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Bullshit it wasn't

Bush was just rallying the troops after all
Dems Blast Bush for 'Bring 'Em On' Remark

President Bush addresses a reporter as he leaves Sunday services at St. John's Church on Sunday, July, 6, 2003. The President is celebrating his 57th birthday today. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

July 7, 2003 09:14 AM EDT

WASHINGTON - Democrats blasted President Bush on Sunday for his recent tough talk on Iraq. One White House hopeful said the leader of the free world sounded more like a gang leader.

Last week, Bush lashed out at those attacking American troops, saying "bring 'em on" as he vowed to stay the course in Iraq with a military capable of handling the situation.

Al Sharpton, the New York clergyman who's running for the Democratic nomination in 2004, demanded that Bush apologize to U.S. forces and their families.

"For the president to say, `bring it on,' almost like daring and provoking Iraqis to kill American soldiers, he sounds more like a gang leader in South-Central L.A. than one that is trying to institute a policy of democracy and reconstruction in the world," Sharpton said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

The top Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, agreed that Bush's tone was over the top.

"I think that it's perfectly proper for the president to say that he has confidence in our troops. But it seems to me unwise to engage in this kind of cocky rhetoric, because it's not going to be helpful ... either with our troops or in bringing in other countries into this issue," said Levin, speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Republicans disagreed.

The Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and Sen. John Warner, R-Va., chairman of the Armed Services panel, said the president was doing nothing more than rallying the troops.

"I probably would have said it another way, and I think the president would have too if he had a little more time to think about it," Roberts said on CNN's "Late Edition." But "I think that the statement was aimed more to the troops ..., saying, `You're doing a good job. Keep up the good work. There is no peer to the American forces,' et cetera et cetera."

And Warner said on "Meet the Press" that Bush's message was simply that "'Each one of you, from the privates to the general, you've got the right stuff, the right training, and you know what to do.' It was not a taunting message
If anyone would know Bullchit.................. 07.Jul.2003 07:55

Wack'em One

Better listen up........if anyone would know about smearing around Bullchit, it sure as hell would be the great Rev. Sharpton. Tell it like it is Sharpton.........or whatever.

No Fear 07.Jul.2003 08:36

Uncle Sam

Who would you want as Commander in Chief? Someone who says "Bring it on" , there is nothing you can do to keep us from our objectives or someone who acts as though their gorilla tactics are working? Thank God for Bush!

Who would I want as Commander in Chief??? 07.Jul.2003 09:10

Pink Panther

I'd rather have someone who wouldn't have gotten the US involved in this heinous activity to begin with. Someone who thinks before he/she speaks. Someone who has some diplomatic skills, some peace think, some brains. Someone who has an administration that has some foresight and some compassion and thoughfulness rather than a bully mentality. Someone who truly has the interests of the people at heart, not the interests of his rich right wing pals who are profiting so greatly from this illegal war and from his so-called economic incentives. Someone with a heart.

PInko Panther 07.Jul.2003 11:42


Waaaaaaa Waaaaaaa I'm such a passionate little fuck. Why do we have war! It's so yucky awful! I would rather have a commander in chief who sticks cigars up intern's pussies while our ememies plot against us. Bush is such a bully! He's so .........golly he's Hitler, that's who he is by gosh! He's for the rich and against the poor. He hates children, clean air and water.
Grow up Pinko Panther and get some balls while your at it. You rail against our countries efforts but say nothing about the oppression these people have dealt with for years. I guess that doesn't matter to you. and you want the president to have a heart. Well, I want you to get some balls. Right or wrong, I'm not going to have to worry about Iraq being a safe haven for Terrorists who plot against my fellow Americans. I thank Bush for that. I also put my money where my mouth is too, so when your out in the streets yelling and screaming, I am at my job working so I can send a nice fat check to the Bush re-election fund. Have a nice day.

balls 07.Jul.2003 12:41

Pink Panther

...someone who has the capacity to think and reason and not just play with his balls and his bombs.

working? 07.Jul.2003 12:56

your worst nightmare

I wonder if Trollmeister's boss knows he's surfing the net and posting rude and profane items to indymedia. What a noble way to earn a living.

worst nightmare? PLease! 07.Jul.2003 13:49


Ever heard of a lunch hour? Beats smoking dope and complaining about a higher authority because life has kicked you in the ass. You, my worst nightmare? Please don't flatter yourself. Noble job? Who has a noble job? Get a life.

lunch hour? 07.Jul.2003 14:14


Ok, Trollmeister, Mickey's big hand is on the 10 and his little hand is almost on the 2, that means you've been at lunch for more than two hours now. Time to get back to work. Maybe after you learn to tell time, we'll work on shapes.

whatever 07.Jul.2003 14:31

jack villian

first off, it's spelled guerilla, not gorilla--your illiteracy seems to account for your lack of intelligence in other areas, viz., politics. secondly, it is an example of a pathetic excuse for a human being when i hear people thank an illusory entity (god) for an authoritarian leader (bush). that is to say that if you need someone else to run your life for you and make your decisions for you, i think you probably are not of the capacity to run your own life. maybe you need therapy, someone to help you back on your feet. as for bush, this guy reminds me of those high school jocks that play on some sports team that involves beating other guys up and getting beaten up and can't spell words like guerilla properly. go get 'em boys! yee haw! why doesn't bush sit on the front lines? oh yeah, because he flaked out on his air force duties. having faith in bush is like having faith in a rusty razor blade that one uses to shave with.

spelling bee 07.Jul.2003 14:44

jack villian

also, it is country's not countries, when it is a matter of a possessive noun, you are supposed to keep it singular and add an apostrophe and an "s". where the fuck do you spend your pathetic time working? no wonder you like bush, you are as illiterate as he is. additionally, i am actually more afraid of terrorists now that at least 80% of the Iraqis hate us--as do most other middle eastern countries. and the last time i read the paper our troops are still being fired upon--we're safe! is that your logic? we are safe so long as we are receiving their hatred while we fan the flames of that very hatred? jesusfuckingchrist. is anyone else afraid of the rampant stupidity crisis we seem to be facing? hey, i have an idea, let's cut the funding of our education system so that we can have more money to build our armies so that we can fill them up with recruits that can't tell time and can't spell and haven't a clue as to what's really going on in the world!!!! perfect! because, you know, only gullable ignorant fools would let themselves be brainwashed and die for the lie that is the united states of amerikkka. and only dimwits would be gung ho about supporting the leaders that throw these poor fools into death traps. as for myself, i am not naive enough for patriotism.

"i had friends that joined the military, but as far as i am concerned they died when they registered"
dead prez

Devine Mandate 07.Jul.2003 20:41


I would rather not have a president who speaks directly to god? Especially since this country is supposed to allow freedom of religion; which includes freedom to choose NO RELIGION! Being a person who doesn't believe in the biblical god, and therefore assumes a person is crazy if they talk to god, I feel as though we have an insane person in the white house and that this "free" country has become a zionist mess!


Cat Fight 09.Jul.2003 01:41


I think Trollmeister is just jealous that he doesn't look as good in a catsuit as Pink Panther.