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Free Tofu Pate

Free food!!
They just tossed it in the dumpster--lots of regular, light, and even spicy!!
Yum Yum!!
Expiration date is not for 4 days!!
But you better get there before it gets too warm--this stuff needs to be refrigerated.
In the dumpster on the West side of the street, on SE 3rd Ave, just south of Ash--it's in front of Nicky's meats (no wonder they are chucking all the tasty tofu pate)
Right down the street from the Burnside skate park.
You should be fine if you get there before 4pm.
Happy diving
WARNING 07.Jul.2003 16:42

the trots

be careful- if this stuff is not refigerated especially on a day like today it will send your guts into turmoil. it happened to me...