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Subscribe to new 'Free Jeff Luers' list serve

There is a new list serve set up specifically to update people about the case of Jeff 'Free' Luers.
In the <a href=Fall Creek Tree Sit 4/98" width="200" height="126"> At Oregon State Pen. April 2002
At Oregon State Pen. April 2002
"Act Now" drawing by Free (2002)
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Free is currently in the hole for sending a letter to the Earth First! Journal explaining his perspective on direct action. To read more about what you can do to support him, click here. The Security Threat Group officer at Oregon State Pententiary released a report on why Free was sent to the hole. You can view it here

Who is Jeff Luers, you ask? Click here to find out.

Why would anyone get a 22.5 year sentence for burning 3 Sports Utility Vehicles? Click here. to find out how Oregon distributes justice? 4 years for rapists and murderers-23 years for actvists that burn SUVs.

On a positive note, the Eugene Human Rights Commission recently released a letter supporting Free's appeal and stating that Free's sentence was politically motivated. Read the letter Click here.

Finally, to support Free's appeal of his 22.5 year sentence, click here. to make a donation online on a secure server.

homepage: homepage: http://www.breakthechains.net

Hey Mike 05.Jul.2003 22:05


The trouble is he is not paying for the crime he did. He's paying a greater sentence than people who have performed much more violent activities. The degree of punishment for his actions is the crime.

Free = political prisoner 06.Jul.2003 00:13

Aaron John Shaver ashaver@pdx.edu

Adding to sj's comment--

mike h might one day understand that he doesn't live in a fairytale world of black-and-white morality and perfect justice. The fact is, the punishment does *not* fit the crime. Free is being held--because of his political beliefs--longer than is normal. The justice system neither protects and serves nor dispenses blind justice with even close to perfect accuracy. For goodness's sake, the man has his mail read and censored and screwed with! Whe he gets out, he won't be able to vote, he'll have a hard time getting a job, and on and on.

Yes, he chose to commit the act. But at least he had some ideals and the integrity to act on them, which is far more than can be said for most people, who live only to work-consume-repeat day in and day out.

So much for debating 06.Jul.2003 17:15


Mike may have had something worthwhile to say, or maybe he didn't. But we'll never know, since some IMC poobah decreed that he must be censored. Must not upset the young revolutionaries. They might go out and get another piercing.

My friend Free in chains 07.Jul.2003 21:09

Ferret Mike ferret@surffast.com

After my experiance with "volunteers" from the Sheldon McMurphy Johnson House in Eugene being given free reign to terrorize and threaten me with a rifle as they cut and ring-barked the life from the tree under me, I am better understanding the SUV burnings. I am not shaken from non-violent civil disobedience's course - yet. It is a powerful tool that Free dismisses too easily without explaining why he feels we can do without it and why.

<p>If he and others can show that they have indeed studied this form of dissent and can make a reasoned argument on how and when NVCD is actually a form of playing into the system's game I would read it with interest. I faced thugs in the course of undertaking my last tree-sit; Free needs to crack the books and to think and write if he is going to get anywhere with retoric that peaceful protest is merely wheel spinning, and that the Earth Liberation Front's sabotage creates environmental defense with tangible results.

<p>I still feel it shuts down the public debate on important issues, and alienates in a way that helps those intent on feeding their greed by distroying the natural world by giving them tools that whips the public in line with them.

<p>My impressions are that Free acted more out of personal anger and rage then he did to aid the cause of environmental protection. His was a poorly planned and executed action that has hurt many activists directly and indirectly.

<p>The powers that be are fools for laying a completely unjust and caprecious sentence on him, and I hope very much that it is radically reduced and he gets out of that hellhole. But from what I see so far from his writings, I have my deep doubts about how his return to the activist fold in Eugene, Oregon could do forest defense anything that constructively helps the situation.

<p>We need to throw water on the fires of forest distruction, not ELF gasoline. My love to Jeff and grief at his incarceration. But he's got to do a whole lot better at explaining why his opinions are right before they make sense enough to consider as courses of action.

hey postman 08.Jul.2003 22:09

just another person, or revolutionary

Your comment reminded me of an appointment I had for a piercing. Wait, I don't need a piercing to be a revolutionary, now I'm just plain confused. As are you, postman. As are you. My demographic would spin your head.