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Trek for Trees - ride your bike to benefit the forests!!

mark your calendars!!!
August 2nd and 3rd is the 5th annual Trek for Trees pledge-bike ride fundraiser for the Cascadia Forest Defenders.
The Cascadia Forest Defenders invites you to participate in the 5th Annual Trek for Trees pledge bike ride fundraiser August 2nd and 3rd.
We will be leaving from EWEB Plaza along the bike path on the Willamette River in Eugene at 9am on August 2nd and biking to Winberry Creek. A support vehicle will carry your camping gear and all food is provided. We will bike back to Eugene the following morning to complete the 75 mile round trip.
For those that aren't hard-core bicyclists -- no worries!! This is an EASY ride. Folks have even been known to do this ride on their old cruisers with no problems.
Pledge forms are available from the Cascadia Forest Defenders and will soon be available at local bike shops and cafes.
For more information on forest defense, check out www.forestdefenders.org and www.cascadiasummer.org
Your support is greatly needed, so even if you can't participate in the ride, consider sponsoring someone who can!!!
contact us for more information!

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org
phone: phone: 541-684-8977
address: address: PO Box 11122 Eugene, OR 97440

graphic 07.Jul.2003 11:17


trek for trees logo

Bad joke or bad taste?? 08.Jul.2003 11:34


This logo isn't 'official' is it? It's grotesque and sickening.

You joking? 09.Jul.2003 23:01


Cascadia Forest Defenders-proudly ripping the guts out of the commercial timber sale program since 1996.

not joking 10.Jul.2003 07:45


I hadn't seen the logo before, but I must say I find it to be in extremely poor taste.

1) It's kind of misleading. Smokey the Bear is generally perceived as protecting the forests, regardless of who dreamed him up or what you think of them. To have your owl gutting him sends the message that you are on the side of the timber raping interests.

2) It's simply gross ... not at all designed to attract folks who would proudly work together under this symbol. It's highly reminiscent of various ultra-violent military unit logos. If this is an acceptable representation of your viewpoint, why not go all the way and have the owl killing a human forest ranger?