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No such thing as a "free" lunch, MASS MOBILIZATION!!!

Clear Channel/Comcast is having a promotional "free" bbq and lunch in Wa Co. The address is 8405 SW Nimbus Avenue, Beaverton , OR 97008. This is part of a series of promotional lunches throughout the pdx region. Please come to protest/rally/just plain eat on the [Wednesday] 23rd of July from 11:30-1:30pm [ Read More ]
Please come to protest/rally/just plain eat on the 23rd of July from 11:30-1:30pm at 8405 Nimbus Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97008. Clear Channel/Comcast (and all of the radio stations affiliated with them) would like to provide a "free" bbq for the Creekside Corporate Park in order to sway the masses and get a couple of sound bits for their all-consumming, monopolisistic, propoganda machine. Let's show them that we know the difference between a "free" lunch and free speech. (Some) Ride share is available for you and your affinity group, please post to auntiesocial@riseup.net. Have a ride, or something other to share? Post that also.

It's like they're asking to be protested 07.Jul.2003 04:34


Oh, right on. I saw the commercial for this and thought the exact same thing.

GOP Bastard Business Pigs 07.Jul.2003 09:58

Lars the infidel

GOP bastard business pigs (and no-mind wannabes) suckling at the public tax-break trough are the folks who need to put down the pipe. That's the corporate welfare free-ride pipe they're so addicted to.

Take your no-affirmative-action-but-maintain-the-white-boys-and-girls-legacy-whores pale ass and get a real job. And while you're at it, get a brain.

Economic Fascism 07.Jul.2003 11:17


The economic system of Corporate and Financial America is not free enterprise! It's Fascism! Big Business, Big Government, Big Banking, Big Military and Organized Religion are forming a partnership to drain the taxpayers' money, devalue their savings through monetary inflation and kill small-business competition by manipulating tax codes to stay on top of the market. Corporate taxes now account for only 7% of the government's revenue as opposed to 24% back in the 1960s!!! And the super-rich have so many tax holes they can afford to exploit that our income tax system has actually become regressive at least at the top end. This, along with wasteful military and drug-war spending, is draining the pockets of the taxpaying working class and making it impossible for small businesses to survive. Wonder why we can't afford to raise the minimum wage to $9/hour? Because economic fascism has taken a large portion of the market away from small businesses and made them unable to pay a living wage without going under! If you were to raise the minimum wage directly, small businesses would die out and Corporate America would become even stronger. There is a better path to a living wage, though. Raise taxes on large corporations and the wealthy to finance a Wage Supplement Fund which will give a boost to low-wage workers so they can meet their expenses. This redistribution of the tax system will also take away some of Big Business's unfair competitive advantage and decentralize market control back into the hands of small, non-establishment, non-mainstream entrepreneurs who will then be able to pay a better wage to workers, create more jobs, and help break up the mainstream monoculture that always develops when mass marketing and corporate control dominates an economy.

With a small business economy, you won't have to cut your hair or stop smoking pot in order to get a job because there will be jobs for every kind of person unlike the corporate system where a bunch of authoritarian Power Elite run the economy and expect all the workers to obey their every order. And for businesses that operate on economies of scale and can't be made small, well, SYNDICALIZE THEM! Give nearly 100% ownership, 100% profit sharing and 100% democratic control to the workers, with their goods to be sold on the market just like any company run by bosses and executives.

Sephiroth 07.Jul.2003 11:24

Delete the above article

I re-submitted the "Economic Fascism" article on the main page so let's get rid of this copy! The reason I put it here was that Trollmeister's reactionary naysaying kind of pissed me off so I decided to rant here. But it's true. Small business and workers' cooperatives are the key to providing jobs to everyone no matter what their culture or hairstyle is.

Wanted: A Real Life for Trollmeister 07.Jul.2003 15:14

Lars the Infidel

Are you a pig because you work for a living?

No, you're a pig because you knowingly or otherwise support evil bastards who keep people down with bad education resulting in low-wage, no benefit jobs.

Are you a pig because you would rather give to a charity of YOUR choosing instead of the goverment?

Yes, you're a pig if you think like that. You use services provided by the government. Therefore, sir, you gotta pay taxes. Charities don't pave the streets, provide water and sewers, run the trains and buses, administer City Hall and the State House, and so much more.

Are you a pig because you choose to have the goverment in as LITTLE as possible of your private affairs?

Again, yes, you're a pig if you mean government should have no regulatory functions. Government needs to be involved in the health care system (such as it is), the financial industry, power utilities, workplace safety, safe foods and drugs, and so much more. Or you could go live in Haiti. I hear the monied class there pay no taxes. Look at the social results from that policy.

Now if you're talking about getting government out of the bedrooms and the livingrooms of the nation, then you're not a pig. But I doubt it.

And I have probably worked longer and make more money than you. But I'm not proud of it. You should try a pipe hit or two and relax, Trollman. And try helping your fellow citizens and residents. Do unto others, and don't be so negative. In other words, get a life.

corporate sponsored Food Not Bombs 07.Jul.2003 19:42

east coast FNB

free food, eh? This sounds like the perfect opportunity for Clear Channel to sponsor your next (several) Food Not Bombs. Get plenty of people, bring bags, and stock up on food. :)

TAX REVOLT NOW! 07.Jul.2003 19:46


I am so sick of what the government does with my labor- our taxes- I live for the day when it falls. Untill then I say. TAX REVOLT NOW!

Trollmeister 09.Jul.2003 01:59


Doesn't Snaggle scare you just a bit?

who me? 09.Jul.2003 08:28

Snaggle snaggle97233@hotmail.com

Me? Scary? I'm just a guy with pink fur and a little black bow tie. Harmless.

I agree with Trollmeister. <adjusts flea collar> That's all.

Scary 09.Jul.2003 12:15


I'll tell you what scares me is this website. That "Free Azltan" dude scares me too. I'll tell you this guys, you might have some decent arguments on some things, but as long as you have people in your mists who want to "Free Azltan" and want the overthrow of "Amerikkka", you'll never get anywhere. When you march with signs that say "Bush is Hitler" you lose all credibility.