaggle97233@hotmail.com

Somebody please tell me what "Masogony" is?

VG 09.Jul.2003 08:25


Okay, I'll check into Savage's ideology. I agree, liberals are dangerous, but today's neo-conservatism is just as dangerous. Politicians in both these camps suck. Bush may not intentionally drop bombs on babies, but he believes himself and his America to be god's gift to the world. Bullshit, I say. Anyone who knows anything about religion or spirituality knows there can be no superior nation or group of peoples.

misogYny 09.Jul.2003 08:39


I think you mean "misogyny" which is hatred of women. A trait that Michael Savage is accused of, but doesn't possess. Simply another lame excuse for people to slam him...

Yeah, I know 09.Jul.2003 09:10

Snaggle snaggle97233@hotmail.com

I was referring to "dude"'s use of the term "Masogony." Made me chuckle. I was being a wiseguy. Smartass, eeven.

nmm 09.Jul.2003 11:20


Freedom of speach is a right. Stupidity is also a "right" and some of you are abusing that right.

Even I, an ultra conservative think Savage is a total moron 09.Jul.2003 11:26


I'm an independent conservative who takes things issue by issue and thoroughly enjoys the debate and true evaluation of issues. It also just-so-happens that 95% of the time I lean right. But this man is as incoherent and idiotic as they come. I've listened to his radio show many times and he is very negative, hateful, and has erradic rambling commentary which is not at all helpful to the conservative movement. The worst example I can think of is his calling Elizabeth Smart a "lolita." How disturbed and idiotic is that? The girl was 14 and snatched from her bedroom in the middle of the night by a freak in desert!
Anyway, Savage is nothing more than a sensationalist trying to make a buck by forming an audience from people who like to hear outrageous comments by someone who is just as angry and full of rage as they are. He doesn't debate the issues, he doesn't want opposing views, he just wants to say something more outrageous and sensational than his last show.....I guess he was successful! Tchau Mike!

Lolita 09.Jul.2003 12:13


Well, I have to admit to having seen a sort of Lolitaish flavor to the Elizabeth Smart thing. C'mon, guys. You have too, haven't you?

obnoxious people 09.Jul.2003 12:23


After reading Savage's apology, I still think it was good that he was fired, simply because, at the least, he demonstrated that he was not mature enough to handle a crank caller. No matter who you are, if you start your own talk show, you will inevitably receive a number of crank calls and hate mail. If your show features inflammatory remarks, you're practically demanding crank calls and hate mail, so you should be ready when it comes in.
But this incident just illustrates the spreading plague of belligerence across the United States. More and more people have decided that courtesy and respect are no longer valuable, so it's ok to sit around shooting your mouth off about this and that, and if someone disagrees with you, they'll just have to shut up and deal with it. Name calling and obscene metaphors used to be considered vulgar, but now it's just "telling it like it is". Curiously enough, those who claim to "tell it like it is" really hate it when someone else does the same thing to them. Can't take it, but sure can dish it out.
Well, that's fine. Keep going and see how far it gets you. But if you notice that blabbing your opinion doesn't really change anything, maybe spend some time with the dictionary, looking up words like "diplomacy" or "civilization".

Yeah, me too 09.Jul.2003 12:28


I'm a Cato-loving, Heritage Foundation-donating conservative. But I am absolutely appalled by Savage. He personifies the stereotype of conservatives as racist, uncaring monsters.

As others have said, Savage has never been interested in debate. Where others see things in black and white, Savage only sees them in black. He refuses to listen to opposing views. He's loud, obnoxious, almost always wrong and it's a wonder he lasted this long. Even if he was right most of the time, which he's not, I'd still dislike the man because he's so rude.

The idea that liberalism can kill America is predicated on the notion that a) America is a Christian nation and b) everyone else is out to get us. Neither are true. That's a good example of a typical Savageesque comment though.

The idea that Bill Clinton or Al Gore would have led us to communism is ridiculous on its face. They were both free-trading capitalists, tried and true.

Michael Moore is annoying sometimes too. But at least Michael Moore is annoying in a "let's help the downtrodden" sort of way. For some reason I find it a lot harder to dislike a man fighting for kidney transplants, peace and worker's rights than a man fighting for Christian values forced on the whole of a nation, isolationism and war (depending on mood, apparently), and bigotry.

I think you, VG, should read Savage Nation -- then read a truly conservative book, like Capitalism and Freedom -- and let me know if you still think he's such a truth-speaker.

And here's what some actual conservatives pundits have to say about Savage:


James... 09.Jul.2003 12:59

The Anti-Activist

Yeah, I read that Bozell piece this morning, too. It was a good one, and I hope people here link to that article.

Savage is an "entertainer" and his employer decided to end his employment. For business reasons. I listened to Savage but once. I didn't like him, so I didn't listen to him and more. Even though I agreed with him on many things. No biggie. It's all about choice. Thank God we have that choice. Free markets.

Speaking of books, I wish people here would quit reading Chomsky et al and read some Thomas Sowell (esp. "Basic Economics), D'Souza, Schlafly, and that great book, "Wealth and Poverty" by George Gilder. Thanks for the heads-up on the Friedman book. I just put it on hold at the library.

revision 09.Jul.2003 13:13

VG svguerin3@hotmail.com

I came across incorrectly; my intentions were certainly not at all to idolize this man. I do not at all, but I am a sucker for shock-value, and there are many things, like I said, that I agree with Savage about. I think that he should have been fired, but I see this happen and I see all these people coming out of the woodworks claiming, "I told you so! Conservates are evil!" and it pisses me off. My first comment on this forum was mostly venting my anger towards many types of liberals that are of no use to anyone.
For example, late last year I was diagnosed with Cancer (not really serious, Hodgkin's Disease stage 2A). It was one of the worst experiences I've been through, and I hope to never have to think about it again after going through treatment. When I was watching a TV show (the Chapelle Show) and saw Dave picking on a kid with cancer, abusing him in humorous ways, what did I do? I laughed my @$$ off. Did I become outraged, calling in to complain, writing letters, making signs and forming a group to protest the show because it's unfair to people who have dealt with cancer? No! It was funny! The kind of liberal people I detest are these kinds of people that spend the short amount of time on this earth protesting and causing hatred (which I understand Savage is guilty of on many occasions). Even if he had wished Cancer on that caller, I still wouldn't be outraged. I'd be shocked and probably agree that he should lose his job, but who cares; he was venting his anger at some stupid prank caller.
These people are the kinds of people that upset me the most (dangerous organizations like PETA, NAACP, etc..), and when I hear Savage speaking out against them, it's a sigh of relief for me. Please don't misinterpret that as me thinking this man should be a spokesperson for all us conservatives, because that's FAR from the truth. thanks for the feedback, James, and I will look into "Capitalism and Freedom" b/c I always like to hear as many viewpoints as possible.

VG 09.Jul.2003 14:12


I think we're both of the same opinion, really. We both think Savage is completely over the top, that he's giving conservatives a bad rap. Our main difference seems to be that you're getting upset with the people equating Savage with conservatism, and I get upset with Savage for associating himself with conservatism.

I think talk-radio, certain Fox News shows, et al, have hijacked the conservative movement. In the minds of much of the public now, conservatives conjure images of people like Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Laura Inghram, Limbaugh and Savage. I think it's precisely because of these people that so many are distrustful of the motives of conservatives.

Anti-Activist -- Yeah, I often wish that too. I read Chomsky and Payne, hell even Michael Moore. It'd be great if some of the socialists here would read Friedman and Hayek and Rand. (Actually, I'm sure many have read Rand, and probably some Friedman and Hayek too.)

Anywho, you won't be disappointed by Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom. Friedman is the father of school vouchers, etc, which he introduces in Capitalism and Freedom. The central theme is that capitalism (economic freedom) is a necessary prerequisite for political freedom.

And while we're on the subject of books, everyone -- liberal, conservative, socialist and capitalist -- should read McMurtry's Berrybender Narratives. I just finished reading The Wandering Hill -- the latest in the series -- and it was absolutely fantastic, one of the best books I've read in years. Sin Killer (the first in the series) was only slightly less amusing, probably just because it was shorter. But you've definitely got to read Sin Killer before The Wandering Hill. If you liked the Lonesome Dove series, you won't be disappointed.

Too many idiots 09.Jul.2003 14:39

I'm right again

I agree with pretty much all James has said. I hate Rush but he isn't as bad as Savage. The hell with both of them but I think Rush only slightly better because he does let them talk most of the time. Like I said before, not once have I seen Savage take on an arguement without yelling loudly and then hanging up on the person without letting them talk. That just shows that he is an insecure baby that probably has to yell just to compensate for his manhood, or the lack thereof.

And as for freedom of speech, I believe in it. But wishing someone to die over and over just because he is gay? Give me a f***ing break! I believe in freedom of speech, as long it isn't at the expense of others for no REAL legitimate reason. You stupid hicks have nothing to say to prove me wrong except saying the liberals are communists or something b.s. like that.

As for VG and Dave... You are both morons. I can't even put into words how ignorant both of you two sound.

(But I love Dave Chapelle and his hilarious show)

PINKO AMERICAN 09.Jul.2003 20:35

Billybob America

Savage is an American hero. Soft talk is killing this country. Nobody cares about diddly except MJ, Britney, T3, Freebees, handouts, environment safety, SUV elimination, perversion, conforming, complacency, TV (sick stuff), the right to kill babies, the right to sue for billions, anti tabacco, NIBY, BIll Clinton's sex life, Ozzy, the fight, the game, the lottery, same sex marriage, art, and a more. When will the USA wake up? Not going to happen. Too many will suffocate at the boob tube, sleeping...awaking to a rather abrupt knock at the door... . We better fix the screwed up attitude of many Americans or Savage will be known as a prophet. Amen.

Mike Savage Suspended from Boston's WRKO-AM (680) 10.Jul.2003 03:09

Mark Jurkowitz jurkowitz@globe.com


More fallout for Savage

Fired MSNBC host suspended by WRKO

By Mark Jurkowitz, Globe Staff, 7/9/2003

Boston's WRKO-AM (680) suspended talk-show host Michael Savage from its airwaves yesterday, as the remarks that ended his MSNBC career rippled through the media universe, sparking debate about the boundaries of taste and decency in the raucous talk-radio culture.

Savage's controversial four-month career as a Saturday afternoon host on the cable news channel ended on Monday, when he was fired for referring to a caller as a ''Sodomite'' and declaring ''you should only get AIDS and die.'' WRKO has carried his widely syndicated radio show since last November.

But in the wake of the outburst, program director Mike Elder suspended Savage ''at least temporarily,'' pending a conversation with the show's syndicators, the Oregon-based Talk Radio Network.

Elder called Savage's remarks ''over the line'' and said ''I think he's probably a homophobe in reality.'' Elder said he planned to make it clear that if he accepted Savage back on the air, any similar incident would be grounds for permanent cancellation.

Mike Lofrano, chief operating officer of Talk Radio Network, said he was not aware of any other station taking action against Savage. ''It's unfortunate that it occurred, but on the radio side, almost all the affiliates have shown their support,'' he said. But it was hard to find anyone willing to defend Savage yesterday. While such ardent foes as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation were applauding MSNBC's decision, the conservative Media Research Center watchdog group also issued a release saying his remarks ''have no place in civilized debate.'' (The MRC did, however, assail the ''hypocrisy'' of a media culture that does not exact punishment from liberals who say ''hateful things about conservatives.'')

On his website and in remarks on the air Monday, Savage -- a best-selling author whose radio show is carried on about 320 stations -- explained his version of events. He said that he was victimized by a ''crank caller'' who made ''vicious personal attacks against me. I immediately signaled and thought that this crank caller was cut from the air, but his insults continued in my earpiece, and I reacted to him personally. . . . Unfortunately now, my personal comments to this crank caller were broadcast on the air.''

Savage added that his remarks were ''not meant to reflect my views of the terrible tragedy and suffering associated with AIDS,'' and he offered apologies to his ''many listeners in the gay community . . . for any inadvertent insults.''

Bob Foster, a California man who regularly makes prank calls, has been identified as the individual who elicited Savage's ill-fated MSNBC response. In a brief Globe interview yesterday, Foster said his call had nothing to do with gay issues, but noted that ''if he's making those kind of comments, those aren't right.''

For his part, Elder was skeptical of Savage's explanation, noting that ''if you've been in broadcasting as long as [Savage has], you know if your lines are live or dead. I have trouble buying that.''

Savage's MSNBC implosion might not surprise anyone who has followed the rise of this incendiary talk-show host, whose ''Savage Nation'' is a place where immigrants are compared to geese ''defecating on your country'' and the left is said to be populated by ''power-mad psychopaths.'' His brand of scorched-earth commentary attracted a total weekly radio audience of more than six million listeners. With his book ''The Savage Nation,'' which made it to the top of the New York Times nonfiction list, and his MSNBC showcase, which debuted in March, Savage appeared to have hit the media trifecta in publishing, radio, and television.

Yesterday, with the cable program up in flames, the question was how much collateral damage Savage had done to the rest of his media empire. Even with the anything-goes radio attitude, there are job-ending offenses, as shock jocks Opie & Anthony proved after being fired in 2002 for a show in which they featured a couple allegedly having sex in New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Yet despite WRKO's decision to silence Savage for a minimum of a few days, industry observers believe he can survive on the radio. GLAAD launched an energetic campaign against Savage's cable television show. But GLAAD spokesman Michael Young indicated yesterday that no such effort was likely on the radio front. ''Radio is a little different,'' he said. ''They're not positioning themselves as journalistic enterprises.''

Talkers magazine publisher Michael Harrison ventured that the MSNBC furor ''will have no impact on [Savage's] career. There are enormous differences between radio and television.

''In today's corporate culture, they want ratings and revenue, and they have no shame. If the heat [of a controversy] supercedes the talent, then they fire the talent. If the talent supercedes the heat, they slap the talent on the wrist, pay the fine, and consider that the cost of doing business.''

Mark Jurkowitz's column on the media appears on Wednesday.

This story ran on page D1 of the Boston Globe on 7/9/2003.

Best Book Ever Written 10.Jul.2003 03:32

read it



Valdas Anelauskas,

(former anti-Soviet dissident)

[published 1999]

available at your local LIBRARY . . .

It could not have happened to a nicer jerk-off 20.Mar.2007 21:02

made up

The raving lunatic should get fired off of his 370 AM talk stations too