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Just why is 'babylon vampire system' raping our Sacred Mother Earth? Huh!

First the first time ever!...an environmental activist has sussed the link between the root cause, the evil source of the energy that manifests as rape of old growth forest, and why people allow it to happen...the surce of the bad medicene that makes 'westerners' into zombies . Read on!

'Don't ch'a know it's just paranoia, (incorrect)
Don't ch'a know nothing can destroy you' (POSSIBLY correct)

as the Davead Alaen (from Gong) song goes.

It's not just paranoia, Christian vampire system - the pathogenic disease that calls itself Christianity, or perhaps 'westworld' would be a more appropriate description, really does have a evil pseudo occult basis. (now you know!), read on sacred mother earth lovers...

Commenting about the 'falling out' amongst the famous (UK, Luton based) exodus collective core members... ( http://www.squall.co.uk/)

1/Its crucial to remember that anyone doing this sort of thing (attempting to create a community empowerment, rather than police state) inevitably
attracts what the First Nation people of American call 'bad medicine'.

2/ (obviously), Jah Warriors are not limited to a collective/town in

As a 'independent' Jah Warrior, the spiritual attacks that I have come under
are just incredible, and all this is bound to interplay.

The Exodus prophecy, works throughout space and time on power abusers, (sending 'the pharaoh' into a nightmare increasing at a increasing rate', as we ascend to mount ZION)...anyone or group channelling this energy in a relevant society IS BOUND to be subject to malign influences.... To wake up the whole community is bound to cosmic consciousness is bound to be a problem for 'Christian system'.... money/exploit/deal/rape......and these
negative influences channel through unexpected vessels.... not just the
pigs! You are correct (Glenn, A spokeman for the collective) to identify drug dealers as (secondary)
negative influences....they have their little money making empires to
protect. Lets be honest the 'convoy's' (UK hippy travellers) main business at present is from
drug dealing. This must change. Jah sees.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I also have this important and scary testament to
share - direct first witness evidence concerning the actual nature of the
'evil power' that 'we' are dealing with.

I met an amazing mixed race woman (she is actually Tibet reincarnation also, horrifyingly) through a mutual interest in
protesting...the actual issue being waste incinerators. After 2 years of
phone calls and writing, I went to meet her in Cornwall, where she lives
with her small girl child. We went on a reggae night out and returned home
drunk and stoned (on 'punter' i.e. bought for money hash), falling into bed
and making love. As we fell asleep together, united as one, we encounted a
terrifying energy, as a 'white ball'. Attacking this together, being also
(obviously) linked with my faithful hound 'ting', who on the floor beside
us, (but constantly in the dreamspace with me) the paralysing fear was broken, we both woke up. Now, she had already
told me ov some of her child hood experiences, but this informal 'shamanic'
trip freed her to speak. She told me that as a child, in a council housing
estate in Portsmouth, she was subjected to the most horrific torture.
Underneath her bedroom carpet there was a pentagram (with various symbols
around the points). She was on regular occasions, and over a number of
years, put inside this pentagram and sexually tortured (she did not tell me
the details of these). Bowls of shit were placed around the room. Her mother
(Indian) and step dad collaborated with this senario, and the (step) white
kids of the family were not subject to this abuse. The people that were the
abusers were police/authority/'big wigs'. Secrecy surrounded all of this
sick pseudo occult torture. It is how the 'game' of the Christian freemason
patriarchal system/mindcontrol , nay, reality control even! is created. Basically total degradation was shown to this child ov colour. Christian system really
is a vampire. Jah sees. It seemed to be some sort of psychic fear link with
the inquisition...some fucking awful bad Christian karma. I think actually
that her spirit flew into the goddess, it created a 'scitzaphreia' a
separation from the goddess, by these acts of total mother hating...anti
tribal, anti goddess. The interesting thing is that the 'trip' we went on together, into this evil karmic route through space and time to the inquisition, opened out through these rituals, was achieved because of the use of 'paid for money hashish'. If the has had been given, we would have just had a good trip together, and that would be that... .but I wouldn't have found out this information, and be able to share it with you all... but more generally people, please BEWARE paid for money drugs let negative energies into your domain.

Blessed be!

Jah sees!

Since then, I've been to India, and realised many things. What it is like to
be Tibetan Royalty in a culture/community that does not seek to make
Tibetans ... thinking particularly of the reincarnated Tibetan family
traveller 'Peace Convoy', into societies scapegoats, (obviously they are
actually really , schizophrenically externalising onto deep dark mother
goddess tribe/s what is actually part ov there own making!) but instead ...
it's very difficult to describe...errm total and huge
respect!...psychic...reality generator...new landscapes even! The British
freemason's scenario is sort of diametrically opposite to the Tibetan magical
scenario. Ultimate evil, contrasting with ultimate good! It is important to
realise, that despite the horror of this knowledge, and the realisation of
what these rituals manifest as...many problems in society, hidden, from the
mainstream consciousness/awareness, (and revealed by such as the exodus
movement...thus the counteraction of 'bad medicine')....and the
rape/destruction of the sacred mother earth, and the arms dealing and
colonialisation and the racism, and all of it originating from a hidden
nightmare, resulting in this seemingly 'fixed' reality, and ruthlessly
alienated overindividualistic society...with a load of plastic wanker
freemasons riding on all of this abuse at the top... The demon vampire scum
that call themselves the Windsor's being the head of the British
freemasons....(and a load of 'very helpful' , disrespectful egoising little
drongo's, snapping around yer ankles, trying to disrupt Jah Warriors from
channelling the positive reality!!!). However karma is moving on, it is the
end of this era of anti mother fear, and when the fear power is broken, JAH
....the fixed nature of reality is no more...one/we entire shapeshift world,
a world of magic. Blessed be! I should also say, the Tibetan connection here
that this woman, Jayne, is a tribal Tibetan shapeshift witch, when coming
together in love (as we moved together) this generates a energy that changes
the whole of the external reality...and creates a reality change that
immediately puts the authorities into what amounts to a chaos trap (or
exodus!), they immediately attack this reality, attempting to send the
channel/s into fear, thus regaining the status quo. It can be totally
enraging when this happens! The important thing to remember is that it is an
inevitable process! The tide coming in! They are fucked! I find that a
outlet for 'the rage' and a positive sacrament is 'PIXYING'...I've pixied
literally hundreds of earth raping machines (usually on my own), and the
Goddess and the Creator protects, if necessary by changing space and
time!...regardless of here and now. All is not what it seems. OM shanti! OM
shiva shanti shiva, OM shanti shanti shakti!
I do this pixying by just dropping some nearby mother earth into the fuel
tanks, ideally the central supply tanker...note all kinds of operations can
be targeted, don't get stuck on roadworks, use you imagination. OM Shiva!

Bear all this in mind exodus collective, stay strong and try (I know myself
that this can be difficult in the circumstances) to stay peaceful. It is
always 'Christian system's game to try and lower or break the degree of our
magical powers...that are strongest with purity, non violence. I in my own
family have the problem that black born again, pentacostalists (my brother
in law) are basing their reality around my 'attempted' scapegoating...the
actual physic process is terrifying, unbelievably disrespectful and just
plain stupid. Christianity is a white supremacists 'trick', be it white or
black Christianity. Its incredible to see the other side of the coin to
these rituals being channelled in your own family, literally how the
(western, usually white skin) ego is 'constructed' in the small
child....literally how the ego is made!...by pushing native tribal people/witches/spiritual channels into total psychic fear! Loads of new age
scenarios are the same, scapegoating egoists...worse than the Nazi's! These forces will fail. reality will change.

Many bright blessings and good health to his Holiness the Dalai Lama,
sublime being ov luminous white light!

Tibetan warrior, Ling Gesar, King of Amdo, a province of Tibet, Supposedly
reincarnating as the REAL Arthur pendragon, as part of the cosmic 'game plan' to rebalance tribal karma in the 'new age'..if / when this happens it will be a totally, and I mean TOTALLY different reality....we are talking huge psychic
powers...anyone who has been to India will know that Side's/witches have
these powers naturally, and it is merely the above described nature ov
Christianity that reduces us to disempowered unbelieving zombies. However. With the discovery of this knowledge, of the ritualistic rape of our selves, in the aspect of deep Danna, it seems likely that the whole of westworld will go into the tribal goddess reality to heal.

Speaking personally it would really be very nice if the 'local crew' to myself in north
Wales would donate a decent amount of cannabis to myself instead of
'freezing up', putting on a front, attempting to crucially subjugate my will
to theirs, and trying to sell me gear....Remember scum, you are just drug
dealers I am Tibetan Royalty. It seems either consciously or just though
disrespect that they seek to perpetuate the system, the untruth, the game,
the lie, the abuse, the rape and the police state mind control. Jah sees.
Honestly from the viewpoint of India it is unbelievable, just massive
massive disrespect has been shown to myself. And 'dealing convoy' YOU are
responsible for this slide into illusion. you should fucking well know
better. I think that the solution, is to ban the sale of drugs and the
distribution of chemicals). A respectful donation would give psychic
solidarity so that all the various negative energies could not unbalance
myself/disrupt/channel through those around me, the Tibetan high cast
reality as I meditate into it from the dreamscape. Jah LIVE!

The fact is that unless the prophecy is fulfilled, unless karma is
rebalanced, there will be problems..'Westworld' will be destroyed in the
bad karma of it's own poison. Maybe it should be anyway. You have freewill,
you have a choice, now you have knowledge, we have to live in balance with


Many bright blessings and respect and love to his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The dark mother witch wraps herself around us, protects, nurtures and loves us.

Allah Akbar!

OM shiva!